More on utter MADNESS (not achieving what they wanted to).
- The demos and leftos can't think for one hehe. But thats hardly news is it !

Many, many years ago, at the age of 17 or so yours truly went to a “before college” (or going away, or whatever you call it) “party” of sorts at one of my Dad’s colleagues’s place.

I think thats what the get together was held there for.

Now, this was a man after my own heart. Drank, smoked, and did so all his life to his heart’s content despite people “telling him not to”.

Although as my Dad said “there is only so much you can tell a colleague”.

True (and this bears relevance, so hold on!).

I drank the sum total of THREE beers at the time, I remember (which wouldn’t even register with me NOW).

But my mother was getting anxious, worried and such at “her son drinking beer”.

You know the story there!

But as she made her objections, the dude piped up.

“<name chopped>, how will you stop him when he gets to college?”

This one question is sage.

Was never answered.

And he was right.

Depsite attempts being made by MANY people, NOT just my parents to stop me from doing what I REALLY wanted to, end of the day guess what I’ve done.

Just that.

And so should any sensible man or woman in some way,shape or form.

Anyway, the madness continues.

And the Trumpinator is apparently being impeached, or the thing has been to the Senate or what not for “ratification”.


Not just because it ain’t on for one.

It’s a witch hunt. Plain and simple!

And even Mike Pence, who “had enough of Trump” ove rthe past few days has objected to it, and he is DEAD ON RIGHT.

Any sensible and sane person knows he is, but Grandma Pelosi and the Dems in general don’t fit into the bracket of “logic and sane” !!

But anyway, their purpose?

To “deny him an election shot in 2024:”.

So they say.

Or, to punish him for the insurrection he supposedly was solely responsinble for.

Right … NOT.

The real goal is this, my friend.

To DENY him access to his VOTER BASE, and TRY and make sure they do NOT support him anymore.

Thats really why his Twitter and other social media shedia have been banned.

Thats really why he’s being impeached.

But guess what bro, sis, and everythin in between/

They got it WRONG.

So wrong I cannot even begin to tell you.

This sort of thing will do nothing but FIRE up Trump’s core base even more, and I suspect Pence and a few others know it.

I’ve had social media accounts etc blocked, deleted etc.

Did it impact sales one damn bit?


If anything, sales increased somewhat in certain regards.

I’ve had people censor my posts on Shitter and Crap-book .. did I care?


I just got off those platforms.


Despite having the fitness group on there, it hasn’t impacted sales at all.

The WHITE HOT Mookerjee and 0 Excuses Faithful haven’t gone anywhere.

They’re still very much with me, and buying my stuff.

So it is with Trump, and fitness.

Trump is damned good at doing one thing (amongst others) — marketing.


THAT is really where it’s at.

Of course, try explaining sensible things and business to Dems and Socialists. Might as well be trying to grow wings and fly off the top of the Capitol.

Anyway, fitness is the same too bro

You do what WORKS, cutting past the FLUFF.

You cut to the CORE.

Not just core condiotning, which is arguably the most important thing you do for your health, strength and fitness.

But you do the BIGGIES.

You focus on the legs and back.

And that is precisely where the bozos and bimbos in the Jim Shim get it WRONG.

So wrong.

Endless sets of curls that wouldn’t tax a REAL trainee one damn bit.

Preening, pumping, posing, shosing …

10 sets of 10 for this, 50 sets of 20000 for that, one set to blast the inte-web’s galatic muscles post that …

And …

You get the picture.

Gyms out there, at least the modern day ones do ANYTHING but focus on what matters – what really, really matters.

Which is the big mistake most people out there are making …

Alright, I think this has gone on long enough.

I actually had to rush to take a “p-break” (TMI?? LOL) while writing this.

The last four lines.

But I’m done – with my writing – now!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up Corrugated Core right HERE. Because yes, you DO need to focus on that CORE, and expanding waistline before it gets (as Tracy said, hehe) “out of control”.

PS #2 – “Stopping someone”, or trying to never works, my friend. Trust me! If I was on the fence about Trump’s seeming lack of inaction during the riots, right now I’ll come out and say it (again). I do NOT support what happened, but at a certain point, if elections are being stolen and what not, then someone has to take a STAND. I don’t support what Trump told Pence (well, the way in which he said it i.e. Go down in history either as a patriot or PUSSY – Pence is anythin but the latter!) … but he’s right.

Gotta take a stand either way, and I’ve been writing about that since forever, and not just in terms of politics brah.

Take a stand NOW fitness wise, and get in the best shape of your LIFE – starting TODAY. Do it, amigo. Just DO IT!

PPS – Some of you (a minority admittedly) are on this list for years, but have never bothered to actually “just do it” .If thats you, please do yourself and me a favor and unsubscribe NOW. You either go down in history as a person that DID it, or didnt. And I dont want any part of the former!