The third eye “opening”, and more …
- It ALL happens at the right TIME!

In Claude Bristol’s “TNT – it ROCKS the world” ( I dont know why, but that name never comes clearly to me!) … he speaks of a GREAT WHITE dazzling light that came to him after YEARS.

After years and years of searching, one fine night at around 3 in the morning, he “got it”.

The “secret” he had been searching for literally JUMPED out at him.

And being the book was writting during the Depression (or set, maybe I should say), this power enabled their company to do ROARING biz at a time most were shuttering down.

Spiritual, yes.

Bristol goes on record saying that “he’s done his best to explain it via word, but if you dont understand, YOU Will need to figure out why you dont understand. Read between the lines if you must, but you MUST understand YOURSELF!”

And Napoleon Hill says much the same in the preface to “think and Grow Rich”.

“If you’re reading this book and are ready to put the principles into action (I believe he mentioned if you have a goal and plan) then you already posess one half of the secret.

The other half you will recognize when it COMES TO YOU.

I could tell you right now, but that would deprive you of the benefits YOU would get by discovering them in your OWN WAY”.

In “Outwitting the Devil”, he speaks of TWO solid down times in his life – possibly the most taxing ever (though I must admit, for a lot of people the plague from China has made THIS time even worse than Hill’s #2 saga, but what do I know! Back then they didnt even have government aid etc I believe …) and how he finally managed to break out of the “self imposed” for a lot of parts rut he was in.

“The turn came SUDDENLY”.

“The moon never shone brighter!”

Great men have written this sort of thing in books since yore.

Precious few folks understand, or even try to.

Now, yours truly has always been spiritual and a student of the subconscious, albeit subconsciously for the majority of my life, hehe.

But the things I’ve been noting in the past FIVE years (or so) (maybe it’s close r to three) as I delve deeper into this subject are fascinating.

And meditation etc just improves my understanding of all this … which to be honest is so LITTLE that I could read books on it my whole life, and still not understand fully.

But anyway, last night.

I wrote about how “Trump” came to me.

And after that, I laid back down in bed again.

Tired. Exhausted.

And it happened.

Miraculously or not, the “spot between my eyes” – – turned into an EYE (that is where the pineal gland, believed to be responsible for manifestation is located, and that is where a lot of my mediation focuses on) …


And as it opened, brilliant white light came POURING OUT.

And every time I closed my eyes thereafter, I saw brilliance. Radiance. Oh my!

I was going through the same thing that Bristol did, at least as far as I can tell, and the same thing many others have. Curiously enough or not, I just turned 40 a week or so ago, an age where most men (that truly make it) really start to DO great things (read what Hill had to say about the power of sexual transmutation, and why most men do NOT succeed in a big way before the age of 40).

But anyway … just thought I should share that!

Now, how does the esoteric fit in with fitness, you may ask.

Great question, and simple to answer.

The more you EXERCISE, the more you stay calm and your mind FOCUSES.

The more you workout RIGHT, the more you can “remain focused” on a task. Writing. Meditation. THINKING (the hardest task as Ford said).

I did a LOT of the latter last night around 2 AM in the morning.

What I want NOW in my life, in the future, going ahead, etc etc.

All practices I’d recommend you to indulge in too.

But make sure to get your workout in FIRST bro.

Or at least sometime during the day.

Handstands and Hindu pushups.

Or, sit in the squat position I’ve mentioned in Isometric and Flexibility Training.

Or, stretch out like in the book on reverse pull-ups.

OR, simply do as many pull-ups as you can in proper form.

GO for a long hike.

Look at the gals, hehe (nah. Not really! ;)).

But whatever does it.

Fitness truly complements ALL, my friend.

And thats what I gotta say for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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