If you gotta be Nazi feminist, at least be INTERESTING about it!
- Damn skipppeeeee, brrooooooo!

Wayyy back in the day (well, not that long ago now that I think about it, but then again, nothing seems “that long ago to me”!) I met a girl named Sophia.

The “whys and wherefore’s” were immaterial, or should I mention them here?

Well, a certain “Jill Ass” on a WeShat group got pissed off apparently that I was “lucky” enough to get a “red packet” (which is the Chinese way to send money to people publicly, sort of like a few cents here and there, tithes, whatever, but doing it online) in a public WeShat group.

Run by a guy who I believe is anything but not colorful (Secretly) despite being married, hehe.

I should know.

His wife once “vented” to me about munneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee out there in the park while I was doing my bare chested pull-ups!

But anyway, this isn’t about him or her.

So, Vicky started hurling abuse left right and center.

Yours truly was laughing at it, but at a certain point, I let her have it, but only once, and that was enough.

Anyway, Sophia stepped in.

She took my side.

Now, this girl was one I had seen a while ago, to be honest. But I never bothered speaking to her for some odd reason.

And yet, months later she supported me.

I added her thereafter.

The picture, that LOOK in the eyes – all threw me for a LOOP!

I was literallyt thinking mostly with my little brain. Hehe. Which thinks a lot!

But anyway, some gals just HAVE that look.

And those eyes bored straight into me as we got to the point.

Her point, not mine, hehe.

OF course. Feminism!

“Can I ask you a question?”, she went.

“Sure, Madam Sophia”, I laughed. I knew what it was!

“How much you have in your bank balance!”

Bear in mind it was the first time we SPOKE – online.

(as I send this, I think the exact quote was “how much you have in your bank deposit!”)​

Chinese girls are nothing if not BRUTAL about it, hehe, and I love it.

And use it for a business of mine as well!! 😉

Which Madam likely knows about, but doesn’t acknowledge except when giggling. Hehe.

Anyway, she was HOT. Or she appeared so, anyway.

She was DOING all the right things.

You’d never think she was a mother of two (albeit very young) kids …

And a wife to be honest.

But she was.

And yours truly bad boy was doing the bad thing and flirting with her DESPITE KNOWING this, because that ITALIAN THUNDERBOLT done STRUCK, BROOO!

She had it!

But anyway point of this?

When we “finally” (years or months??) later met, she wouldn’t let me pay the tab for the beer and coffee (after the hike, hehe, yours truly has gotta vet the gal first. If she doesn’t hike, she’s OUT. LOL. Nah. Not really. She suggested it!).

Wel, no.

I paid it.

But she bitched up a storm later, and insisted on returning a pithy amount.

Typical “feminism” of “maybe I’ll be controlled by him in the future”.



All I did was take her out for a beer and ask her what she wanted!

She said coffee.

So I got that.

And hike aside, that was the END of that, hehe.

(Right. I dont blame you for not believing me. ;)).

But raciness aside, I’d NEVER put up with such BS or the question itself from a gal. Never ever. Or anyone.

But she, and a few others made it INTERESTING.

Like yours truly’s “lovely wife” when I first met her who managed to winkle out the “number” I had in my bank account right then too …

Of course, in both those cases my big head took over at just the right time.

Thank God.



Goddesses. LOL. Whatevea.

I’m out to write on some Goddesses now (not Hindu, hehe).

But before I do that, remember one thing.

Life – should be INTERESTING.

Plaid staid shaid bozo sho.


I’d rather keep things NEW. Exciting. INTERESTING!

And keep it interesting enough and I may just tell you my deepest, darkest desires and SECRETS which aren’t secrets, but … hehe.

Back soon!

(And good news, fitness wise? You dont need to be interesting, really – or tell me stories. All you gotta do is pull out a credit card, and head on over HERE to learn the deepest secrets in that regard)…


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And thats precisely why I can’t stand Jim Shim (that and the lack of real results and real world strength – read what I wrote about Rahul Panicker slamming a much bigger boobybuilder in an arm wrassling contest. REAL MAN STUFF!). It’s so damned BORING, and takes forever. I’d rather get my workout done in 5 minutes or so while the bros goggle

PS #2 – The birds suddenly started to chirp VERY excitedly as I hit send on this one. Spiritual sign? You decide! (no bees as yet, but I’m sure they’re around, hehe).