The incredibly ENERGIZING effect the Trumpinator has on me.
- THAT is the magic of the MAN!

Donald Trump may be a lot of things, but to me, you know what he’s best at, either consciously or not?


And while i don’t condone the events at the Capitol there is a line of thought that says “we can’t just let things be stolen”.


Yours truly prefers the courts to handle it, but what if they’re too worreid about the backlash to DO SO?

Point to ponder, me thinks …

But anyway, and point I’m saying what I am is this. Today has been a strange sort of day.

I’ve accomplished a lot.

Dealt with a LOT.

Got a few things happening … and as I got through all this, and a very late lunch indeed, i realized one more thing.

I’m having a migraine from hell.

So it feels like, at least.

More like a stress headache.

Good news, it hasn’t gotten to the back of my head as yet as it did with Jason Bourne when he met Marie.

Maybe it should, hehe.

Anyway, as I was lying there in the dark, massaging a certain area of my forehead, it happened.

Like I said, strange things have been happening all damn day today.

NOTHING happens without a reason bro.

And . . . Donald Trump flashed into my mind.

I could hear me saying. I could SEE HIM, almost like he was next to me!

With HIS hand on my shoulder, that kindly gaze in his eyes.

“Come on Rahul! ONE MORE ROUND!”

“Come, on Rahul! Almost there!”

(which I am w.r.t a fabulous goal I’m pursuing, but as I just said to myself, it can be exhausting at times, but it is what it is)

As the Trumpinator showed up successfully, it was like Rocky inV getting up to fight once Mickey “shows up”.

I did.

Goal almost there. (I’ll tell you what it is later!)

And I’m writing this.

And point , or another one of all this?


Even while lying in bed, nursing a headache from hell.

I’d be lying to say I’m back at a 100 percent right NOW.

In about an hour, maybe less, I will be though!

And thats what I want YOU TO FEEL when you read my stuff!

My emails.

My books.

When you TALK TO ME.

When you get on COACHING calls with me.

When you HEAR me speak, either in person or not.

Is to feel that I’m THERE with you.

Through your troubles.

I’m THERE for YOU.

Thick and thing.

So long as you DO the thing, so will fitness – and the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and ALL my products.

NO better motivator, me thinks.

Grab some NOW


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is where you can pick up another healthy dose of MOTIVATION.

PS #2 – The “vision” might have been more real than I thought. More on this later!