The Universe sees ALL my friend …
- There is no "court" compared to "the one above"!

As the latest on Trump keeps spreading over the news (Twitter ban, Grandma Pelosi wanting to impeach him etc etc) … I can’t help but shake my head.

And nod.


That is precisely what happens when a man – a REAL MAN – says it like it IS without consideration for “who might think what” and “how it might make others feel”, calls frauds and bullies out for what they are without pussy footing around the bush – makes unpopular but NECESSARY decisions – and more.

You on this list KNOW what I BE Talking about!

Hell, I sure do my friend.

I’ve been dealing with a variant of this ALL my life.

Every time I’ve tried to help someone, or do the right thing eventually – guess what – I get “guilt tripped” or shat upon.

Or betrayed.

My price to pay for not dancing to Mommy’s wierd and unnatural (and to be honest INSANE) tune was “be banished”.

Ditto for wifey dearest.

Much like Trump, yours truly is a man who a lot of people love to hate.

And forget their OWN enemity for.

And of course, saying it like is.

My family’s way of doing that is to say THEIR version and side of things, while not allowing the other person to speak, and if he does -either yell like a banshee or guilt trip him about some BS or the other.

Pretty much what is happening with ole Donald right now.

Damned if he does, damned if he doesnt.

But the Universe sees all my friend.

And as a friend and lawyer recently told me with some crap I’m facing right now – do the right thing Rahul.

Everything else will take care of itself.

Which is pretty much my way of living anyway, and he KNOWS it, and so do I.

The Universe will reply in its own way to those that do wrong – even if that is years later, or right now, or whenever.

No Court can compare to the Court “up there”!

Do no wrong, and receive no wrong is an universal rule my friend.

And no, not bending to “my way or the highway” is neither “wrong” nor insane. The other way is.

Any surprise that my immediate family are all staunch Hillary supporters?

I think NOT. LOL.

Anyway ….

Same thing for FITNESS, bro.

If you’re working HARD at your fitness, and trying to do the thing – you might not be able to for a long long time.

You might get discouraged.

Yo umight get tired.

But rest assured of one thing.

The Universe has your BACK, my friend.

So long as you put in the hard yards – do the right thing – and don’t bow to undue pressure – well – in the grand scheme of things – YOU will be the one getting ahead and not “them”.

And if there is one thing I could do for Trump right now, it would be for me to put my hand on his shoulders, and say the following.

“I feel you, my BROTHER”.

From another mother, hehe.

But you get the point – I’m sure you do too!

And thats that for now. Back with more soon …


Rahul Mookerjee

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