More on why I completely QUIT social media (for the most part) last November
- Social media SH-edia...

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it, but I had my Twitter and FB feed on the right side of my website until last year … November to be precise.

And last November, I made a decision which wasn’t entirely popular with folks – especially those on my Facebook group (completely free by the way that group).

Some people were mystified by it.

But my decision, and this was another one of those decisions taken on the SPUR OF THE MOMENT – GUT feeling (although it had been bubbling away underneath for a long time) was this.

“I’m OFF these blasted social media sites” was what I told myself.

(A month or so ago, Twitter mysteriously banned one of my other accounts for the other business. I did my best trying to get in touch with them, tell them that the phone number I used for that account was no longer active etc, but nothing doing. They wouldn’t even do me the courtesy of replying. It was “their way or the highway”. And that was a popular Twitter account, by the way!)

(And a business where Twitter actually HELPS make sales etc).

I got the red ass.

I QUIT Twitter for that biz.

And then altogether, for this one, as well as my personal accounts in November.

Curiously enough, the same time during which this election was being “Stolen”.

My Twitter usage etc in terms of politics in 2020 had one – well, two reasons.

One, China spread the plague, and they crossed the line big time with that, and everything else they did, and SOMEONE had to call ‘em out.

I did. Continue to do so, and WILL continue to express my views on them.

However, politicians in general say NOTHING about China.

Except for a certain Donald trump who took them on headfirst, much like a charging Brahma bull would, and that trade deal he got them to agree to – well, guess what.

It’s still very much in place!

And HE was the man that had the balls to do it FIRST when no-one else did.

Scott Morrison and PM Johnson in the UK are good men, sure. But no-one took the lead. Donald Trump did.

Not Bush. Not Obama. Not all the Muslim countries around the world that bitch up a storm if a cartoonist expresses his or her freedom of speech in France (there’s another example of what liberal run so called democracies accepting more refugee than people that would actually BENEFIT the country, you know! End up as) but say NOTHING when WAY WORSE is sanctioned by China in Xinjiang and other regions (but especially Xinjiang!).

I mean, it’s stupefying.

Muslims are the ones that complain the MOST about their religion being vilified etc. They’re the ones that (ok, it’s the radical ones that do it) create the MOST problems worldwide. And mainstream Islam doesnt seem to come out and condem it either!

This ain’t about religion. I don’t believe in religion, period. ANY one of them.

Neither do I believe in Communism, or “Democrat-ism”, hehe.

But I do believe that religion is the opium of the masses … the sheeple. Who blindly FOLLOW without thinking.

Anyway, that was about when I quit social media, and my very brief sojourn into discussing politics.

Say what you like about the Trumpinator, but the man has his heart in the right place. He IS a patriot. And he DOES care for the country.

He’s a businessman, not a politican, and perhaps that is what I like best about him!

And a host of other things ..

But anyway, I got irritated with the constant left wing rubbish and pandering on social media, and quit Twitter entirely.

Now, Facebook.

Yes, I still used it at the time.

But in December or so, I saw a Taiwanese lady (and I postd about her, I believe) who oscillates between “wild support for Trump and the US” and “The US needs to do way more to protect Taiwan” (no they dont. Grow some balls, and take care of yourself!) … and so forth.

Going nuts in mainland China of course because of the situation with Taiwan.

But she posted something about “how the Chinese look down upon the rest of the world”.

And I posted something in return about … well, I’ve got it all stored and backed up – but basically what I said was this.

“The Chinese don’t like India because they’re dark skinned. The Chinese don’t like America because they’re better than them. The Chinese don’t like Hong Kong because they say it like it is The Chnese don’t like anyone that doesn’t agree with them.

The Chinese are a bunch of fucking idiots”.

That was the gist.

Perhaps not the most politically correct way to say it.

But, I said it.

FB blocked the post.

I appealed it.

No reply.

I “super appealed”.

Probably got to Bozo Zuckerfield and his Chiense wife, who then denied it most likely.

Goose and gander anyone?

And I NEVER got on FB after that, including my own groups etc.

Which isn’t a big deal because I created my own groups here on the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship

But anyway, for those asking, thats why I did it.

And as I read news of President Trump’s account being banned for simply saying he won’t attend the inauguaration, I done HAD it once again.

I mean, come on guys.

I dont support what happened, and the way it happened. I’ve been very stridently saying all this while the COURTS should have the final say (And they did). The LAW needs to be followed above all!

I’ve also said I’m not particularly impressed by some of Trump’s recent antics, most notably not condeming ole Rudy’s tweets about “trial by combat” (or at least asking him to tone it down – I mean that sort of rhetoric is open invitation…).

But a permanent ban??

Sorry, guys, but thats just not on.

If these idiots can ban the POTUS, they can ban you too – regardless of whether or not your biz depends on ‘em.

Anyway, I quit Instagram in 2018 pretty much. WeShat … I just use it when I have to. Twitter, NO. Facebook? Hell no.

Was-app? I haven’t logged into that in forever. Apparently one of those accounts is locked too … 

LinkedIn, yes, but only to talk to SOME people … including a certain interesting lady “Melanie”, hehe. More on that later!

Point of all this?

Goose and gander, as I’ve always said bro.

And point numero TWO is this – and I’ve said it before.

With all the craziness, impending tax raises etc, and more Commie inspired madness, the best thing YOU can do is stay in shape.

And pushups are one of the best way to do it.

Squats are too.

The big three are ALL you need, and a space on your living room floor or something.

You could of course throw in a chinning bar if you’re really dedicated, but beyond that?

Nothing else is needed, my friend.

Get on the stick NOW. Take CHARGE of your OWN LIFE – and your OWN HEALTH AND FITNESS now – and FIRST – and forever!

You’ll be glad you did, I’ll tell you that.

The year of the survivor it was, eh. This one promises to be exactly that and then some.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And for those that have asked, YES, I am fully in support of the Second Amendment and the right to bear firearms etc. Take that opinion and do what you like with it, but thats who I am – and who I’ve always been. I am NOT a fan of big government to say the least!

PS #2 – Did I rant long enough? I think so! Well anyway, int erms of fitness tools. John Walker from the UK asked me to put out a course on Indian clubs and some other tools – and being I finally discovered where the clubs were (the HEAVY ones) … I’m using them NOW.

Give it a month or so, and I’ll have a course out on that. Ya’ll will LOVE it, especially you shoulder building fanatics, hehe.

PPS – Much-O kudos to another customer Charles for READING through all the emails I send him. Sometimes he must feel he’s besieged. Nah. Not really, hehe. But he’s a good man, that DOES THE THING!