Why the “beer pizza” religion isn’t necessarily making you gain weight, lard, and such …
- It's blindly following advice from idiots and morons that is, and because you're LAZY. Let's admit it!

Bertie Wooster, and “Spode” raiding the larder at night comes to mind, and if you’re a PG Wodehouse fan which yours truly always was, is and will be forever – you Will KNOW what I mean, as well as if you look at what they EAT.


But I won’t get into that now – I’ll just say this.

There was ONLY ONE Pelgram Grant Wodehouse (edit – Pelham Grenville. I knew I got the name wrong, but not the last name). Never will be another!

Anyway, I’ve made no secret of my love for two things (well, many things, but these two too).


And pizza.

I’ve been known to imbibe and partake of both a lot of times, sometimes to the extreme.

And I’ve been known to stay in great shape no matter what as well.

Some of the reasons why, and some main reasons are mentioned in “Eat More – Weigh Less” (which is basically “Advanced Hill Training”).

Yes, I changed the name for LESSER, but more meaningful sales.

And the next thing?

Well, you hear a lot of ROT when it comes to weight loss, usually made by EXCUSE makers, sh-m-experts, and BOZO-nators.

Por ejempelo, lots of fat expats in China wail about “being fat because of the food choices”.

“Because there’s nothing to eat but rice”, they go.


Why aren’t the chinese fat then?

“Thats their gentics”, they claim!


then why are the Chinese getting fat at record levels NOW?

“How dare you talk about that!”

Dude, the point is this.

IT’s likely the cheap BEER in China making you fat. NOT the rice.

I mean, look, fella. (and the AMOUNT you eat).

Anything you eat to an extreme will make you fat.

Garbage in, garbage out is one thing, but TOO much of it in = = FAT.

Mostly around the waist.

And no, being a teetotaller, or “just drinking whisky” won’t stop it either.

ALL liqor and alcohol contains calories. It’s as simple as that. Beer does do a good job of expanding the man titties quicker though.

(and I should know. Hehe).

Now, point of this being?

It’s not so much the RICE that makes you fat.

In fact I will go on record statin the following. It ain’t rice that makes you fat.

And along with the other highly unconventional tips on DIET in the Simple and Effective Diet, and the NUMBER ONE tip which REALLY got me in the best shape diet wise (mentioned at the START) – well – this is something I talk about too.

Perhaps I didnt explain it this way, but it’s there if you read between the lines.

It’s not RICE.

Indian rice is different from Chinese rice for one.

It’s tastier – and not sticky.

And it also adds on the pounds far quicker than Chinese rice does.

I should know, again!

But if I had a choice between eating rice, bread and PIZZA?

I’d choose rice. Anyday.

And I’d choose CHEESE. And MEAT.

And no, for you “we eat meat so we ain’t fat” guys, if you eat too much meat, guess whatll happen.

You WILL get fat around the midsection.

It ain’t magic bro.

Then you got the idiots that claim “omelettes” are bad for you.

No they’re not.

Whats really bad is BREAD. And other PROCESSED starches, and no. Brown bread ain’t better either.

It just seems like it is, just like diet Sodas are actually WORSE for you than regular ones in many ways.

Anyway … these are many other UNCONVENTIONAL tips are mentioned int he Simple and Effective Diet, which is yours FREE – gratis – with a purchase of the pathbreaking and belly reducing 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Grab it now, and get in the very best shape of your LIFE!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I had a choice this afternoon between bread and cheese (I love it!) and potatoes and cheese (I like, but not quite as much). Guess which I chose. If you guessed #1, you’re wrong!

PS #2 – And always remember.

“Exercise is king, and nutrition is QUEEN”. Together they make a kingdom. Jack La Lanne.