If they can do it – so can YOU!
- YES - you CAN!

Way, way back in the day when yours truly was presented with fit and strong bodies all around him, the rippling muscles, the “big dudes” who could (as a certain “big” – so he says!) guy says “pick me up and throw him out of the window”, a friend made an interesting comment.

This was in high school, I believe, and one of the big guys was muscling his way around class etc.

Look at those forearms, (his) I still remember “wistfully” remarking to a friend.

“Yeah. Huge!” my friend responded.

He was one of those naturally strong dudes . . .

And my response was along the lines of “if we get into a fight with him, we’re screwed”.

I was going to say “fucked”, since thats what I said, but hopefully the email gets through the spam filters etc, LOL.

But anyway, my friend remarked back.

“Well, at least you have a fighting chance. Me? I’d be toast!”

Now, remember one thing. This was during my school days when I was anything but really fit and certainly wasn’t big or strong.

Had the Gorilla Grip, perhaps, but that was more WILL than anything else.

What I did always have though deep down inside of me, and what I only realize now years later is the will – and GUMPTION – NOT TO SUBMIT.

To me it matters not what the odds are externally, for one.

If I really want something, I’ll find a way to get it. I always have, and always will . . .

But more than that, I always had this thought of “whats so special about them?”

Sure, they were all painted out as being special.

My Mom for one “those guys that can drive so well, and look at YOU!”

(Of course, she omitted to mention the fact that those guys were given their family cars etc to practice on from the age of 12, and yours truly wasn’t. Since my Mom is such a “law abiding” citizen, she naturally waited until the age of 17 to … but the comments didnt wait!)

(Funny how it eventually turned out tho with yours truly doing 15 plus hour drives in mountains with no brake fluid and barely functional “lamps”, and doing drives in India that would make a drive in America look positively pedestrian by comparison … LOL)

Anyway, this isn’t about her.

It’s about my thinking.

If they can do it, so can I.

Lots of people think that the successes in life are somehow “blessed” or special.

They seem that way because they made their own luck, bro.

To me, if someone can work from home and earn a decent living, or be a millionaire, or be a caveman, then guess what.

So can I – and so can YOU.

All of the “great ones” started with less than a pot to piss in, and that state of affairs continued for years within which the average man would have given up.

Ben Settle and his “11 years of living a life without the basics that every American “takes for granted”” is but ONE example of this.

Matt Furey. A lot of the famous actors we see today (Stallone for one!).

And many others you and I hear of.

To me, fitness wise, if someone can be pounding out handstand pushups like there is no tomorrow – then so can I.

It’s about DOING the thing.

It’s about acknowledging that you’re lucky enough to have FOUR limbs and a functional brain, and thats all you need at the end of the day for success at anything, and if you look at history, a lot of people did it from wheelchairs too.

Key is to avoid the excuses like the plague.

“I can’t because …”

“Oh, but he’s got those advantages …”


He does.

Thats just how it is.

Now YOU figure out how to nullify them and get on the path to achievement yourself!

Find a way, bro. We all can.

And as the world descends further and further into chaos, something which was nigh on evidence since 2020 … and only became MORE evident to MANY more people after the November elections in the U.S. … THIS is one of the best pieces of advice I can give YOU.

Great businesses were built during the Depression years, my friend.

Always remember this.

And remember what I told you in an email or so prior to this.

Your HEALTH And fitness, more than anything else are numero UNO – NOW.

Starting NOW.

You owe it yourself, family, loved ones, or even your cave hehe (if you’re me) to STAY in shape so what is yours stays yours, and doesnt get taken away.

So you thrive and PROSPER.

SO you live a long and healthy life … as everyone was meant to!

And more.

Get on the train NOW, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember to pick up the course on pushups right HERE – Pushup Central. Lots of people love this course, and for very good reason too!

(Of course, don’t even get me started on the serial refunders on that one. LOL).