Handstand pushups, FOCUS, and more . . .
- Always maintain FOCUS, BRO!

It’s funny, but true.

Well, my injury – – that thumb injury I write so much about when doing fingertip handstand pushups on a wet and COLD winter evening in Southern China is not funny.

And the pain certainly wasn’t!

But I was lax, I’ll admit it.

Sure, I was exhausted after a long workout, not to mention cold and tired.

And there was no way in hell I should have been, despite being in PRIME shape doing handstands and handstand pushups on my fingertips at that point in time.

But I did, and well . . .

But anyway, I believe that year was a year where I picked up not one, but TWO injuries while doing handstand pushups – – all the more reason I stress EXTREME Focus and concentration when doing these!

Remember, when you do ‘em the way most people do ‘em it’s hard enough, but its easier to “kick back down” in case of any issues.

But when you do ‘em like I do ‘em, it’s FAR tougher, and therefore far easier to pick up a permanent injury, dislocate bones or worse (and therefore also far better for you overall in terms of BENEFITS).

Ok, so yours truly was out there doing handstand pushups. One of those famous 75 rep per workouts (overall workout rep count).

Out there in the afternoon.

Nice and sunny, warm. Chinese New Year, a couple of days before filming Advanced Hill Training actually.

Now, for whatever reason, at that point I chose to do ‘em outside the bathroom. Not “right outside”, but there was a wall behind the bathroom, and I did it behind the wall (outside the complex etc).

I should say “between the garden outside the bathroom where the lollygaggers were gaggling and giggling around and the “bathroom complex”” if that makes any sense.

So there I was.

And presto, as I came down on my nth rep, a damn dawg sprung out of nowhere.

Not a real dog either.

A “rat” as it were.

One of those teeny weeny pink dogs the Chinese love so much, cross between a poodle cat and a rate so to speak.


As I recently told my daughter, if you want a dog, get a REAL DOG.

A Lab. A German Shepher. Rottweilier. And so forth. Or even a pit bull. But a REAL DOG.

Not those “abominations” that cavort around, yip, yap and snap at the slightest provocation and look lke the doggie version of Count Dracula.

Or at least so did that one, as it ran straight up to me, and gave me a lick right on the nose.

Not the arms. Not the head. Not the face. The nose!

And of course, the thing running towards me was what got me off balance.

Might not seem like a lot, but when doing handstands that way, the slightest thing can get you off balance if you ain’t careful, and that did.

Down I came jerkily. I almost FELL on my FACE.

Luckily left arm showed up (or palm) right in the nick of time.

Poodle doggie took off to his mistress, who just gaped at the foreign devil coming down …

And yours truly got a NASTY bump to the chin.

Damn thing bled, but not enough to be noticeable.

And it bled all workout.

I finished up.

Went to THAT restaurant where I weighed myself (and therefore, where HISTORY was made later).

Got my food, and finally. Done.

So that should give you a lesson or two on FOCUS, and why these exercises are so hard, tough and demanding, and way, way better than lying on your back pumping “weight shate”.

And so forth.

Focus, concentration and GUMPTION.

All three great qualities to have for LIFE itself, methinks, not just fitness wise . . .

And the ONE exercise that will you get there QUICK.

Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS- High rep Hindu squats also build super toughness, both mentally and physically – and STRENGTH in spades. Get on the shtick NOW.

PS #2 – SAME thing holds true for your kids showing up right NEXT to me when doing these. You dont want to land on them in a HEAP, hehe.