Why I advocate playing to your strengths, and always have myself …
- Because it's the only way that WORKS!

“Never try to box a boxer, and never try to wrestle a wrestler”.

So said a close friend of mine, and he was RIGHT. Unless your Mike Tyson or Dan Gable, of course, hehe. Or perhaps the Gama. But even if you’re “exceptional” as my friend called me, the above holds true because … well, I’ll get to that soon!

I’d add on the following tho.

“Never get into a piss fight with a skunk” (because you can’t win that way, hehe).

But you CAN shoot the skunk, or shoo it off, or whatever …

But it’s interesting.

How many people do the exact opposite of what should be the blinding obvious.

Yours truly has always done what has been mentioned int he subject line of this here email, either instinctively or otherwise.

Despite my many outwards strengths, and yes, they ARE strong points in tons of ways, most people miss my strongest point.

They mention the writing. They mention the ability to do pull-up, or hike in extreme weather carrying loads for hours.

They mention my superb conditioning, and the “V shape to my back”.

The Bozos get ticke doff at “how many girls keep asking for my wechat” (in most cases women that are far younger than me – but age is just a number as I’ve always said!)

Or my so called genetic gifts physically – note – I got a sum total of zero. Perhaps negative. I’ve WORKED at this stuff first brah!

And only then put out what I did, and thats why I stand behind it 100% and more (and no refunds, drama, BS etc – lookie lous, whiners etc not welcome).

But my strongest points are the MIND – and my ability to trust and follow my GUT – and pull a Houdini several times when it’s most needed.

Several years ago, my wife called me the following “Khota Sikka” (diamond in the rough).

She was right.

But she missed the Houdini and gut part … which to be honest is really what any true survivor is made of at the core.

It ain’t about your physical skills, or lack thereof. Sure, you should have those.

It ain’t how many guns you own, or girls you bang.

Maybe that matters, I dont know!

But your MIND is really what counts – in life – and everywhere. Yours instinct too, and I like to call my own approach and have called it as well, the BLACK MAMBA mentality.



Snipe – and STRIKE – but only when that IRON IS HOT!

Or, the tiger mentality if you so would.

Stalk for hours, but when it’s time to get the job done – BAM!

And not a minute befor eor after either!

In the meantime, keep doing your own thang.

Is that the coward’s way out?

Not at all, bro.

It’s the SMART person’s way of doing things!


And in the meantime, remember one thing.

We all have weaknesses.

You’re only as strong as the weakest link in your chain, so in the meantime, work on those.

Sure, you’ll still have strengths anyway. Strong points and weak points. But the key is this – you CONVERT the weak points into strong ones either way!

It’s what I’ve done ALL MY LIFE.

And fitness wise, it’s obvious.

Weak grip?

Well, Gorilla Grip and Gorilla Grip (Advanced) will take care of the issue for you provided you DO what it mentioned.

Want to get to “stud” level at pull-ups and knock ‘em out effortlessly, David Goggins style or better, all damn day long?

Well, get the course. And do the thing!

Weak shoulders?

Ditto …

And so forth.

And thats how you live, my friend. In all ways!

Play to your strengths, and convert your weak points into strong ones, an dhammer ‘em galore when the time is RIGHT.



Rahul Mookerjee

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