The little things can really either MAKE or BREAK …

More on little details in this email.

… if you havent read the last email on it, you probably should now.

But anyway.

It’s the little details that matter, and can really make or break – either life or fitness.

Take a look at any relationship.

When it finally falls apart (could be life, business anything) – it’s the little differences, festering away like raw and unaddressed sores that really broke the back of the camel.

Or the camel’s back.

Like Twain, yours truly ain’t got no use for a man that could only SPIEL one way, hehe. Or write one way!

Now, thats something else my Dad once told me, but I only really understood the truism of it after age 35 . . .

Anyway, fitness wise too.

In the book on pull-ups, I give you a VERY MINOR detail that I DO EMPASHIZE when you learn pull-ups (I tell you to really focus on it).

But most people, even those that read the book from cover to cover multiple times, buy the ebook, then the paperback might ignore it …

And it’s one of those little bitty things that can make or break your long term success at pull-ups and also getting back into the groove or saddle, what have you, hehe, after a long lay off.

(puns intended, or maybe not. ;)).

Same thing for Hindu squats.

As I sit here, SORER than heck, but finally recovering and able to briskly move about as before, it’s the little things – again.


And proper massage when you’re starting out, either self adminstered or otherwise …

And I include a whole Chapter on massage in 0 Excuses Fitness for just that purpose.

I have not gone into more detail on it though, either self adminstered or otherwise. Maybe I will someday!

But even in that lesson, there’s a tiny tip – ONE sentence – that contains the very KEY to it (and no, it ain’t Chinese girls either, hehe).

Although they’re pretty good at it, I must say!

And thats that for now.

When you workout – make sure to focus on the little things!

Lesson #2 on this. More later!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System right here.