The mystery of the disappearing “phallus”

Well, the news never seems to “amaze”.

And I’m getting interesting new for a change …

Anyway, apparently the latest is that a 200 kilogram “wooden PHALLUS (of all things!)” which used to be there on a mountain top in Southern Germany has disappeared.

All of a sudden.

Now, this behemoth was man made, and apparently gifted to someone on his birthday.

That someone, perhaps not unsurpisingly didnt see the “joke”, or maybe he did, but whatever it it was, he or someone carted it up to the top of the mountain.

(I know certain guys who like to share “dick pics” in public as some sort of a joke. Could never understand that either, but hey … to each his own!)


200 pounds uphill is tough.

Talk about an unweildy 200 KILOGRAM you know what.

Wouldnt want to have that in my you know what, hehe.

(please NO PUNS! LOL)

Anyway, risque jokes and other-sides aside, apparently its disappeared.

And being it was somewhat of a local celebrity and even on Google Maps, it showed up as “news”.

Bavarian police are still hunting for it, and they have no idea if its being chopped down or stolen.

But here’s the deal.

I do NOT advocate modern day gyms, bench presses, and other nonsense on the machines. Especially not the highly idiotic and much tom tommed lat pulldown.

And certainly not tummy trimming gadgets. All they trim is your wallet, much like a seductress late at night might or would …

But I DO advocate lifting heavy objects, and ODD HANDLED OBJECTS!

Objects that are hard as heck to grip.

Beer barrels. Massive stones.

And guess what – THOSE workouts need not take long at all either and they build strength like nothing else can.

Now, I’ve written before in the 0 Excuses Fitness System about how I’d literally carry bottles of water up four flights of stairs over and over again as a grip and leg workout.

But it worked my entire body, like the Farmer’s walk done on flat ground would!

And I ain’t sure about what exactly happened down there in Germany, but hey – if someone carted that mofo up the hill – he’s one strong SOB, hehe.

Even if TWO people did it!

Back down was probably easier, but maybe not!

But anyway, thats the point of me saying this – heavy objects, and NOT dumbbells or easy to grip “barbells” in asinine positions while lying flat on your back for one.

Wanna build real strength?


REAL LEG and GRIP strength?

Well, get on the one program right here that will do it, bro.

Do it now – and be prepared to be gob SMACKED – pun most firmly NOT INTENDED! Hehe


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Oh, and thats another reason for Battletank Shoulders being so darn effective. Grab this monster of a course right HERE.