The effect Hindu squats had on me!

I should say my squatting routine out of the blue yesterday, hehe.

For what it’s worth, I dont really do Hindu squats a lot THESE days, as I have been focusing more on jump rope sprints, and sprints in general.

I don’t even hike a lot these days …

But getting back to it, and I love hiking, thats something I plan on doing in the very near future again – big time. Stay tuned for more tales on that front!

And for now, yesterday you on this list know I “dropped down” and gave myself 100 squats.

Done in slightly more time than normal, but after a long break??

That muscle memory was indeed working WELL!

And says tomes about focusing on other exercises well – and NOT losing gains you made in what you do now (the exception to this that I’ve found, of course are pushups).

And back in the day, when I first started Hindu Squats, I disregard my own advice.

Knocked out like 70 of them slowly, and with probably less than perfect form.

I was living on an easy second floor apartment at the time, and yours truly hill climber galore (though to be fair, I hadn’t really started the extreme portion of that then) could barely get back DOWN the stairs. Hehe.

And yesterday, I did much the same thing, and I’m wobbling around.

And I have N ODOUBT it would be WORSE, way worse, if I hadn’t followed some of my own isometric stretches right after the workout !

My butt is sore. My thighs are SCREAMING. My chest is sore!

My traps and shoulders feel fine (thank handstand pushups for that!)

And perhaps more surprisingly for you crunch maniacs out there my upper abs were burning this morning, much likey do when you first start swimming.

All this, from a 4 minute or so squatting workout.

Think these workouts don’t build strength, fitness and conditioning in an all in one package.

Think again!

And if you still, after thinking are “on the other side”, well,you’re not thinking straight is all I can say, hehe.

But really – ab training from squats? Chest training from squats?

And yet, these are the keys no-one talks about !

Keys to super fitness, and super STRENGTH.

And lifelong health, which is what we’re all after.

Get on the program NOW, my friend. It truly is the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Speaking of abs?

Here is what a customer recently sent in w.r.t Corrugated Core (my patented “51 exercise” ab and core training book)

“Not just another abs book”

This is functional core training, not your usual get “buffed for the beach” nonsense.
This is hardcore training for a hard core, if you’re after performance above pretty, then this is for you.

Amen, my friend. Amen!