Opening them “hard to open jars”

I remember my wife asking me to “open a jar” for her.

You kno wwhat I mean, dont you?

Some of those hard to open jars in the kitchen.

Had it happen with my green tea jar for one.

Dont know if the jar itself was Made in China, but the tea is, hehe. And I wanted that tea!

In the past, I remember (and this was back when I lifted heavy weights at home and had “big forearms”) STRAINING to open such things!

But that time ?

I just pried it open like nothing.

Same thing for when my wife asked me, for one, to pry apart two metal glasses that had got stuck to each other, apparently one in the other.

Now that was tough!


My mom often used to ask the “household” help to do these things when we were young (and even when yours truly was a young adult).

And then wax lyrical about their strength as of course I remembered the comments about “he thinks he’s so strong!” from YEARS ago …

But either way, I remember thinking.

That ain’t no big deal!

And it ain’t, bro, if you train right.

Lots of people have sarcastically told me the following.

“You’re the guy that everyone calls when they have a tough time opening jars!”

As if that were a bad thing.

And of course, they pooh pooh at what built Mr HandStand Pushup yours truly’s GRIP to the savage levels that the average gym goer can only DREAM of.

To “kung fu” like levels, or more.

Unnatural grip.

And more!

APE like gripping strength!

And while I could point you, and RIGHTLY so – to Gorilla Grip, and Gorilla Grip (ADVANCED!) as the source of my gripping secrets, I;d be remiss in telling you that was the only thing.

In fact, it’s what people dont think builds the grip that does (same thing for fitness in general).

It was pushups, bro.

Specifically, handstand pushups!

(and fingertip pushups too, and a barrage of others I teach you in Pushup Central  – – a MUST Have course if youre in way, shape or form serious about fitness).

(But for that brute ape like strength- again – handstand pushups!)

In Gorilla Grip, a person remarked (while making a comment) that “he doesnt seem to have mentioned the secrets to his grip in the book” (while complaining about the fact I wrote about my friend, a former US Marine).

“He seems to be linking his workout with that of the Marines!” wailed this person.

Well, at least it was an honest review! Hehe.

From the heart.

And while he was WRONG, and while he was basically a price conscious shopper, even if I did, so what?

I jacked up the price of the course after those comments, and haven’t heard silliness like this once again.

Except of course from Bozo Schofield!

Anyway, thats it from me for now. Get the two aforementioned courses above and start building those scary levels of grip strength you’ve hitherto only DREAMT OF !


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Oh, and get on the handstand pushup training regiment right HERE, BRO – Shoulders like Boulders!

PS – Check out what John Walker, a customer from “ole Blighty” had to say about this

A Superb Book From An Amazing Writer/Trainer

If you’re at all interested in Bodyweight/Calisthenics training? Then you need to get your copy of this superb book. You’ll be glad you did.

Concise and to the point. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

PS #2 – Oh, and PLEASE, and AGAIN, PLEASE don’t forget to leave reviews at whatever site you buy my books off (and if its this here site, shoot me an email about it).

ALL I ASK is that it be an HONEST review (and really, even if its something akin to what I posted above in terms of the person reviewing it being wrong, I don’t mind – I promise! All I want is REAL stuff, not Bozo like trollish rubbish).