Why you either LOVE me, or you HATE me …
- Thats how it SHOULD be.

Generally, and I’ve been noticing this trend intensify as of late, of course (when it comes to me).

You either like me, or you just HATE my guts.

Either one, no in between.

Oddly enough, thats how the whole world is doing it these with each other.

Oddly again, and maybe not, I’ve always been that sort of a person, without even meaning to know it.

The “say it like it is” attitude has no doubt contributed to this!

But even when that voice was (temporarily muffled) – I was that way.

It’s about VIBES my friend.

I state that so often on the other site.

And its true here too.

Sometimes, words aren’t necessary.

Anyway, picture the following during lunch “one fine day”.

Or not …

Yours truly didnt particularly have a good day that until then.

I got woken up earlier than my normal time of 1130 AM (earliest!) by a bunch of bozos and morons.

Upon turning on the computer, the damn thing wouldn’t work right (tho to be honest, this wasn’t one of the “Windows crashed” days I referred to in a post “bygone” as it were).

IT took a while.

But I finally got going.

Did part of a book.

On to exercising.

And first thing you know, my daughter showed up (this was BACK in the day, yes) and stood in front of me right as I was getting down from a handstand.


In the Steve Austin starrer “The Condemned” (a movie where a troupe of bad asses fight it out to see whose the last one STANDING – I say “one” because there were a lot of women – well two that I remember, actually. One fine black babe, and one somewhat fine “mamasito” if you get my drift).

Nothing but not tuned into male mentality were the filmmakers. LOL.

Not a single older white woman … and the only one white woman that there was was fine, but not fighting.

Anyway, this ain’t mentality in that regard.

IT’s about when (these guys are thrown off a helicopter of all things into blueeeeeeee water to begin their 30 hour odessey to see “who’s the last person standing” and they swim their way to the island with all the mandatory hoo haa, boob shots and what not).

One of them argues and fights and then when he gets thrown out manages to land on a metal spike going straight through his chest instead of that water.

“oops”, says the cast.

Thats not oops, says lead bad boy.

Thats a fuck up x 10!

Anyway, thats what I was going to say that day. But I didnt.

Language ,kids, and all that.

Then I got back into a handstand.

Presto, my palm got cut open. Apparently some glass laying about. Ugh!

After a volley of curses and what not, back to pull-ups.

Then the wife and daughter started hollering. Yours truly finally worked out, finished, found peace (need any more reasons as to why you should live A-frigging-lone??) and then while eating lunch apparently Mama made a comment to the tune of “stop your siren” or something when the daughter was bawlin gabout some silly thing or the other.

Yours truly did nothing except repeat “siren”.

Guess who got an earful.

And thats when I said it.

“I’m one of the very few people in this world who doesnt even need to say anything for people (the vast majority) to either hate me with a burning passion – – and a minority to LOVE me”

This may sound more fiction than fact, granted.

But that last lesson is true.

And it’s a valuable lesson for you too, if you choose to LEARN (after reading between the lines).

And it’s something I cover ALL the damn time on my coaching calls for those that get it or want to get it. (can’t take a horse to water and MAKE it drink. That damn horse must WANT to drink first).

Anyway …..

Point of this is to say that fitness wise, you’ll either love my products, or you’ll hate them.

I’ve never heard anyone be in the middle.

But, I know which side most of you on this list will be, and are.

And thats the side I care bout.

Truly the only side to be on, my friend – the side going up.

And that concludeth this long brain fart. Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up more hard nosed, kick ass motivation right HERE.

Why talking to idiots, morons, jack – and JILL asses that ask you “what will you do with a gun” is a pointless endavor and akin to smashing your head against a cement wall (the wall will likely make more sense).
- UGH!

I Can just hear the lunatics emailing me.

Calling me.

Banging on my door (well, figuratively).

And so forth.

How dare I say it.

“What will you do with a gun!”

“Who will attack you!”

And these are the same bloody fools that call for the police to be defunded and then weep about astronomically high crime rates, and when crime happens, guess who they call and who they COMPLAIN about not showing up on time.

When something violent or bad happens, these same Bozos shake their little heads, look on from distance, and wail mournfully.

What can we do, the wail goes.

Well, my friend, there is something you can do …

And we all know what it is.

And those that DO, as Marc the Silverback Gorilla (African, hehe) once told me about the idiot pestering me about “training my mind” when I was doing pull-ups (he took off shortly thereafter. He was a big guy. Myself not. I didnt even have “el weapons” or what not. But he took off like a hare, believe me!).

(that ain’t me tom tomming. It’s me saying when I get truly pissed off – -WATCH – the hell out!)

And I used a polite term there.

Was going to drop (yet another) F- bombs. Boo hoo.

But really, the stupidity is MIND fucking boggling.

And as Marc said, those that DO the thing usually get badgered the most.

If they let themselves, that is, and I dont at all these days.

Any hint of pestering, and badgering, and I block, delete, or do what I have to do to escape the moron-ity and insanity.

Now, the point is this.

These people are the SAME – I repeat – the SAME people that look on with “I could care less” looks when you talk about pushups.

Getting in shape.

Doing what you yourself PREACH.

When you laugh at people having humungous and massive bellies telling others to lose weight and that “look at your stomach! It’s so huge!”

I mean, dude, really.

Like you yourself said later … “I’m no less of an elephant”.

Well, perhaps you’d BE less if you stopped your inane badgering and pestering and sticking your nose into yours’ truly’s biz where it does NOT belong …

Anyway, talking to all these people is a gigantic and massive, immense, astronomical, catastrophic, Universe like waste of not just time.

But MONEY too.


All three are related, bro.

And if you want to improve your life – financial standing – everything in 2021, then remember one thing.

Take care of yourself first.

By that I Dont mean molly coddle yourself.

I dont mean watch Tee Vee Shee Vee enllessly, and gorge away like a horse and do NO activity at all.

(at least horses eat healthy, hehe).

What I mean is this – take charge of your fitness NOW.

Your body is the HOUSE you live in – anywhere.

And if thats full of shit, both literally and figuratively, guess what will show up in terms of results outside.

You got it.

Shit with a capital friggin S …

And thats that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure and pick up the most insanely motivational fitness home based system ever – The 0 Excuses Fitness System. Thank me later, hehe.

Why I might, once and for all divorce WIN-BLOWS in 2021
- What a pain in the ass they've become!

Well, well, well.

If there’s SOMETHING I well and truly wanna drop from my life other than the blasted plague that China spread, it’s WinDOZE.




And other names I can’t or won’t come up with now …

I dont know why, but windows while always been extremely buggy and annoying to a T has gotten EVEN more annoying in 2020.

My damned computer has crashed not once, twice, but THRICE.

And I lost data the first two times. The vast majority of which was all backed up, but still, it’s a pain to re-download and set everything up all the time!

As I’m sur eyou’d agree.

And right after I finally managed to get Animal Kingdom Workouts done in July or so I believe, third crash.

(getting THAT book uploaded was a nightmare. My computer just wouldn’t WORK).

And then Isometric and Flexbility Training … well, lets just say draft 1 DISAPPEARED.

I redid it, of course.

Much like Shantaram (Gregory David Roberts who wrote the bestseller about an Aussie on the lam in Mumbai, India – or Bombay as I said, hehe) did with his giant of a 1000 page book which was torn apart by sadistic and moronic prison guards THRICE – and he re-wrote by hand!

Anyway ..

My computer is acting up again.

Seems a fitting finale to 2021?


I’ve finally got it to a stable point so I can sit and writ eto you, but I think one reason Windows is making things so hard is they’re losing boatloads of moola due to piracy etc, and they’re doing all they can to combat those sneaky little fixes a lot of us implement …

Especially for Office, Outlook etc – yours truly does not use any of that junk, but the vast majority of the world does.

I still use WinBlows, but I’m open source for the most part, and will likely switch to Linux next year.

Anyway … takeaways from all this?

Well, first off, piracy …

I used to be worried about it in days bygone.

But now that I see some of my books from the “other site” in the other biz freely posted online, guess what.

I dont mind it one bit.

And sometimes, I’ll point users there too!

It does NOTHING to dampen sales. If anything sales increase if you do it right.

Just like they get a major fillip when the bozos and trolls attack you (if you handle ‘em right, hehe).

I was thinking about putting out a book on the following – How to Profit Handsomely from Trolls and Bozos that mindlessly attack you with inane RUBBISH.

(And of course, no prizes for who will feature on the cover perhaps. LOL. Nah. Not really. But you get the point!)

But I might just do up the damned book, so let me know if there is interest, and I might! In fact I might put it as a very lengthy tip of sorts in the second volumes for Zero to Hero – and 10 Commandments of Successful sales.

Maybe I’ll rename the latter to 20, as thats how many tips it DOES have. If not more …

And it WILL make your sales SHOOT through th eroof in ANY economy. And it’s just a STARTER course!

Anyway … enough on this.

I’ll be back soon, but one thing – remember – the SHIP membership goes up, up, and UP starting tomorrow.

Don’t say you weren’t warned, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – We’ve rejigged our products page also. The old style is my favorite, and it’s still up where it was, but THIS link might be of interest too! Let me know which you like better!

Unusual stress relieving practices, and more …
- Indeed interesting!

The great Steve Jobs was an achiever of yore, and highest order and firm believer in following his GUT.

That yours truly does too, and lives his life by, and that EVERY person that has achieved anything of worthwhile and lasting note has.

As my buddy once told me “if your gut tells you, then 9 times out of 10 it is right”.

And I’ve lived my entire life based upon gut, of course, which is probably why people don’t “get it” (or what they don’t “get” about me).

No plans?

Well, there IS a grand plan but as Napoleon Hill said in “Outwitting the Devil”, isnt it better to leave the making of the plans to a POWER that knows a hell of a lot more about them plans than us “mortals”?

(Paraphrased, but you get the gist).

Anyway, all great men have their quirks. And unique ways of “relaxing”.

Steve Jobs, amongst other things dipped his feet in the toilet water in the company toilets to “relax”.

Hope you aren’t reading this while drinking your morning tea or coffee ( I was – the former. UGH!).

But all great men have their quirks.

Jobs had many that didn’t particularly endear him to his colleagues or family.

His quick temper for one. Perfectionism (which I can relate to). Making sure that every little detail, even those that customers don’t normally “see” are perfect. I can relate, again.

But putting bare feet up on company desks etc … nah. I wouldn’t subject my co-workers or colleagues to that, hehe.

Sittin in the lotus position while in a meeting?

Well, ain’t nothing “wrong” with that in my not so humble opinion.

The advanced book on pull-ups contains a style of pull-ups which, believe it or not and you can put it in Ripley’s if you don’t, hehe, which is done in this position.

Might seem impossible, but it gives you a groin workout from HELL for one.

And more.

Anyway, yours truly has gone for plenty of “foot baths” in China.

Somewhat relaxing I suppose. Foot massages are great I guess for those that like them or achy feet or what not but despite all miles and miles I walked daily, mine never did.

I’d rather a good OVERALL BODY PUMMELLING, hehe. And I got that quite often as well …

I should say I GET it quite often. Hehe.

Anyway, point begets.

We have all our own unique ways of relaxing.

Mine is to get in my man cave, write, do my own thang.

Drink a few beers.

Anything but NOT be disturbed with inane nonsense, Mama and wife fights (speaks tomes as to why, like Mr T said, I LIVE AND TRAIN – ALONE!) and so forth …

And of course, TRAINING.

The first thing, or three things I did when I got up this morning and was done with brushing my teeth etc?

Is to make tea, and jump straight into a) static handstands. And b) advanced pull-ups.

I was supposed to jump straight into Volume 2 of a new book (that I just got done writing Volume 1 for yesterday), but GUT said no.

Gut said “get her done” while the rest of the world BE SLEEPING.

So you’re ahead of the pack when you start.

And so goes it, my friend.

All for now. I’ve got a bit of kink in my right shoulder from all the writing. Bear crawls time!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Bear crawls, you ask? Well, animal like workouts are some of the BEST workout you can get my friend. Trust me on this one. Pick up the BEST course on this now – Animal Kingdom Workouts. Lots of exercises and workouts for you to choose from, the bear crawl is only ONE (but a goodie nonetheless).

PS #2 – Don’t forget to check out “Pull-ups – – from STUD to SUPER STUD” while you’re at it. Only for you SUPER STUDS out there though. Not for everyone this one!

Samurai Fitness
- REAL MAN training!

Recently a reader – a WARRIOR – a SAMURAI, so to speak, invested in a couple of my books.

He’s bought BOTH my books on shoulders prior to this.

Shoulders like Boulders!

And Battletank Shoulders!

Corrugated Core. Reverse pushups. And many others.

He’s also left reviews on all these books … and his goal is to someday own everything I’ve written and he’s getting there!

Most recently, he invested in Animal Kingdom Workouts and Isometric and Flexiblity Training.

And at the age of 63, this man is a BEAST – and he is kicking ASS.

He says he “used to be a beast”.

But I ain’t so sure!

I’d say he IS a beast – now – and is RAMPAGING as we speak!

Here is an excerpt from one of John’s emails to me.

Japanese for Warrior not Samurai which is what many people think, was the name I was given by my Sensei because I would not back down from anyone, indeed I’ve given many senior black belts a run for their money, whether they kicked or punched me I just closed with them picked them up and slammed them into the ground, back in the day I was a beast and I feared no one, my Sensei also said that I was what he called a non responder in that pain compliance techniques did not have the intended effect on me, I just shrugged them off, of course that was a long time ago and I’m much more civilised these days.

Now that my friend is REAL stuff!

And yours truly responded with this –

You were – and ARE, I’d say indeed a bonafide BADASS – kudos!! My buddy from the Marines (U.S Marine Corps) did a lot of that type of training too (he’s more ji jitsu, but of course grappling forms the BASE for it all!).

Thats a great thing to be, by the way – someone who doesnt back down to or (get defeated by) pain. You can never really keep a man like that down – believe me .. ah, but I dont need to tell you – you know all about that part of it, and then some!

Which is true, of course.

Never, ever back down my friend – from anything – except when you’re int he wrong about something, but otherwise, take life and it’s successes and it’s failures HEAD ON.


And John at the age of 63 is doing what people these days that are 1/3 rd his age or younger cannot.

Most today would piss and moan about everything under the sun than actually do something.

“COVID lockdown shockdown! Wah! I can’t get to the gym!”

(thats something I had a convo with John about, and we both ruminated on the foolishness of it all…)

Not to say all gyms are trash.

No, especially not if you train right.

But modern day chrome and fern is what most of it has turned into, and it .. IS .. TRASH, bro!

And I find it funny that the Bozos and others rant about my products, and how I supposedly deliver no value when real fighters – real WARRIORS in life and elsewhere – see value, value, and more value.

Ditto for my buddy from the Marines, whose mentioned at the start of Gorilla Grip for a reason.

Anyway, thats it for this one.

But another reminder.


Jump on the 0 Excuses SHIP membership NOW – time runs out (at the current $799 / year rate) starting Jan 1.

No exceptions, so get on this NOW bro.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I wouldnt pay two hundred smackers more if I was gettign the opportunity to save said amount NOW. So again my friend. Last reminder and then some (perhaps) – jump on this NOW while th egoing is GOOD. Truly a BARGAIN deal for what you’re GETTING!

Get MAD. And then … Get even, and then some!
- DO IT, bro. 'Tis truly the ONLY way (that works, anyway!)

One only does any good WITH the other.

Without, it’s little more than insane “girly ranting” and nothing else.

In other words … ah, but let me xplain it via an example first.

Bozo Schofield for one has been known for his infamous beer and only he knows what else (well, C word can we say, hehe, except it ain’t cu – it’s CO…) fueled rants at odd intervals.

Like clockwork, you’re always waiting for the latest madcap antics or the latest crazed Hannibal style rant (truth be told though, Lecter never ranted – he DID!) … and screwing over close friends, and so forth.

And he never disappoints.

Usually, it’s the littlest things that set him off, which provide a fascination insight of course into how lunatics’s minds work …

For example, he didnt get paid at his dancing monkey job on time (which he never showed up for half the time).

The world was on fire!

And we found the Bozo in a hotel room in Hong Kong’s ghetto (Chung King mansion) snorting it up for all he was worth, American Express card handy as well.

(Daddy’s, of course)

Yes, the poor Bozo doesnt know I have the memory (and more, hehe) of an ELEPHANT.

And anyway, even if he did know, he barely stays lucid to register any sort of lucid THOUGHT.

But anyway, coupla days later, his paper mill factory relents.

They toss him some cash.

It was like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

He morphed so seamlessly into the latter that you wouldn’t think ANYTHING was up in the first place.

IT’s amazing what a few crumbs tossed to an idiot can do, and believe me, he ain’t the only one. A lot of so called “China business experts” running around behind the scenes are doing exactly that (though to be fair theyre not Bozos. They’re just misguided).

But anyway, the Bozo gets mad.

We all do.

But he does NOTHING constructive with that anger or madness or what have you.

Except get back in the same situation.

But lazy bozos aside, yours truly gets mad. A LOT. Believe me, I do!

And I personally get ANGRY – VERY ANGRY at certain things, certain occasions, injustices (even if they aren’t done to me personally sometimes) and so forth.

People dont sometimes understand what I get mad over. But then again, principles aren’t exactly a strong point for many!

But anyway, I get mad.

Raving mad.

I foam at the mouth (not really, hehe). But again, I get furious.

I let it out – or I don’t.

I gnash my teeth – or I dont

Everyone has a different way of doing it.

For me, it’s just bang out 10 rep per set pull-ups these days.

The other day I got to 50 before I knew it!

In a trice almost …

… But anyway, once all the venting is done.

I go BACK to the way I was.


El “plotter”.

El “black mamba”.

El “Tell the world what you’re going to do, but SHOW it first!”

And then I just DO it.

I do the thing that will help me not just get even but WIN.

And I’ve always wonusing that approach.

We’re all human.

‘tis but natural to get angry, feel aggrieved, and so forth.

But what do YOU do after that is what determines if you’re a WINNER in the game of life – or anything – or a LOSER.

Fitness wise, you ask?

Well, the fatties out there may get pissed off at me stating the facts and saying they’re too fat to do pull-ups and need to lose weight.

It’s a fact, Jack. Both what I say, and why I say it, and their getting upset.

Not many people like getting called out …

(Or trolled, but I look forward to more inane rants from the Bozo – in many ways, he’s the best New Year’s gift I could have ever asked for, hehe.)

But what they do AFTERWARDS is what counts.

For instance, if YOU are one of the persons I’ve called out for this – and if you get mad – and then go ahead and grab the compilation on pull-ups for one (and no, you dont need to Tom Tom either – just do it quietly, hehe) … and then start to work on losing weight and getting better at pull-ups – then guess what.

You’re moving along the path to being a WINNER.

Each day you DO the thing accelerates your progress towards not just the winner tag, but your GOAL as well.

And if you just rant about it, and go back to your beer, or whiskey, or fried what not, or gooey Doughnuts, or snack “wack”, Tee Vee Shee Vee, WeShat, Was-App, FlakeyBook, Shitter, and so forth …

… well, then I gotta call a spade out again.

You’re moving along very fast to the goal of being a LOSER … or are already there.

Take this or leave it, but it’s TRUE.

And if it offends, so be it.

Maybe it’s just the kick you need to get your rumpus in high gear and reverse gears in the GAME OF LIFE – and FITNESS!

Do so now, my friend. Really. There’s only way to go – – up!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – We’ve been getting a LOT OF ATTENTION for the compilation on pull-ups. More than FIVE customers have asked me for it in variou sforms recently. Check it out (and grab) right HERE.

REAL training, and 50 lbs of muscle mass damn QUICK!
- Real training done REAL style!

It seemed just like the other day, just a like a coupla months ago that I saw my buddy Vincent, he of the Marines, he who is mentioned int he opening part of Gorilla Grip, and rightfully so looking GAUNT and terrible, to be honest.

He had been through an experience shortly before that that would have killed most men, to be honest.

But what doesnt kill you makes you stronger!

And he’s in the good ole US of A, in “country” as it were, and training HARD.

He’s hiking.


He’s eating WELL.

And he’s … well, let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth!

How goes it Brother,

Well it’s Monday morning here and we are not sure if we get off this lockdown on the 4th.

As you already know it’s killed the economy and crushed the people. Myself being a minority stake holder in this business I’m drowning !

Moving on – I’ve gained 50 lbs of dense muscle mass. I’m training 5 days a week and hiking an average of 25-30 miles a week. I also grapple 3 times a week and do some striking training once a week, I go to the range 4 times a week. I put at least 5 clips down range, and you know I’m surgical about this. I don’t subscribe to the double tap drills ! Myself I have a Wilson commander, because of 230 grain it has the knockdown that the 9’s do not have. So the double tap is overkill. My groups are within a 2 inch groupings. 

(again, I’m quoting the relevant parts of his email).

But thats some good stuff! Especially the part about the WILSON, hehe.

(I’ve got a Glock on my mind actually, and I told him that, but anyway, this is more about training, so let me quote what I told him on that).

Hey Vincent

Thanks for the email! Yeah, obviously the lockdowns and panic have killed the economy not just in America, but globally. And thats yet another reason I put out a plea to my list to do the best they can do to make 2012 mask free and PANIC free! Lockdown shockdown, mask “shask”. Just fucking annoying shit at the end of it all – I mean China spread the plague, and now the ROW just has to deal with it, but the Bozos globally don’t GET it, do they!

Good news in terms of my business that it’s actually been on a steady upswing this whole year. Which is good news – my head literally spins when I go to bed with the amount of writing I do though! But business wise (for all the writing I do in multiple businesses) things are all going up which is good.

Great news though about the physical training bro. Thats what bodyweight training and REAL training (wrassling etc and HIKING, of course, I should know a thing or two about that!) will do for you! Add in Hindus and rope jumping and pull-ups, and you’ll be off to the races.

Yours truly isnt hiking at all these days, but I’m back to the 150 pull-up/150 handstand pushup days, hehe. Plus jumping rope and Hindu squats. Mini workouts for me these days throughout the day, and I somehow manage to stay sane that way, hehe.

And so it goes .. (there was more, but I’ve omitted that for brevity).

And there, my friend, should be a solid answer for the idiots who claim “bodyweight exercises do nothing but build endurance”.

As I said in an email or so prior to this I believe.


And wrestling, just so you know, involves training the BIG THREE mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

And let’s leave the Wilson’s and Glocks out of this one – lets talk training.

THOSE are real results.

Hiking will build muscle like crazy, and burn fat like crazy – especially steep uphill hikes like he has been on, and I should know. Oh, boy, I should KNOW!

The only other things I’d recommend for him are what I did in the email, and from what I heard, he’s already ONTO the jump rope part.

I’m sure he’ll do great!

Semper fi, bro. You’ve earned it and then some!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is the best damn course there is on jumping rope– with variations you’ve probably never ever HEARD of, let alone seen!

Yet ANOTHER benefit of them quick workouts …
- Bet you didnt know that ...

I have made NO secret of my so called erratic eating habits, have I?

That go completely CONTRARY to what the “experts” advocate.

And those habits in part got me in the best shape of my life.

Ditto for Herschel Walker and a host of other illumanaries mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness System and the simple and Effective Diet (the latter free with the former, of course, but you can buy it seperately too).

The Gama, for one, ate a diet that would make seven “normal” men balk.

Ditto for Arthur Saxon, old time Saxon strongman (REAL strongman, not the bloated idiots puffing their stuff and strut in the gym shyms today) ate even more. Probably one of those brothers ate like 10 men would – I’m NOT kidding – see the blog and a post last year for more on that!

Do a search, and you’ll find it.

And then you have the other extreme. Yours truly. Herschel Walker. And so forth.

You gotta do what works for YOU.

And sometimes in the most seemingly odd ways that get RESULTS.

The secret is so simple that it will elude most people even though it’s out there int he open. I’ve practically spelt it out for you!

But anyway, the Simple and Effective Diet has it CLEARLY mentioned in the very first part of the book, even before we begin the book “proper” as it were.

Now, another secret. Which shouldn’t be a secret at all, but it is.

Them quick workouts throughout the day do much more than just get you in super shape, build muscle and burn nasty LARD.

At record speeds I might add.

They also increase productivity – big time.

You knew that, I’m sure. I get at least THREE hours of productivity for every 30 minutes of working out (and I normally do 15 minute bursts) and to me, thats a great investment throughout the day.

Hence my “prodigous” output in all regards (dont go there, hehe).

But they also curb HUNGER.

I’ve BARELY eaten anything today.

Not because I can’t.

There’s chocolate and beer staring me in the face for one, right now …

And I’ll probably have a few beers, or a whiskey or what not soon.

But, for now, I’m not even feeling hungry.

And for those of you that feel the need to snack all day long, and thus cut into your gains (because you can’t seem to stick to snacking on apples and other healthy stuff) – well this might just be the ticket for you.

Try it.

Let me know how it goes.

And on that note I’m out . Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember that while exercise is king, diet is queen and together, as the great Jack La Lanne said, they make … a kingdom! So make sure to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System – the ONLY quick and dirty workout system out there that gets results NOW, my friend. Yes, now. Your health and fitness are THAT important, so do it – now!

Why the “spare tyre” mentality sickens me in every which way
- Typical selfishness and crass behavior from low class people ...

And I dont necessarily mean those around the waist.

I’m not in favor of those yes, but if you’re trying to lose weight honestly and genuinely, then hey. You won’t hear a PEEP out of me (provided you’re genuine and don’t pester me with inane rubbish of being a big guy when you’re really FAT).

The REAL BIG dudes (like my buddy from the Marines) are the FIRST to admit when they have spare tyres around their waist, and they are to be COMMENDED for their frankness and honesty!

Semper fi – – BRO!

And a very happy new Year (again) to YOU.

Yours truly – same way.

I was called “thick” when I was fat.

Maybe I was to an extent in the upper body. Well, I was strong as heck – no doubt.

But I WAS FAT as “phuck” too, hehe.

And that ain’t a good thing.

Anyway, Emma is one of those freebie seekers that occasionally pops up. Aka Christina that “has many choices for books, but yet navigates her way back to me each and every time, hehe”.

FREEEEEEEEE, I can almost hear it, and see the greedy eyes light up.

No dice tho, hehe.

But what pisses me off even more is this.

In mainland China they have this annoying ass way of doing two things.

One, sending “teaser” messages to one’s entire list to see “who responds”.

And two, sending these Merry Christmas and other seasonal greetings to EVERYONE on the list with NO thought behind it. Except “what can I get out of the next person”.

Selfish and ANNOYING to a T, but then again, thats mainland China, and curiously enough an email I recently received from a lady the Bozo has been trolling (before, at least) says even more on how FAKE and unreal the mainland is for the most part.

Like I’ve often said, a smokescreen to cover up the true filth. Some other countries are that way too, but at least with those countries, WYSIWYG.

And I’d rather that!

But anyway, when I pointed this out (waste of time I know) her reply was?

“I have many spare tyres!”



Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess that.

“If I was really a person like that, I wouldn’t have the time to reply to you”, pat came the QUICK reply.

To my reply which took more than three days, because I tend not to get on WeShat at all unless it’s for biz.

Which is going swimmingly well in all regards I might add.

Anyway, thats the tale from now.

I’m sure you understand what annoyed me about the above, and I’m sure any genuine person would be too!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the most WYSIWYG fitness system right HERE – The 0 Excuses Fitness System. Believe me, the videos will SHOW YOU. Hehe.

Ask me … and I shall listen – if you ask nicely!
- The last is KEY.

And if your query makes sense, of course.

Insane emails from Bozos claiming to be “Karl Popko” and “Edwin Barker” … ah, but let me paste what the Bozo sent me a while back –

I live in China and I be trying to get fitter than a fiddle. You a good looking guy so did you get even more womans on you trail because I need advice how to get a Orientalist wife here as I been struggling. Thanks ya, Edwin Barker

These emails have two purposes. One, to “make fun of” on this site, hehe, which I did a few months ago.

And two, to BLOCK the ip and the sender’s email address (which is usually some spammy email the Bozo cooked up).

Net result – after using the email to sell a few copies of “Pushup Central” … BLOCK!

Not to mention that Schofield couldn’t get a woman if he tried, because … well, women often want the “normal” way of doing things as opposed to the Bozo’s many strange preferences, hehe, and of course with his rants on yours truly being a super stud at pull-ups and “how many girls ask for my Wechat” … well, this was coming.

(And I’ve got private communication on this I might or might not reveal on THIS site in the future. I’ve already done it on another site, and people are having LOTS OF FUN with it, hehe. Not to mention sales be a ROARING, hehe (since that site is themed for that purpose, hehe)).

And I made fun of it.

And truth be told, I dont mind it. Send me more, hehe. Probably one of the best Christmas presents I could have asked for if you get my drift.

Anyway, idiots aside, lets move on to SERIOUS CUSTOMERS – and SERIOUS BUSINESS!

A customer who recently purchased Gorilla Grip (TIPS!) – and Gorilla Grip (The compilation!) (he was the same guy actually who sparked the idea to create a customer account for you guys which I did the same night he asked) had the follownig to ask me.

why the pullups combo is more expensive than the two separate together?

Sage question indeed, except it was expensive as I told him … ah, but let me quote part of my reply here.

Hey Panourgias

Merry Christmas, and hope this email finds you in good spirits! Hope you’re working that Gorilla Grip too, hehe.

For some reason, an email of yours from the 16th just came through – here is what you asked (the subject of the email was “pullups combo”) –

why the pullups combo is more expensive than the two separate together?


Not entirely a bad question that! The price was what it is because the OTHER books are going to be priced more “competitively” (in my opinion, at least) … and therefore the price for the compilation.

For now, the price has been reduced by a whopping $70 as part of a marketing test, so it’s actually CHEAPER now to buy the compilation as opposed to buying the two books separately.

Go HERE to get it – Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD – to SUPER STUD – WITHIN WEEKS! (0excusesfitness.com)

Now, thats the “business part of the email”.

But here’s the lessons or takeaways from this.

First, if you ask me, I’ll usually listen provided it’s a genuine request.

A while ago, a customer wanted paperbacks which I am currently ONLY doing through Amazon. However, he couldn’t afford the price (for now) – but he told me WHY – in a frank, down to earth and HONEST manner.

True son of the soil you are, John Walker!

My type of guy.

And hey, I get it.

And this isn’t all about money. IT’s about helping serious people get in the best shape of their lives.

I did up a huge discount for him – believe me, it WAS huge.

Same thing for Panourgias. Serious inquiry, past customer.

Unfortunately the email he sent on the 16th only came through YESTERDAY.

Actually it was sitting on the server. For some reason, it never downloaded …

Anyway, I responded to him. Luckily yours truly was a techie in a past life!

But if you don’t get responses from me within 24 hours at most (and usually FAR earlier) do email me DIRECTLY at my email address … should work a lot better than using the form.

But the form is great to keep the Bozos like Schofield out, hehe.

Last, but not least . . .

I have decided to go ahead and offer PAPERBACKS on the site as well!!

(Hey, I LISTEN!) 

Yes, and these paperbacks may or may not be priced the same as on Amazon.

I might actually do a bit lower – let’s see.

But either way, and just so you know, the books will come from Amazon.

Which means they’re the same as if I printed them myself – except they will be marked as “author copies” – – and they will (or should, at least) be delivered by Amazon.

And … this will work in the interim period until I finally figure out what and how many books to print on my “lonesome”, hehe.

So – there’s the news for today. Enjoy!

It will take a while to update the site to reflect these changes, but should be all done by today.

You SHOULD be able to see TWO purchase options – one for the usual digital instant download, and the other for the paperback.

When it’s all said and done, that is …

The refunds page will be updated to explain this as well.

And thats that for now.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the compilation on pull-ups right HERE. Truly an insanely LOW price that will NOT last forever!