What Bozo “jack job” (joke job) Schofield said (ranted).

Wel, well well.

This email was going to be about how a current famous personality was going to respond to my latest “CEO” posts with how “too much ado over nothing” turned a “nobody” into a “somebody”.

And I was going to say how he didnt call me a nobody, but he said the following

“He was a relative nobody before …”

Anyway, this isn’t about that person, or marketing, and this isn’t about the TWO words no-one has probably noticed in there.

And the above ain’t happened as yet, but I can look into my crystal ball that I got sitting right here on my desk that I can gaze into and say it WILL with surety.

When yours truly says something, not only does he mean it, but it DOES happen.

And the current elections and Trump having to concede eventually which is happening now, despite all the “hate” I got for simply saying that “unfortunately unless the courts are given solid proof, the election will NOT be overturned and in a democracy that is how it should happen”.

Unfortunately becaus eI’m a huge Trump supporter.

But, I must admit I’m surprised by the no proof given part especially considering Trump’s willingness to lay it all on the line otherwise …

Maybe they “did away with it all”. But I doubt that.

Anyway, this ain’t about elections either is it.

Here are some rants that the BOZO himself, the one and only BOZO Schofiled has been sending me for some time now.

(Note – some of it isn’t suitable for public consumption, so I’ve left it out. Some of it is more suited to an adult fetish site than anything else, so I haven’t. You’ll see which is which!”

Oh and John, you’ll love this, hehe. He truly IS a “cretin” as you rightly said and would never dare of saying stuff like this to anyone to the face, let alone yours truly “highly charged at all times and RARING to go!”

(Note that these rants came through in “bits and pieces” at the time, seemingly random, seemingly disconnected from each other … which figures eh. Hehe).

(Yours truly has posted his comments in BOLD).

Kindly remove the posts saying I am a racist, drug dealing person


Kindly” show me where I posted anything like that. All I did was refuse your invitation to “be friends again” and your meaningless and HOLLOW apology, but really, I dont recall posting the above anywhere except in your (likely) drug fueled imagination running wild…

(I mean, really. Even those on this list not familiar with the Bozo know very well I’ve got plenty of other things to do and places to be than rant about lunatics with no hope).

who stalked Kate and cheated Charlie Bandana the third.

Well, you DID. And “Charlie Bandana the third”, as you say, is the man that told me (and so did you in one of your drunken rants). And if you want proof, there is plenty, but I REALLY, REALLY doubt you want that stuff out there.

(For referene, K is “Bandana”’s “SO)

I did not create the memes about you

Of course you did. Now, you sent them to Charles before you sent them to me, true. IT’s also true I wasn’t overly happy about the latter not telling me you did that, but it’s also EQUALLY true I dont hold it against him. Not everyone has time to waste on troll lowlife losers….

(I do, but I’m making money off it, hehe).

nor make you lose jobs

Jobs? I worked a job?

because you’re not really from Arkansas.

Now this is news to me! Gotta use an emoticon! 😂

(Though I DO love the Grand Canyon!).

They simply didn’t like you.

My tears done filled the very canyon I spoke about …

I don’t supply drugs, wasn’t deported nor threatened with execution.


I’m studying at Oxford and starting another business. Charles Mitchell and I are good mates. Take care.

Can we magnify this smiley? 😂 (The bozo has been reading the testimonials, so he knows…Hehe).

I was legal in China unlike you and Roya.

Thats news to me. Coming from someone that routinely overstayed his visas from what I heard…

I had jobs at universities and even for a wealthy man to get his children into a top British private school.

Now he’s right there. He was a highly (everything is relative) paid monkey at a mansion for a while. Yes. (dont know about Univs tho, unless you count the “degree mills” out there in which case YES). 

I worked for charities too and I was on TV and movies too.


As for your lover Roya

rotflmao. Who on earth is “Roya” anyway?

I gave her £2,000 to help her. Why would I troll her?

Well, I dont know, man. Only you do! I do know you need to return that 2000 GBP back to Charles who very kindly after the NUMEROUS times you stole from him and screwed him over was still enough of a “big man” to forgive and forget and send your ass packing back to the UK lest you got thrown in jail. . .

Nobody dislikes you because you’re ugly, they dislike you because

you’re dangerous.

….again, the jury’s OUT. LOL.

Please provide the evidence I’m involved in drugs or that I hit on Kate. That was you in DG when she decided she hated you.

True it was in DG, and she likely decided before that too. Boo hoo!

But really, to be fair, I highly doubt she ever hated or “loved” me. She didnt agree with my lifestyle, but 99.9999999% of the populace doesnt either, including most of my own family, so I really dont see how that “sets her apart” or whatever…

Charlie Mitchell never said I did anything wrong to anyone.

Seems the drugs are really starting to take effect. Hallucinations are common on the big K for one …

I win awards for charity work whereas you do F All.


You pathetic little cuckold so be a man for once in your sad little existence. How dare a person like you slander someone like me?

Your truly – This from the guy who (the last sentences) was explained the meaning of the word “cuck” several times, along with the “Chuck” you’re referring to. Hehe.

But really.

He ranted later about proof. Do I write books on “cucks”? Well, the jury is OUT on that one!

But even if I did, so what?

Is there a law against that and/or making as much dough as youc an off various sources?

I highly doubt it, hehe.

What the Bozo really means is he’s a cuck with “wierd” fetishes and fantasies, and what the Bozo doesnt know is I’ve got tons of proof to back this up. And I WILL post that proof here if the Bozo doesnt stop “as he says later” mentioning me (or actually, you’re free to do so Sco. Just stop emailing me,and I’ll probably call it quits anyway! Hehe regardless of the other stuff).

As Chuck said you are just jealous because of everyone who makes it in China. Chuck hates you, Kate too.

Did “Chuck” say that? Knowing him, I highly doubt he did .. but again, proof please?

Everyone you’ve sucked ass and then betrayed hates you.

Sounds like the Bozo is writing about himself. If there is ONE line that describes this guy Glyn Schofield to a T, it is that.

You are a typical beta cuckold and we know you write books on it.


Chuck hates you. Kate hates you. Glen too. Charles. The gorilla. The marine. The high powered lawyer.

…. Actually, a ton of people other than gorillas, marines and high powered lawyers hate me. The latter two categories actually like me way more than they like many others, hehe. I ain’t sure about the gorilla – you’ll have to have a little chat wit him to ascertain this – but yeah. Like I’ve said before, that long list of names I’ve been called is almost at a 1000 right about NOW … 😉

Nobody buys your books, you have 4 followers- one is me, the other Chuck, the other you, the other a shell account.

This “Chuck” doesnt even have Twitter. Hehe.

You have no friends, no life, your wife is sick of you bullying her into English.

Last I knew, my “wife” was very happy to freely admit she isn’t the best at English, but excellent of other languages. And the last I asked her, she wanted me to help her improve her English to the point that I was sending her HW assignments to do as well. Hehe.

Chuck told me all. I have your number and address so if you don’t stop acting trolly, Rahul I will be laying hands on you and fuking you up, stay safe fugly.

Now, that is good to KNOW! I dont have a trolly though to put you in and send you straight back – grade A post to the looney tune bin you recently escaped from …

And from someone who claimed the exact opposite on Amazon UK (that he supposedly emailed me for a refund, and I threatened him).

Am I amazon now? LOL again.

I will be a £millionaire by age 40 and can prove this whereas there is no evidence you’ve ever sold a single book.

Please do, hehe.

Actually I purchased one for my gf but she hates it.

Hence Amazon shows his idiocy I wrote about earlier (last week) as “unverified purchases”.

Please stop writing about me and get a gorilla grip, otherwise myself, Chuck and others will be paying you a visit

Bring the beer!

I am presently in a private hospital following an assault and robbery. I will mention your blog which is the reason I’m being targeted (saying I paid my way out of execution for example.)

Please advise wher eI said you paid your way out of anything .This Bozo is one who even his closest friends know NEVER pays for anything – and thus I was advised never to “go out with Glyn”, because he will NEVER EVER pay. I didnt follow the advice, and guess what. I was the one that paid the bill while the Bozo scooted off someplace to “ostentibly find an ATM” or some rubbish.

Never an ATM around is there. 😉

As for being “targeted” as “Chuck” himself said. PRobably someone got REAL tired of his nonsense … 

And like some of the staff on another company I’m hosting with recently said ..

I can see you never have a dull moment in your life!”

I dont, hehe.

Alright, my friend. SO thats that on the Bozo. More later! 😉


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – to the Bozo himself, if you think I’m done with ya, nah. Not even started bro. As I like to say, and as several of your own “friends” (so you think) told me what I know already – Hide your strength, bide your time.

(that is also another saying from the one and ONLY Chinese leader I even admire despite his numerous faults).

PS #2 – Here is where you can pick up Pushup Central. The Bozo left a comment on Amazon UK to the tune of

“A book on just pushups. Really. How boring!”

And that says it all. I gotta use that emoticon again! 😂

PPS – But bozos DO have their uses. Not only are they great for practically minting money (dont ask – a whole different topic other than fitness there!) -on auto pilot at that – but I also learned how to “quote” via keyboard shortcut today … hehe.