Coming down from the HIGH …

May sound like an interesting thing to say.

But in reality, what I BE Talking about is nothing as remotely interesting as the word “high” probably conjures up to you though.

It is for me though … and I dont know about you, but two nights (and days of) high energy WORK (and little else, other than mild workouts and walks) that resulted in Jump Rope Mania on this site, another one (brand new manual on something entirely unrelated, but definitely something that gives you a massive and lasting HIGH) on another, and a compilation on that site as well … gave me a massive high.

Yesterday afternoon, I still remember it.

So “rigid” was I while writing that my traps seemed to solidify in that position!

But I shook things out later, of course.

But thats the high. And three courses later, I’m coming “down” from it.

And today will likely be a RELAXED day on ALL Fronts. Perhaps I’ll do some walking and jumping rope, but that will be that.

Of course, when I say that will be that, thats for me.

For yours truly, 500 of anything isn’t that hard …

But what I’ve put out in Jump Rope Mania? Believe me, if you do ONE workout from the workouts at the end of the book, you’ll get a natural high that will LAST for days.

My euphoria is STILL there from the tough, tough workout I did a couple of days ago.

And if you mix in Animal Kingdom Workouts, a course I VERY HIGHLY recommend for ALL OF YOU into TOUGH workouts, then hey – thats more “spice” to the “food” basically.

Jump on both of these now, my friend. Truly worth it!

And I’ll ponder my next “offering” as it were. Hehe.


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – Other than isometrics, if there is any other course you guys would like to see – shoot me an email and we’ll see what we can do!