On “expertly” transferring the weight, and thereabouts!

I was writing about some very profound things in a NEW book on a different site.

And I had the most profound idea … suddenly.

As I watched a stubborn door being opened by a simple “push up” and transfer of weight (you know how it is when these old doors get stuck, don’t you? – especially the sliding sort) … I had this idea.

And I remembered how it worked when I’ve myself hoisted heavy stuff of any nature …

And I remembered how those guys moved the grandfather sofa wayyyy back in the day!

And I remembered, as well that … most injuries in the gym are caused by two things.

One, lifting weights in UNNATURAL manners, and the wrong way.

And TWO, doing so in improper form.

The deadlift, for one is an exercise that is insane in terms of how it places stress on the lower back.

And what compounds the issue is guys trying to add more and more weight on to the bar when they’re not ready for it, and dont have the overall body strength to boot.

Lifting anything is NOT just a matter of “arm strength”!

It’s a matter of CORE strength more than anything else.

Try lifting a heavy massive rock and/a beer barrel, and you’ll quickly learn the truism of power being transferred from the CORE and legs!

I still remember it though … I was trying to lift a massive gas cylinder up to to an equally massive ledge back in the day (this was in 2014, I believe).

It was a cold, cold day.

The metal of the cylinder stood out. The harsh metal handles that were thick, and yet not thick enough to really grab!

It had to be put on the top shelf. Which meant lifting it and then hoisting it – and the final part done with mostly fingers for support.

And the ease with which I did it stunned even myself if I might say so!

I was heavily into Hindu squats at the time, and it seemed like NOTHING to me to lift off the ground with LEGS AND CORE, and transfer that power to the upper body, and then voila – as my wife looked on unbelievingly, it was DONE!

THAT is how you lift weights, my friend.

And I’ve never been to the gym, but I know how to do.

Because bodyweight exercises done right TEACH you so much more than to just handle your own bodyweight in all angles and awkard directions, which by itself is tough enough.

They teach you how to transfer POWER and BREATHE right while doing so.

They tell you that “no weight is impossible to budge”.

They build the requisite GRIP strength and CORE strength to boot!

And so much more, my friend. So much more!

Hindu squats. Handstand pushups. Pull-ups. All about EFFICIENT transfer of POWER, done over an ove ragain!

And thats what I gotta tell you for now. I’m back to work on the other book, and I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Jumping rope is a great way not just to burn fat, but also to build overall body awareness and TRANSFER OF POWER ability from your legs to your upper body. You’ll see what I mean you when you get on the workouts in Jump Rope Mania! . Grab this course now – you’ll love it!

PS #2 – More fitness courses to come out shortly – stay TUNED.