Well, we did it …again!

A course that has been in the offing for ages now is finally live -that being JUMP ROPE MANIA!

Go HERE to check it out, my friend.

Next one in line is the book on isometrics, but it’s going to have an unique twist. Not for me the simple “dig your heels in HARD” (like Balaam’s ass, lol) nonsense you see everywhere.

(It’s not nonsense, not at all, but it’s run of the mill, and I dont put out run of the mill stuff. I want to add an unique twist to it, so I will – be on the outlook for that next most likely!).

And thats that for this one.

After nary but two hours of sleep last night, I’m exhausted, so Im off to take a walk and de-computer a bit, hehe.

Ill be back soon with more though! 😉


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Those of you that took the initiative to email me should have your coupon codes in a seperate email!

PS #2 – HERE is the link again for Jump Rope Mania – truly the best course out there on jumping rope, and those workouts WILL kick your RUMPUS!