Jump rope … MANIA!

Big, big news from yours truly.

Jump rope mania as it were, and as I got done doing variations of jumpng rope that I do normally, but upped it several antes, I gotta write to you about this.

One, because that new book I’m talking about WILL BE reality soon, and you know when yours truly says something, he does it.

And I cannot say when, but it will happen – that is for sure!

If you want to place “pre orders” for me, by all means email me and we’ll see what we can do, as I’ll try and figure out a discount or something for you somehow IN ADVANCE.

But that aside, oh boy!

My legs are sore. Calves and ASS especially – these variations really tax the GLUTES!

And they’re like NOTHING out there. NOTHING is being taught like this, especially not the way I do ’em!

And 3000 felt evern better today.

Actually it was probably around 3100. But whose counting!

But anyway, you might be asking, “so what”.

Is this even more “advanced” will be the next question than your normal stuff.

Well, fear not friend.

ALL these variations are things YOU TOO can do – and (practically speaking) – FAT WILL FLY off thy body at RECORD Speeds if you do ’em!

You need to get good at teh basics first, yes.

But thats not nearly as tough as you’d think!

And I’ll lay it all out for you, including workouts that while are advanced, you can do, and that will kick your BOOTUS from here to KINGDOM come within the space of a few minutes, and that will be ALL you need to do to burn fat the rest of your life!

Trust me on this one.

Such a solid workout did I have that yours truly’s grip started to fail around 25 pull-ups afterwards!

Granted, those were super tough and for a change I did grip work first.

But still, if yours truly feels like this, then …

I finished off with Animal Kingdom Workouts – TWO exercises from it.

Forgot the handstands, but I’ll be doing those soon!

And right now, my friend, THIS is what I gotta talk to you about . Stay tuned for more!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I know not when the new course will be out, but I’m assuming pretty soon!

PPS – Be sure and pick up the best course on pushups (I did another advanced version today that I wrote to you about in the last email HERE – and get cracking on that version, my friend. Core of steel and grip of Cain!

PPS – Believe me, the benefits of this are MENTAL as well. You won’t believe how fresh you feel (I had an IRRITATING day today to say the least, and I’m fresh as a DAISY NOW) after you do these! Jumping rope is great not just for fat loss, but also co-ordination, dexterity and GRIP. And you’ll literally be burning new neurons into your brain as you train this way. Stay POSTED!

(And if all the above benefits aren’t enough for you, I dont know what else to tell you except you ain’t got a pulse. Unsubscribe then, hehe. Really).

(And believe me, the way to advance to anything is NOT by doing the same ole same ole. I’ve said it. Mike Mahler has said it. Matt Furey has said it. Everyone with any common sense knows this. Do something tougher always – keep challenging yourself – that is the real KEY!).


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