Brute, raw, bulldozer like STRENGTH ..

That folks can’t argue with.

You know how it goes, don’t you?

The “he’s a solid character” comments! Or look! (with people looking from a distance, nodding approvingly, with THAT look in their eyes. Those shoulders, they’re saying!).

I still remember a hilarious incident that occured way back in the day when I was doing pull-ups (at a weight less than optimal) and some moron was pestering me about buying the latest something.

I hollered at him finally, but he didnt get the picture.

Another guy took him aside.

“Let him be”, he advised. “Or Rambo will come aloose!”

And he might well have, hehe.

But the point begets.

In China, I’ve often spoken about the “da xing xing” chants when yours truly starts SWINGING himself across the monkey bars two at a time, and won’t stop for seemingly hours.

It’s not hours of course. But to the average person, a few minutes of doing this feels like an eternity because guess what – it builds corresponding GRIP and shoulders power that few other exercises can – and b) because most adults can’t even hang on to the pull-up bar for any length of time, let alone do THESE.

And sad part?

Virtually ANYONE can do this kiddie – or ape like exercise – and develop the POWER I speaketh of.

That BRUTE, RAW, BULLDOZER like upper body power and a lean streamlined midsection that even the pumpers and toners at the gym want …

(Da Xing Xing means “Gorilla” in English).

And it’s not just fitness.

Ever come across a man (or woman) who “sweeps you off your feet with the sheer force of their personality” for instance?

I bet you have.

Again, same thing, and you cannot argue with this my friend.

Back to fitness – and exercise.

Though ALL the exercises I do and advise will build strength and conditoning in a way few others can – here are a few “eye poppers” – and believe me, YOU, the average adult CAN do ’em – which is why I put ’em out !

If I really wanted ADVANCED, I’d be putting out courses on muscles ups and advanced isometrics, which I might well do anyway.

Yes, I know the average person thinks these exercises (the ones I’m talking about now) are advanced.

They might seem so.

But follow my instructions, and they won’t be!

Here they are in no particular order –

Pull-ups – done right! Do i need to say more? One set after the other, smooth as butter …

Handstand pushups – if there ever was an exercise that will make folks jaws drop in ENVY, including the bazillion pound bench press addicts, THIS is it!

NOTHING compares to handstand pushups done right!

The “extended arm” pushup I teach in Pushup Central. – Just GETTING into this position is tough, let alone doing pushups in sets from that position!

… and those are just three off the top of my head. There are pleny more, my friend. PLENTY more!

But the above three make a good start.

And if those, along with a decent lower body program are all you focused on for the rest of your life, you’d need NOTHING else for the upper body – and you’d build brute strength of the nature few men – or women – have.

You’d become an ANIMAL.

The king of the jungle.

Quite truly!

Don’t waste a minute now, my friend. Hop on over here, and pick up them courses I speaketh so highly of. You will never regret it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Check out the reviews on 0 Excuses Fitness too – truly amazing !

PS #2- Yours truly is “advanced”, but he still does these all the time. Think about THAT!


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