The power of a FOCUSED mind!

This morning I woke up feeling somewhat …

I dont know the term for it, to be honest!

Wasn’t run down. Wasn’t exhausted. Wasn’t tired. Wasn’t irritated. Wasn’t really anything except …

.. but for those that live int he flow, you’ll know what I mean when I say “something was off”.

Something WAS off!

I’m not sure what it was. But as I proceeded with my day, minor annoyances began to creep into my mind.

Annoyances that in the grand scheme of things are NOTHING to be honest.

And that I’d normally just ignore.

Not that I’d “want” them. I’d acknowledge them, and move on, but not today.

(And there, my friends, I’ve given you a HUGE tip on success at anything – see if you can find it!).

And this didnt go away, despite conscious efforts to focus my mind.

So I did what I do best – and enjoy the most.

Turned off the lights in my cave.

Switched on my meditation routine.

And within less than 5 minutes I feel … DIFFERENT!

The annoyances are still there. I can “feel” them even more, and yet even less, if that makes any sense.

The power of a calm mind, my friend, cannot be overestimated.

Boddhidharam, that great spreader of Buddhism in China (he came from India obviously) was reported to have started at a blank wall for EIGHT years without moving. He reportedly even cut off his eyelids so he could meditate without “falling asleep!”

I’ve got no idea if this is true, but some of it, in fact a lot of it, might be!

I’ve head about Japaenese monks that run marathons where (and belive me, they ain’t easy – try running barefoot up mountains for years upon years in forests infested with snakes and such – for one!) … if they dont complete it, they (reportedly) have to commit suicide (and they carry a knife with them for this purpose!).

That part does seem to be true from what I read on the Internet.

Now, I’m not saying you do something that extreme. I don’t, and wouldn’t!

But these secret meditation techniques I use are so powerful that they literally have the power to make what you really, really want inyour life manifest right there in front of you, IF and only IF you’re open to not just it, but the process!

And if you are, you’ll notice not just miracles occuring, but a calmer and better life overall (assuming thats what you want, hehe – some don’t apparently!).

I reveal ALL in my one on one coaching sessions on this front, so if you’re interested, apply right here (but no, it ain’t “cheap” – but yeah – it WILL give you – like all my PRODUCTS – way more value than what you paid for!) …

And last, but not least, remember that while mind rules all, the body needs to be taken care of.

Forget the buffoons who tell you to (as one did me) “train the mind” when you’re doing pull-ups, for instance!

Without a healthy and strong body (from the inside out), your mind power will be diminished.

I won’t say it won’t be there. Several men (Churchill for one) have moved mountains while living a very unhealthy lifestyle.

Yours truly did for a while in the past too.

But exceptions to the rule, and “exceptional cases” are one thing – for the most part, get on a decent fitness system my friend.

Take care of your mind – and body – both – equally!

And the results will nigh surprise you.

Alright, my brother (or sistah, hehe). I’m out. Back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The other site is UP!!!! Has been for a couple of days, actually …

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