No personal bests!

Something so incredible happened that I had to stop my workout and write to you about it.

Without glasses. Bathed in sweat, or almost!

And that being, the motto of my workout today mentally.


And as I kept repeating this to myself, miraculously or not you ask?

I shot past one personal best and then the other – not in terms of reps so much as time my friend.

The human mind performs best when it’s not under stress, despite what the so called gurus tell you. Sure, when it gets tough, the tough get going, but not in a stress filled manner.

The body is the same, and is it any conincidence that I felt the words “relax!” sinking through my arms, shoulders, everything as I kept jumping rope seemingly non stop?

I think NOT.

And I discovered another great “criss cross” variation on jumping rope that NO-ONE out there is teaching, and that I’ve taught my private students with great success.

Think a rope jumping version o fthe “clock” pull-ups I teach you in the advanced course, and even I’m feeling it right now.

But really, my friend.

This above stuff applies to life, business, everything you do.

Do it stress free, and watch your results flow.

Now, I’m in a hurry to go to pull-ups!

So I will expound more on this later, but for now, an incredibly powerful visualization technique I used which worked wonders for me in the past when I was fat?

Is to literally think and feel the flab stripping off the areas wher eI put it in on the first, that being the waist.

I dont have this now, of course, but I thought it anyway!

Let’s see if it gets my obliques in even better shape. IT will – that I know!

And I’m out – for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – You’ll understand what I mean by “feeling the fat melt off” once you get on the Advanced Hill Training techniques!