Why I always do my STRENGTH training first as opposed to conditioning

So, I’ve written about this before haven’t I.

And I’ve done it both ways, of course.

I usually do my strength training first for the most part, and then conditioning (overall speaking).

But I’ve done it the other way around, andwith great results too.

But today, the thought struck me that conditoning is really more “stamina” as opposed to “pure strength”.

And pure strength ain’t what my training is about, my friend.

Ever noticed that running or pounding the pavement becomes doubly hard after doing a 0 Excuses workout, for one?

Ever noticed, for one, that pull-ups are easy to do FIRST but sprinting becomes tough later, while the other way is not necessarily true?

Well it’s because of this – the STRENGTH training and 0 Excuses Fitness stuff aint just strengh ttraining my friend.

It’s strength and CONDITIONING. It’s training from the inside out!

And it trains every part of the body, and leaves you spent – in a good way!

The only piece of training that I know so far that bucks this logic is CLIMBING hills, or walking them.

Not running, or sprinting.

But simply walking hills is an unique strength – cum – conditioning workout nothing else can give you and that is why I’ve devoted an entire chapter to this in 0 Excuses Fitness.

Really. It’s that good!

And of course, you on this list know WHY.

But anyway, to finish off – and again. Variety my friend.

And what I shoudl have said in the last email is this – that “taking a few days off won’t make much of a difference if you’re doing it right”.

I don’t mean doing nothing.


But there are those, for instance, that start to make progress at PULL-UPS, for one, and are afraid to back off, thinking their gains will go down the toilet if they work on other exercises a while.

Banish that mentality my friend. If you’re doing it right – it ain’t gonna happen.

If anything, it will IMPROVE your gains as I just wrote about.

And now that I’m done saying that – well – off to the showers with me.BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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