Working out every THREE days

This might come across as a bit of shock to some of you – actually, it probably will!

The dude that rants about working out everyday, doing something daily – and (and I do it too these days) – doing something TWICE a day if possible (make it possible, bro!).

I’ve even written about training hard THREE times a day, which I’ve done as well.

But anyway, flashback to 2010 I believe it was.

I think so, or perhaps 2011. It was after I put Fast and Furious Fitness out though (collector’s item right now, and one of the very rare cases in which yours truly physically stocks books!) – in which I said the following.

And rightfully so . . .

“Sprints are the Mecca and Medina of leg training”.

No, no, no. I’m not religious.

But what I said up there is TRUE.

While Hindu squats are one of the best ways to train the legs, and jumping rope is a superlative exercise everyone should do regularly, and while there are OTHER superlative exercises – nothing really beats sprints – or hill sprints in terms of sheer PACE and conditioning.

And muscle!

And REAL strength all over your body.

You’ll truly be strong as a horse if you do these!

And back in the day, I took this truism to heart too literally.

I was doing them in the park outside one fine day after two days of hard workouts (and this was when I wasn’t near as in shape as I am now!).

And suddenly, I felt something “snap” in my calf.

And the inner thigh twinge.

But the calf was painful!

I limped back to the car somehow.

Somehow engaged the clutch etc, and drove home.


I still remember staggering back home and the wife looking at me with that expression.

“You’ve injured yourself again!”

(And this was BEFORE the years I really picked up some serious injuries. Hehe. That THUMB injury remains the worst and most painful by far, and today? I can’t even feel it!).

Anyway, I took off work for a few days. Yippe. Hated the job anyway. Got canned shortly thereafter. Hehe.

All works out for th ebetter!

But anyway, lesson to be learnt here is this.

If you’re sprinting, even if you can’t go all out when you start – you do NOT do these daily!

And I believe I’ve said this many times in Advanced Hill Training.

And all my emails on sprints.

You do NOT – I repeat NOT – regardless of how much of an ironman you are, sprint hills daily!

Or sprint on flat land for that matter.

You could climb hills daily, yes. But even that can be tiring, but sprinting all out daily?

First off, you won’t recover. Your gains will slow down and you’ll go BACKWARDS instead of forwards.

Perhaps if you’re doing nothing but working out like I did for a few months in 2017 when I wrote all these books, your body can handle it, but even in that case – it will get “old” soon.

(“its your life! All you do is workout!” Remember that comment, hehe).

“Burning the candle at both ends” in some ways I was at that point …

But anyway … YES.

If you’re doing Advanced Hill Training, you do NOT do these daily if you’re the regular person and even if youre not!

Unless you want to pick up injuries and slow your gains down.

And while it might not feel like it, your body will repair itself during the break – and you’ll come back stronger than ever, hehe.

This isn’t an excuse to be lazy by the way.

On your days off, you do SOMETHING.

Could be pushups (the easy stuf perhaps)?

Could be walks, or swims. Point being, you do SOMETHING.

Active recovery as I keep talking about is key, my friend.

And if you’re truly crazy, well do your sprints “one day on, one day off” if you reall yhave to (but make sure to warm up etc well before!).

Anyway, thats that for now. One of my other “injuries”: when I was a lard ass was when my right foot mysteriously bloated up to THREE times it’s size with “fluid”.

The good Doctor that looked at it wouldn’t even touch it, such a good Doc he was. Much like Uncle Bob who once went to an Indian doctor with the flu, and she turned away as soon as he approached so as to (in her own words) “not get it”.

Gotta love people, eh.

Anyway, I’m out. Back soon with more!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – You SHOULD pick up Advanced Hill Training – truly the best course to burn fat at warp speeds (and no youdon’t need hills for it either! But it’s good i fyou have ’em).


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