Why customers like Charles Mitchell … ROCK!

In one word – yes.

And it’s not just him – it’s ALL of you here on the list (the REAL “core” bunch of engaged 0 Excuses fanatics, hehe).

And ALL my regular and repeat customers.

You guys – all ROCK.

YES – I LOVE my list!

And jumping into it, here is what Charles (and I’m sure he needs no introduction to ya’ll here on the list) had to say in response to my reecnt email about not trying to convince those who never will be anyway.

i.e. You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. My daugher did a take on this with an “ox” – which was rather unique too. Hehe.

(And then called me a buffalo. Long story, but those two days I mentioned earlier of overeating … and the email I then sent out on “gorging like a buffalo”) … uggggggh.


Anyway, here is what he said.

The problem simply is that the workouts and exercises you promote are HARD!

And most people really don’t want to work that hard so they would rather throw on some light weight and pump and tone rather than work up a sweat. The people who you appeal to are more hardcore more purposeful in their goals which is a much smaller segment of the population.

I mean really, how many people can do handstand pushups at all? You see my point. So don’t get frustrated. If you want to appeal to a broader range of people , then change to easier exercises but then that will fundamentally change who you are!

And my response below –

Hey Buddy –

Nice to hear back from you – I was actually thinking of you the other day! 😉

How’s it going on the fingertip pushups – do let me know. 😉

Yes, you’re dead on RIGHT in terms of appealing to a small minority (and rightfully so). That is who I’ve always been, and how I’ll always be, because (as you say) it’s about staying true to who one is – – and really, the tough stuff gets RESULTS!

And yeah – no point getting frustrated – I do on occasion, but I talk to YOU GUYS on my list, and immediately feel better. Thanks for your reply buddy – it is much appreciated!

LEt me know how things are going for you. Oh, and since you bought my books off Amazon etc – please DO leave some honest and genuine reviews on some of the books – much appreciated again! 😉

(Not sure if you got an email I sent out on reviews – but if we i.e. the genuine folks out there don’t leave reviews, then the “Bozo” trolls will – so in that regard – yeah – do leave a review or two when you get time – much appreciated!)


Rahul Mookerjee

Now, there’s three things I want to “touch upon” in this here email for those reading it.

First, what he said about handstand pushups is right. As Charles once remarked, being called Mr. HandStand pushup is somethign to be proud of, as it’s probably just 0.1% of the population or less than that that can actually DO THEM.

And this brings me to my latter two points.

First, it’s sad.

ANYONE, even someone with crappy genetics like yours truly can do – and master (or get damn close to it) – handstands and handstand pushups if they TRY.

The key is though – being willing to put in the hard yards.

And Charles is right in that the majority of puffers and buffers out there aren’t willing to do that (hence some of the idiotic crybaby rant like responses I get to some of my stuff).

And thats fine.

That is NOT who 0 Excuses Fitness is for anyway, and really, that part should be crystal clear.

(Oddly enough though these nuts seek me out. I must be doing something right! Hehe. Let’s face it … we ALL want to do handstand pushups in sets for one!).

But translating wants into DO is another story altogether.

It requires focus and gumption as Charles said!

And again, if someone wants, these attributes are as easily obtained – or INSTILLED – via the right mental conditioning I speak about so often.

Key of course is being open to it.

And last, but not least – and perhaps the most important.

What he said about fundamentally changing who I am.

NUMEROUS attempts have been made since the age of 4 or 5 to do exactly that, and EVERY TIME, I’ve rebelled against it.

(As my buddy from the Marines told me – “it might not be the most “sensible” (logically speaking) thing to do” – but thats YOU!)

Someone once told me I coul dhave a much “easier life” if I “got along” with my family and ditched my “caveman like” ways.

He’s right.

I would.

And I’d also become part of the very people that I do NOT want to become like (the mentality I despise) that being “settling for second best” and “killing off any and all ambition to fit in with the crowd”.

(Especially if I actively joined in and took sides in the past (well, I did to an extent, but …) in terms of the usual “Mother-in-law” and “wife” arguments that occur all the time – and that my own Dad seems to be happy dealing with. Ugggggggh. NOT FOR ME!)

(When it happens now, I just let the two of them holler at me. In the past I used to holler back, but all so much energy wasted that could be used for more and better productive and creative purposes!).

Has it been an easy path? Is it easy?

Much like the workouts I promote – NO.

But it’s worth it in SPADES to me – and it’s the path I recommend we all take. The Creator made us all unique (no I’m not religious, so you can insert “Universe” in there) – not a bunch of “sheep” to be led to the proverbial slaughter.

And the sooner we all realize that the better!

In the meantime, yours truly will continue on his hermit like ways, sitting in his dark “room” pounding out emails like this to you before his workout, or after, or both.

And thats how I like it. And THAT, my friend is truly the hallmark of a successful biz if you think about it.

CAN you run a biz on your OWN Terms?

CAN you be a one man show and still do it? (as a friend remarked in a not so nice manner once “you’re a one man show, Rahul! What do you know?”).


What do I know, hehe.

And thats that from yours truly -for now. Back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Charles is no doubt working HARD on them pushups as we speak – get the course – and join him in trying to eventually outdo yours truly – and I hope he – and y’all – DO – as thats the entire point of all this – to get y’all int he best damned shape of your life – unapolegetically – with ZERO EXCUSES! 😉

PS #2 – Those that truly WANT something will find a way. Believe me now and trust me later- it is TRUE.


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