Why I abhor and avoid social media like the PLAGUE …

And my dislike of it keeps getting worse.

A buddy recently asked me in that regard if I “miss it”.

“You’re missing it”, he said, due to my recent absence on social sh-media.

And no, I wasn’t missing it at all. I was enjoying it!

Yours truly admittedly “anti social” to most but the most “they get it” types – and other cavemen sorts (and the women too, hehe) … HATES social media.

Well, hate is perhaps too strong a word, but the point begets. I steer clear most of th etime.

Having been doing so for most of the time I’v ebeen on it.

And this year has been a landmark year for me in MANY regards, and oddly enough in the above regard too.

And letting go of social media is one huge reason. Other than a bit of marketing I do on there, I do NOTHING virtually there (unless it’s a reasoned discussion I want to particpate in, and those times are few and far in between to be honest).

But reall,y why you might ask.

Well, it’s obvious to those on my list.

But inane videos. Inane discussions and endless likes or not on what “she ate today for supper”.

Your dogs prancing around the place.

The latest on the one and only Pres Trump …

And so forth.

All things that don’t really matter at the end of teh day and that you have no control over.

Not to mention endless political discussions and debates on some of the social media groups. UGH!

I wonder where these people get the time.

More to the point (and this right here is a very powerful SECRET) I wonder if these people ever thought of discussing stuff like this with the world in a way that improves their own life.

Regretfully, in the vast majority of cases the answer is hell no.

Thats fine.

To each his own.

But for me, here’s the point.

It’s something I’ve said before a lot of times and it bears repeating, that friends and family are often the biggest source of energy leaks – and astoundingly enough, NOT done in a conscious manner.

They do it subconsciously without being AWARE of it.

This alone may enrage many people, but it’s TRUE.

The “crabs in a bucket” mentality has a tendency to settle down in one’s mind if one doesnt consciously think POSITIVE thoughts all the time my friend.

Thats just how human beings are. As Napoleon Hill rightly said in Think and Grow Rich, the average person knows a bazillion reasons as to why “the thing CANNOT be done” as opposed to the one reason it CAN be done (and should be done).


And the same thing holds true for the category above in the vast majority of cases.

Not all.

For instance, Dejon, a friend on my list (and NOT A CUSTOMER as yet) who “digs my writing” often calls me a “busy man”.

And he’s dead on right.

Do I agree with him on everything?

No. Most notably his statement about “bodyweight being good for when you can’t visit the gym”.

Although in all fairness, the positive stuff he said about bodyweight stuff getting you “fit as heck” makes me think he meant it otherwise (from what it sounds).

He trains in a manner somewhat different to me, but not really if you look at it.

REAL strongman training, the kind they did in the ole days.

And being yours truly does REAL bodyweight training, the kind done in the Army, Special Forces, by elite athletes and so forth, and done back in the day by any real strongman (or yore) – well – that makes us kindred spirits. (that and the fact he doesnt waste his precious time on Bozos either, hehe).

Good man, and one that gets it.

But the vast majority of people out there do NOT get it.

‘Tis how it is, my friend.

Though people don’t realize it the “how dare he climb out of the bucket” mentality is at play for most people when they see someone truly “on the road to success”.

And making it.

And if it’s a friend, that “how dare he be different” amplifies itself – big time.

Diss me later, and believe me NOW, it’s true.

And there it is, my friend.

We truly ARE the sum of the people we hang out with the most.

And for me, usually, that is either zero, or people that truly GET IT.

And people that “if they can’t say it in writing”, they probably don’t want to say it AT ALL.

Such as it goes, my friend.

Some important lessons right here … see if you can pick ’em up!

And once you do so, remember to pick up the BEST damned fitness system out there by a long, long shot – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Ill be there to welcome you ABOARD!


Rahul Mookerjee