The power hours, and the power of DREAMS

And I dont just mean dreams as in “what you want to achieve”

Those if harnessed right are nigh powerful indeed by themselves, and much like my fingers flying over the keyboard in utter darkenss right now (while it’s broad daylight outside) – WILL be accomplished no matter what.

NO FORCE on Earth can stop a man that has truly made up his mind – on ANYTHING.

Now, whether or not you agree or not is a different story.

And whether or not you use the “force within” for good or evil is a different story as well …

But point being?

Well, lets get to the less esoteric part ofthis first.

The power hours.

In ancient Chinese “Taoism” and even probably Hindu texts etc, the hours between 11 – 1 (either in the afternoons, or the early AM) are known as the power hours (I’m using my own term here, but you get the drift).

ANYTHING you do within these two hours gives you DOUBLE the benefit.

If you work out within these two hours for one, you get TWO hours worth for benefit for ONE hour of working out.

(Is it any surprise most of these books were written either during that time or in the early AM or the fact that my best – very best- gains came from working out at this time)?

I think not.

If you read or meditate between these two hours, same thing.

If you love, or make it … hehe, well, I won’t go there, but the point stands.

And it can be proven.

Now, on to other dreams.

It’s no secret that I mention visitations in my dreams, some so real I can FEEL the people next to me when I wake up.

Quite literally.

And it’s usually not eerie at all, contrary to what you might think. It’s just a “he was here” or “someone was HERE!” feeling, but it’s a good feeling, or neutral if I might say so.

Henry Ford I believe it was visited me early on this year in May, but for what, I have no idea.

I wasn’t dreaming anything specific (well, we dream anyway – but I didnt remember the dream).

But yet, he came, and I can still remember the feeling when I woke up.

Someone was THERE. And it was Ford, and Ford has visited me in this manner on many an occasion my friend.

And the most recent occurence was SCARY.

A “turgid” dream (turbulent) …

And at the end of it all (btw, Bozo Scofield played ah uge part in that dream, hehe) – a HAG showed up.

A vicious hag – the kind you see in “devil” movies, and your worst nightmares.

Claws out ready to pounce, hair wild, the expression of the “devil:” if I might say so.

And I ain’t religious. Hehe. Haven’t been a believer in God since the age of 4!

This dream was the catalyst though to (mysteriously) for me start doing that one other thing that worked so well for me without even knowing it in 2018 and doing it consciously.

What followed?

Was miraculous even for one that believes in the Universe, and Universal power.

Shortly thereafter glass broke at odd intervals in the evenings at home.

In theory, it was a cracked window pane.

But practically, the fact that it chose to break at that moment speaks volumes.

Out with the BAD, good with the in, and again, that one trick was missing.

Yes, even yours truly stops doing what worked for him on occasion (and by this I don’t mean money!).

Anyway – back to it – and what was it.

Those of you on this list paying attention know what it is – meditation.

The HOW is what is important. And I’ll divulge more on that later! (or if you’re a personal coaching student – well – you already know, but for the rest).

For now, just remember what I said above about power hours. It’s true – and then some!


Rahul Mookerjee

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