No point trying to convince those that won’t BE.

I say it for a reason.

And I say it often times, hehe. It ties into “let the world do what it wants, and YOU do what YOU want”.

And in the case of fitness it also means this – if the “gym goers”, pumpers and toners, and all the sort of people that “don’t get it” (despite proof aplenty on a platter in front of them) keep doing what they want – well – it’s POINTLESS to try and convince them otherwise.

A losing battle.

And I’d rather not bang my head against that brick wall.

Whether its overweight people that refuse to acknowlege the fact that being FAT means no matter how strong you are, you’ll never really be able to do pull-ups well let alone do ’em at all – or people NOT acknowledge that it is THEM and THEIR OWN THINKING alone that is keeping them “down” in life – the point stands.

Personally, I don’t even try to convince said people of anything.

When they vociferously jump up and down about yours truly and how stupid he is for being “impractical” for one (amidst a whole plethora of rather more beautiful terms – it’s pushed past 900 now that list of names I’v ebeen called, hehe) … what do I do?

In the past I’d argue it.

I’d make valid points.

Only for them to be ignored and the heels to dig in even farther like “Balaam’s ass” in the Bible, hehe.

And it would be a losing battle, of course, not to mention I’d lose energy explaining things to people that would never ever seriously “get it anyway”.

For instance, the person that once told me “table pushups” were “gay”.

He was referencing me in that position on my WeShat wall …

(a claim that was roundly rebutted by a ton of others, in particular a former gymnast on social media) – and a person that later wanted “Free training” because apparently “it would help me”.

(and of course in his own words “didnt care about the blog”. Yeah. Thats all it is, a “blog”. Hehe. Another red flag right there)


He’s a nice guy, actually.

But – thanks – but no thanks!

And then you have my S.O. Or Wife. Or, whatever you choose to call that sort of a relationship, hehe.

EVERY time she watches her mindless soap operas, guess what happens.

Without knowing it she’s in a bad mood afterwards.

And it doesnt need to be seen. It can be felt, the VIBE.

Now, before yall ladies start hating on me for saying this, guess what. Same thing for guys as well for their version of drama and soap operas.

And those that stay glued to the TEE VEE – which is known as the idiot box for a reason (closely followed by “those who only watch video after video and nothing else” and those that stay glued to the dumphone).

(It kills your imagination for one, and it makes you, whether you know it or not, subconcsiously believe in the BS being shown on there – and then when that same thing don’t happen in real life – guess what. Irritation. Annoyane. And the whole smosrgaboard of NEGATIVITY that does NO-ONe any good!).

(Not to mention a lot of times it makes you blame those that “do get it” for no good reason …)

And it ain’t nothing against her either, to be frank. She’s doing what the vast majority of the world does.

(Hell hath fury upon the sad man who tries to convince his female S.O. Otherwise, hehe).

Yours truly is the “odd one out” here, hehe. And guess what. I’m glad to be!

But anyway, back to fitness.

It’s a losing battle trying to convince someone, for instance, that you can literally EAT MORE AND WEIGH LESS – despite proof being there aplenty.

Or, that pull-ups are not better than the silly pull down “shull down” machines in the gym (the most idiotic invention ever along with the chest press machine to be frank) … (to those that believe that).

Or, that pushups are the best damned exercise ever. Despite the Marines for one doing 500 of them daily pretty much in their training!

And so forth.

Might as well save your time and energy for those that get it, bro.

And for those of you that do – well – I am HERE for you.

All for now!


Rahu lMookerjee

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