More “5 star” reviews coming in – and thank – YOU!

So, I was idly browsing my Amazon pages (remember the last email I sent you on that)?

About the one and only Bozo Scofield having time to rifle through all my books on Amazon UK and post idiotic trollish (and laughable insane) reviews.

I’ve made that point in the last email though (two of them) I sent out to you on this.

And I’ve made the Bozo’ rants “famous” as well, but believe me, there are more I did not put here.

But anyway I’ve made no secret of the fact that our products flat out work.

They’re pricey. Yes. Hell yes.

Certainly not for “everyone” as it were.

But for those that truly do “get it”?

Charless Mitchell, for one, a loyal customer that owns pretty much every book I’ve ever put out – and WORKS on the exercises very assidously at that!

In fact, I’ve got no idea in terms of his current progress on fingertip pushups, but given the man’s tenacity and drive, he might well be challenging yours truly shortly, hehe.

And to be honest?

I’ll LOVE that.

What I want is for HIM and ALL OF YOU to BEST ME!

Thats the point of writing the books – to get – you – YOU – in the best damned shape of your life!

Via the best damned fitness system ever (and hey, it’s no lie – I even created 5 videos for it, something I hate doing, hehe).

And on that note, here’s another great reveiw from a customer on Amazon.

(here is the page for it –

Verified Purchase

GREAT Book! 

I have a few of this author’s books and I’d like to purchase more but unfortunately they’re way out of my price range, i.e. £174 for the pull up book is beyond my budget, if I spent £174 on any book no matter how good it is, my wife would have a fit and I would not be able to justify the expense, which is great shame but that’s life I guess.

Having said the above in “fairness” I must point out this book is one of the more affordable books by Rahul.

J. Walker

Now that, my friends, is a REAL review from a REAL customer.

And I agree with him on the price part, hehe.

And he’s right – gotta keep our significant others “calm”, hehe. Mine has been calm over the past couple of days, but one never knows what storm BE brewing in the teacup (tempest??).


But anyway, a huge thanks to YOU Mr. Walker – and the rest of ya’ll as well. DO post some more reviews – honest stuff like he posted above if you buy from Amazon or other third parties – as (and as I said before), if you don’t – guess what – the Bozos will.

On that note, I idly reported one of the Bozo’s comments as “abuse” (which it was) to Amazon, and they seem to have taken it down. Kudos! I didnt really expect much of it to be honest, but Bozo Scofield seems to be too much even for Amazon, and I get it.

Hehe. Certified and known lunatic as a friend (a mutual friend who shall remain nameless ;-)) very recently told me … and he was RIGHT.

Anyway, moving on from that – and back to price.

The price for the books unfortunately will remain what it is.

However – and for YOU loyal customers out there – if you get back to me with a short email detailing what exactly you’d like to buy (but you’ll have to do it from the site, or perhaps other sources – Amazon from what I understand doesnt have coupons) – and how many etc, I’ll see what I can “cook up for you”.

I was thinking of making a “one size fits all” discount (hey, it’s Diwali in certain parts of the world – so thats one reason – but Happy Diwali to all of YOU no matter where you might BE right NOW) … but that might not work for everyone.

And being I generally don’t do discount anyway, well …

But yes – write back and let me know – and I’ll see what I can do in that regard!

If you prefer to buy from some of the biggies (Amazon etc) direct – I get that too – I’m selling on plenty of platforms right as of now.

Just write back – let me know – and we can go from THERE!

Once again, thanks – and I’ll be getting back with more reviews from people that “heeded the call to action” and DID take the time to write reviews. Thank you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the best damned fitness system right HERE my friend: The 0 Excuses Fitness System.