Handstand pushups solve ALL problems!

Tongue in cheek perhaps, that one!

But it’s TRUE to an extent if you think about it, and more so i fyou think about it more.

How do we solve all our problems – the real problems – or any problem?

By doing (if you’re doing it right) – what Henry Ford once famously said was the toughest job ever.


Ford was right, methinks! And it isn’t so much “tough” (it’s actually amazingly and blindingly easy and simple if yo uknow how to do it – and more importantly, keep your mind focused and free of the clutter and jumble of thoughts that normally go through most people’s minds at any given point in time) as it is “people don’t know how to do it”.

Or, more to the point “are too lazy to learn”.

Really. Yes.

You’ll have hordes of people jumping up and down trying to learn how to do handstand pushups, for instance, and with damn good reason mesays.

But thinking?

You’ll hear a “deafening silence” if I talk about learning how to think right!

And keep your mind focused, which is key too.

But relax. That ain’t the missive here.

What I AM talking about is something I told my seven year old daughter (whose been seeing her Dad Mr. Handstand pushup do exactly what the name says ever since she can remember, hehe. In fact I think I got her into her first handstand at the age of 3, or so, and it never left her!).

The skill, that is.

And as she keeps doing these herself, and I noticed her do the same – I ENCOURAGED her to do – MORE!

Kids truly learn by example, my friend, and Kiddie Fitness for one is a great great book modeled on what yours truly does – for KIDS.

Truly an awesome book out there for your kids, and truth be told, the exercises therein would floor most average adults within a minute or so, perhaps and probably earlier.

But again, back to handstand pushups.

And what I told my daughter to “egg her on” (she apparently prefers doing these while watching the dumbphone -ughhhhhhhh, but hey, it’s better than not doing ’em at all!) ?

Was what I told you up there.

Handstand pushups solve all problems!

Or, I think “Handstand pushups solve ANY AND ALL problems!”

Do more, my friend! (me talking to myself).

Anyway, this isnt’ to be taken literally obviously, but it’s more true than you think.

And it’s pretty much my go to physical resort when “all else fails” or before it does!

Mentally, I’ve outlined a lot of my tricks. There are tons more, but for now, I’ve told you a lot of them in my emails etc, but physically?

There are a lot of workouts that refresh me, but none do so AS QUICKLY as handstand pushup workouts!

Not to mention the sheer feeling I get from doing these.

Look, brah, when you’re balancing your entire bodyweight on your hands and pumping out pushups – believe me – that is a – FEELING – that cannot be BEAT by anything else!

Strength wise, perhaps and probably by pull-ups done right, but in other regards?

An “entire body strong” feeling, especially in the TRAPS (there is a reason I mention the grizzly on the sales page there??)?

I think there is NO other exercise other than the handstand and handstand pushup that does it, and within a few seconds for most people!

Within a minute for yours truly.

I BUZZ. I’m feeling STRONG. My entire body is PULSATING with strength and more energy!

And mentally too – the increased blood flow to the brain helps clear your mind, and give you a fresh perspective on things!

Believe me now and trust me later too, when I say that these help your digestion immeasurably (and I should know, given all the gorging I’ve done over the past few days).

So all in all, if you’re having a tough, rough day?

And problems just keep cropping up??

Take a minute or two out.

Bang out a few handstand pushups and other brief workouts. Or simply hold your handstand for time.

Even half a minute is way harder than it seems, and has way more benefit than you think!

And you’ll soon see the truism or near truism, hehe, of “all problems melting away” once you DO these and get good at them, and do them throughout the day!

All for now!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up Shoulders like Boulders right here my friend. It’s truly the ONE definitive course on handstand pushups with an UNIQUE twist that there is out there!!!