Why you genuine customers out there should ALWAYS leave reviews (even if the book isn’t up to your expectations)

So it’s interesting.

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been chatting with a contact of mine from the UK on a social media network I won’t mention here.

He’s a great guy from the looks of it, and one of his posts (or a couple of them, actually) were about “how to reply when people want to do something for you”.

Apparently some people have asked him what they can “do for him” because of all the helpful advice he gives them (and he does, really).

So he put out the usual laundry list you’d expect. Sales. Get my services. Buy me a cup of coffee (figuratively speaking),. And so forth.

None necessarily bad options, but he left out the “crown in the jewel” (as Bozo Scofield apparently likes to term it as).

That being REVIEWS.

And I advised him that the best thing – VERY BEST thing he could do for his business was to ask customers to leave reviews – even if they’re “bad” reviews.

Now, why would I do that.

Well, we’ll get to that.

But really, the main reason is this. The Internet is full of (and this has just gotten worse during these times of the China plague where people are stuck at home with nothing better to do than follow their favorite “studs” (another Bozo Scofield term for yours truly, hehe) trollish characters who have nothing better to do than troll the Internet all day long, and believe me – they WILL post reviews, even if they’re idiotic and laughable ones at best.

Now, this doesnt bother me one bit, of course, but if it DOES bother you – and sometimes it does bother people – then please (and if you’re a genuine customer, you know who you are!) leave a REVIEW.

Even if it’s a poor review (so long as you’re a customer that actually invested in the product).

Companies have been emailing me as of late. Companies I work with. And the overriding theme in all their emails (sometimes they ask MORE than once, but thats fine).

“Rahul, would you mind leaving us a review please?”

And obviously, I leave reviews – which are HONEST – and usually glowing because I believe in the “if you don’t have anything good to say about someone – then don’t say it at all (unless it’s Bozo Glyn Scofield on public welfare – the bully “el supremo” as it were, hehe, but you on the list know all about him! Hehe. I’ve even had people asking me “where from in the UK is this guy”, hehe) philosophy.

Unless it’s a product or service I purchased that I ain’t happy with, but in that case I’ll leave a factual review, and not all the time.

In fact, personally, I don’t even READ reviews most of the time because they’re useless for the most part.

Ever notice that the people with the best products usually get the worst reviews?

Ever notice the number of people jumping up and down about the current US Prez with inane, troll like “infantile” comments which have nothing at all to do with his Presidency?

And so forth.

But either way, here is what (and I just noticed this today) Bozo Scofield left in terms of a review a while ago on a few of my books –

(By the way, if you’re someone from Amazon UK reading this – do you guys even ALLOW non purchasers to leave reviews? It would seem so … so you folks reading this, if you want a genuine review – look for the “verified purchase” icon on Amazon).

(And yes, there are some verified purchases – real customers that left reviews that were less than stellar, hehe. A look at the “Gorilla Grip Amazon UK” page (just type it in Google, I’m too lazy to do it right now, hehe) will give you the link to a review I’ve mentioned a lot of times already …)

(And it’s all good. I don’t mind, really, provided you’re a customer and have BOUGHT the book!).

Anyway, take for example this “gem” of a review the Bozo-nator Sco the Bo left –

The author claims to share how he can be a stud, I thought I would try it. My days would start at 3am with me walking 20 miles a day, and doing 25 laps of the swimming pool at the complex. The rest of the time, I was doing volunteer work or working with the local authorities. I was just a typical Tom Tom! I wanted to be a stud like Rahul who has no friends or sex life. Sure enough, the book was utterly drivel. I asked for my money back but Rahul launched into a campaign of threats. He is obviously a loner and we hope he will get help.

Or this …

Being as I’m something of a pioneer myself, I thought I would try Rahul’s book. Utterly, utter drivel spurting from the mouth of a barely literate mad men. He cheats on his wife, so what can he do to his friends? Avoid this book.

The first on the “16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections” page, and the second on the Fitness Pioneer page, and he took the time to leave reviews on ALL of my products on Amazon UK as well, hehe. And no, I did not report him for “abuse” as yet, and probably won’t.

In fact, I invite the Bozo to post a bit more so I can tell you guys about it … (and we’ll get to his pioneering trollish ways in another posts. For now, mercy…)


But really.

Do those reviews sound like someone you’d want to ask an opinion on about a product?

I think not …

Boo hoo! He cheats on his wife”

This little gem coming from someone who used to pester me about women asking me for my WeChat ID all the time, while his lonely nutzo ass was doing you know what at home with a beer bottle and getting kicked out of his “dorm room” at his illegal teaching job in China for being a drunk, druggie, and dealing with “women of the night” (most of them who reportedly had a huge UGH to say about him).

(and, for reference, a mutual friend whose girfriend the Bozo “hit on” (apparently unsuccessfully for the most part said the same thing)

(Now, it’s something you’d expect from a woman, but probably not a guy. Hehe. But Glyn Scofield, sometimes I wonder).

Most of whom he never slept with.

Hence the jealousy?


(For reference, this bozo once sent me an email under a pen name asking for “how to get laid in China”.).

Yes. Really!

( Do a search on the blog and you’ll find it. This nutzo is still stuck in one of my FB groups under a wierd nick, but I haven’t had the heart to remove him as yet, hehe).

As a friend of mine recently said, he’s truly OBSESSED with you, Rahul.

And he is. He ain’t the only one, but he seems to be the one with the most time to burn …

As for the tom tomming part, well, you on the list know all about it already. Do a search on the blog if you don’t, and you’ll get my drift.

As for requesting a refund, if he bought through Amazon, wouldn’t he be requesting Amazon for a refund and not yours truly “El groucho” who does NOT, I repeat, NOT, for whatever reason offer refunds of ANY nature for products sold?

And back to “cheating”. On the one hand I apparently cheat on my “wife”. OK …

… and on the other, and in the same breath … “I don’t have a sex life”.

OK ….

Snicker, wicker. I love this, really!

But really, back to it.

Genuine reviews.

Would you really want to trust a review of the nature posted above?

I think NO my friend.

And yet, all the GENUINE customers – those that like the book – and email me privately about how much my books and products helped them – well – YOU people for some reason don’t leave a review on Amazon, or whichever site you bought it from! Hehe.

And thats fine.

I get it.

You bought it. It helped you. You loved it. You bought some more.

Hey, I’m the WORST at remembering to leave reviews!

But … this is a reminder to do just that because if you don’t the Bozos and trollish characters with not much else to do will.

And thats basically the request for this one! I’ll be back soon – and perhaps we’ll cover some more comments Bozo Scofield left (they were left a couple of months ago, but it was only now that as I rejigged my profile etc on Amazon – I sell mostly through my site, so I don’t tinker a lot with Amazon etc) that I noticed them.

Hence the wierd dream about the Bozo I had around Sep 27. It’s written down as well, hehe, and I couldn’t figure it out, but I have now. Heh.

And so it goes. Back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – For real reviews, go HERE – https://0excusesfitness.com/testimonials/

PS #2 – Here is where you can check out some of our products (or go to Amazon, google, whatever) … 0 Excuses Fitness Products.

PPS – If the Bozo-nator is reading this, as he no doubt it, hey, dude. Please do leave me a few “honest” reviews on the other Amazon sites as well. Don’t know if they all allow trolls, but hey, worth a try! 😉 Better than have your nose buried in … ah, but I won’t go there

(but I’ve MADE the Bozo and a buddy of his famous on that other site which is currently down – and they wouldn’t know it in their wildest dreams, hehe. I’ll post more about that when it’s UP! Pun intended, and maybe not, hehe).