Why that phone KEEPS ringing. Why the annoyances KEEP piling up … and more.

Ever notice when we consciously “want” something not to happen the exact same thing DOES, and when we least expect or want it?

For example, my wife, and her constant lament about “why my candidates” (she’s a recruiter) keep calling during lunch.

My gentle advice to her was this (which went ignored, of course, hehe. What does yours truly know eh other than being a cavemen) …

“Honey, just keep the phone to the side. It can wait. The calls can wait!”

And the irritated, furious response it prompted made me STOP saying it.

Now, when I hear the same complaint, I just say “ho hum”.

But really, the point begets.

If you’re PUTTING the phone right next to you, then guess what.

The subconscious gets the signal that “it will ring”.

Sure, like on clockwork, it does!

Back in the day when writing, when my little one was YOUNG, she’d always somehow show up in my room just when I had one of those bursts of inspiration to WRITE. To you!

And somehow, sometimes I’d forget my initial train of thought (though I’d get it back later).

I could never figure out why this was happening.

Until one day I told myself this.

“Why don’t I stop expecting that she will disturb me”.


You’d think I waved a magic wand, so quickly did this work.

Same thing applies fitness wise.

If you keep saying “it wont work” in a mournful sort of tone when you buy Pushup Central, for one, then guess what.

It wont.

If you keep saying you can’t get better at pull-ups when you buy the book on it, then guess what.

You ain’t gonna get better!

We attract based upon TWO things.

One, what we consciously affirm to ourselves that we DO want.

Doing so sends the right signal to the subconscious mind, and this, my friend is the true seat of POWER and manifestation in YOUR LIFE – much like shoulders like BOULDERS, wide as BARNDOORs (lats) are the true sign of a man’s upper body power, for one.

And I dont mean just the look obviously.

And two, well, I said it above.

What the subconscious has been programmed to believe.

Take care of these two little details, and watch your life FLOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I cover this sort of thing regularly in my coaching calls. Sign up HERE to see if you “got what it takes”!

Why molly coddling and pampering does NOT work and is to your DETRIMENT

Sometimes, I gotta watch it with my daughter.

She truly is the most pampered ever, and right from birth, my wife and I have agreed on one thing pretty much – try and do as much for her as we can.

Perhaps because of our own childhoods … (some of the stories I could tell about my wifes would shock you to say the least).

But anyway, I for one gotta watch it sometimes.

Sometimes, and as she grows up I gotta keep telling her that being BRATTY doesnt work in real life.

(not if someone is “into that” as an adult, but thats different, hehe. And no, I ain’t gonna get into that part of it here! ;-))

When she was doing handstand pushups with me, for one. I still remember the fit she threw when she “jumped down awakardly”

Note it didnt hurt her in the least.

It just looked funny and I tittered. Big mistake, hehe.

She went off.

“How dare you laugh at your daughter!”

And off she walked in a huff, her cute little self, all of 7 years of age.

Memories, memories, along with the “baby sized clothes” I used to delight in hanging out to dry, hehe, if just for the memories.

But really, this is what I told her.

“In life, when you dont know something, or cant do it, LEARN how to do it first. And THEN you can say something about it, or even throw a fit, but at that point you won’t need to”.

She knows the Napoleon Hill saying of “Tell the world what youre going to do, but SHOW it first!”

Now, in her defence, 2020 has been a very rough year for all, especially little kids.

And we make lots of allowances for that.

But still, I sometimes remember how different it was during our times.

Yours truly once made the mistake of supposedly “bumping a chair into a girl who was doing all she could to bump hers into mind” (at the age of 11).

And the beating I got from my father left me unable to walk properly the next day, hehe.

Ditto for when I did the gorilla grip in school on a dude that was beating the shit out of me.

I got paddled at home. Big time. For something that was NOT my fault.

“He’s too violent”, went my mom.

(I wonder if she’s seen my daughter go “Ill knock your teeth out”. LOL)

“You should be beaten with an iron rod by the police!” shouted my Dad because apparently the Bozo who was beating the heck out of me went back home and bitched up a storm about the “marks on his throat”.

Did any of this work?

Well, I’ll let you be the judge!

In ninth grade, yours truly got a “yellow card” at school for cutting class, and my Dad had this to say.

“I give up!”

And then of course some drama about how my mother’s health was supposedly suffering because …

… if only I’d have been put on a decent exercise program back then!

But of course, that was “bad”. Studies were the only thing that counted!

Anyway, when quizzed about this years later, my father laughed.

It’s nothing compared to what we had to go through, he said.

He was probably right too!

But really, all of that physical punishment we got (one being a particularly nasty pose that the male teachers for some reason made ONLY the guys get into and not the girls, and this was pre puberty and laughed about it with the girls later – yes – I know – and this was supposed to be a top school!) …

… all the “standing outside class for 8 hours” that my nutty teachers made me do with my hands up thinking it would “resolve the issue” …

… the time my Dad showed up in school and requested the teacher (clay modeling teacher apparently, hehe. We used to get great pleasure as kids as sneaking up behind his back and sticking lumps of clay to the picture he had on the wall. Right on the nose too, hehe) to “take care of him” (i.e. beat the heck out of me even more) because “he had given up”.

Curiously enough I’ve seen my Dad get into it only once with people his size, or somewhat smaller.

And he backed down both times.

(whereas yours truly somehow made it a point to get into fights with those bigger and stronger, and given how I was, that was pretty much everyone, hehe – – and got royally pounded as a result, hehe)


Anyway, point of all this?

Is that yours truly does NOT believe in physical punishment for kids.

Maybe a light “tap” here or there, but thats it.

Certainly nothing like what “we got”, hehe.

But there is a line, and mollycoddling does NOT work. Especially in today’s environment where very soon, and I’ve been saying this for ages, it will be the survival of the fittest, quite literally.

A lot of Bozos are fixing to fall off their perches, in other words.

And fitness wise, samet hing.

Thats why I dont pander to nutzos that claim “your advice doesnt help. You just say just do it!”

Or, I dont mince my words either when praising someone for something they did well, or tearing them to pieces (figuratively) for being lazy, for one.

If they’re trying, I’ll help ‘em.

But really, if you buy one of my books and whine about “it’s too tough for me to do” – ddespite me giving you the WORKOUTS to WORK UP TO IT and the exercises, well, then this email is for YOU, hehe.

Other hand, and being after my recent cull on the list most of y’all are DOERS – barring the stray “onlookers” still here “for the free stuff and nothing more” … well, you KNOW what I mean.

And thats that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Why handstand pushups felt like a CHORE today

And one of my other patented isometric stretches that I RAVE about, and rightly so in the book on isometrics ...

And sitting down, for that matter, hehe.

Dont worry.

I got all of those things done, and passed with flyin gcolors, but it felt different. Hehe.

Now . . . what do I mean?

Well, for starters, most people look at me like I’m crazy when I talk about pushups working the whole body.

For some reason, the bros have got it into their head that its a chest workout, and nothing else.

BIG mistake.

And a misconception that grows by the day rather than REDUCE.

Pushups dont work just he upper body and core though my friend.

They work the legs!

And anyone who has done Hindu pushups in high numbers can testify to this truism.

Now, believe it or not, same thing for HANDSTAND pushups!

Take the legs away and tell me how easy – or tough – the same exercise becomes.

Or do a 100 squats like I did at the right speed, and try jumping straight into handstand pushups, and tell me if your legs dont quiver like jelly the first time. Hehe.

In fact, this is yours truly writing it.

The bodyweight exercise GURU!

The guy that can 100 ‘s of them per workout.

And yet, there is always something to learn my friend.

And THIS email should come across as caution for those that want to jump straight back into it. Do so, but with caution. If you haven’t jumped off “el coucho” for ages, for one, then it might be better to start off with mild walks, and then, and only THEN get to my stuff.

Believe me, I dont want you injured or out of reckoning as young Gama was.

Unless that sort of thing turns you on, hehe.

Anyway … thats the point.

Pushups DO work the entire body my friend.

Find out how right here – Pushup Central.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And again, thats why I haven’t put out an advanced course on isometric workouts or stretching (advanced) as yet. Write back and let me know if you want one, or two, or both, or all, and we’ll see what we can conjure up here, hehe.

I know today was going to be a HINDU SQUAT day!

The minute I wrote to you about thise brief workouts, I knew today was gonna be the day I got BACK into Hindu squats after a break

(not to mention what I’v ebeen writing about muscle memory as of late).

Im sweating.

Im breathing deeply.

My legs feel like jelly, and I almost fell over. I DISREGARDED some of my own advice, and I’ll probably be super sore as a result!

But really, bro.

(the soreness part – from someone that worked up to 500 per workout and sometime sin a set when making the 0 Excuses Fitness videos!)

My workout – the squat part of it – which taxed the entire body took about 4 minutes.

A far cry from the 2:50 I normally take (or took) – back inthe day when I did these regularly, and I have no doubt I’ll be back at that number in the next workout (see what I wrote about muscle memory).

When doing these though, most people focus on REP counts.

Big mistake.

It’s fine to aim for high reps.

But when you start, and really all the time, focus more on BREATHING. And FORM!


This along with other details that makes this ancient Indian exercise so great, and used by the Gama and other wrestlers of prodigy all over the world makes the workout WORTH IT.

And gets the upper body into it.

As an aside, the Gama once took part in a wrestling competition with adult wrestlers in a Maharaja’s court in ancient India.

He was 10 or so.

And he outdid all the other wrestlers over a period of a few hours.

And, he couldn’t walk for the next week, hehe.

SO SORE will these make out regardless of your fitness levels that I advise you to work up to them very carefully indeed in the System!

I’m off to do som ehandstands now.

4 minutes.

Probaby another 3 or 4 tops for the handstand pushups.

And I’m done for the day.

Better workout than a lot get in hours.

Can’t beat that now, can we!!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can pick up the best damned fitness system ever!

PS #2 – Hindus lend themselves GREAT to isometrics.

I repeat. GREAT.

But I didnt include this in the new book on isometrics.

Because I dont want you to try them the way I do, and not be able to take a dump without holding on to something, hehe. Believe me, these make you so sore even “getting down to sit down” can be a chore for some of you!

So that will be in the advanced course on this – for now, enjoy the REGULAR course.

When I supposedly did a “porno”

It’s hilarious, isn’t it?

The thoughts that go through people’s heads …

… Back when I FIRST put out the 0 Excuses Fitness System, naturally, I told my “wife” about it.

She harrumphed.

“Hmm! Whatever! Keep making those pornos in China!”

(This brings back memories of a trollish email from Bozo Schofield who once said “youre a good looking guy. Can you tell me how to get laid in China”?)

(and who in real life, and this wasn’t trolling, would constantly pester me about “how many girls asked for your WeChat when hiking – despite his very CLEAR knowledge of the fact that I HATE, with a vengeance, to be pestered during my workout)

(and no, I dont care if she’s a “10” or whatever. When I’m exercising, I’m exercising. It’s as simple as that, bro! Jassy was the only one I made an exception for one, but she handled herself with dignity, so … but anyway, enough on that front).


Now, yours truly does writing for the erotica biz as well. Sure.


No way.

Not only do I NOT watch it (it has never really interested me beyond a certain point), but starring in one?

Absolutely no way (despite the “your a porn star” comments I get – yes – I’ve gotten those too! Hehe).

“Indian Porn Star” as one person called me in 2018. LOL.

But anyway, I had a picture of myself bare chested on the cover of the book.

And that picture is probably still doing the rounds somewhere on Google, if you can find it …

… I removed it later, but not because of what my wife said – I just wanted to make it less “bold”.

But I still have it pretty much.

On the cover the book on reverse pushups, which a customer recently termed as “brilliant!” I have myself on the cover exactly how I looked after a workout.

And exactly how you will or should look as well if you’re doing it right.

Feeling like a bazillion bucks and then some …

And the reason isn’t aesthetics, or “looking good”.

I could give a rats ass less about any of that. That comes as a side benefit, sure.

But it’s to show you that I don’t just preach.

I practise!

And therein lies a lesson for all of y’all reading this as well, hehe, and a lesson that many of you take to heart on a daily basis – and for those of you – congratulations on being part of the DOERS club.

The rest of you, well …

Anyway, thats it from yours truly. No porn books or movies in the making, hehe, so don’t worry! 😉


rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can pick up the AMAZING book on reverse pushups, an exercise you most likely have NEVER heard about, and an exercise that WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER! – Pushups – Reverse Pushups – the BEST darn exercise ever!

Three minutes a day ….

One of the reasons I LOVE my fitness systems is this – the TIME it takes, or the lack of it, to get a great workout in.

For example, Hindu squats.

It takes but three minutes (or should take, at least) to do a 100 of them as I tell you in the videos in proper CADENCE (and most can’t do 20 when they start, and it takes donkey’s years to work up to 100, let alone anything else).

And this workout taxes your entire body.

Suspend your disbelief for a minute there.

Do the hand swings as I tell you to.

Really engage the upper body by breathing.

And you’ll quickly see why Indian wrestlers (and wrestlers everywhere, actually – I think I remember Ken Shamrock or someone from the UFC saying he used to knock out “500 of these” for fun or something. Again, I cant remember the exact quote. I’ll have to look it up, but the guy was a monster, and still is – in a good way – and if fitness monsters like that swear by it, then …)

Or, handstand pushups.

Even HOLDING a handstand for 10 seconds in the static position is beyond imagination for most people.

Or getting into it.

But this isn’t to tom tom how many of them I can do. IT’s about the benefits it has for you.

You’ll quickly see your traps and forearms EXPLODE with size and power, more than if you were doing just pull-ups (note – pull-ups are great too though!).

And you’ll quickly find out how it reduces FAT all over your entire body. Notice that heart thump!

It’s really that DEEP thumping that gets the fat burners going, my friend, not the “70% heart zone rate rubbish on a bicycle” that most people are fed (and choose to believe despite lack of results and knowing better).

And so forth.

QUICK workouts. Jumping rope. Doing sprints. Or even a quick and INTENSE (different from sprints) run.

And so forth.

And then you’re back to your day, refreshed and such, ready to GO!

And that, my friend does it for me. Don’t know about you, but I’ll take it any day over gym shym, personal trainers asking me to do “3 sets of 10” and then massaging my shoulders after each set (UGH! Although I must admit Jassy who posted that picture has rather beautiful shoulders, but hey, lets not go there!) … or pink dumbells, or spandex, or bozo like “look at my pump BROOOOOOO” ands all this other rubbish.

It’s about productivity, a calm mind and life for me. My fitness routines don’t take over my life (well, they did for a few months , but that is the exception) – and they shouldn’t yours as well!

And really, if you think about it, you DO have the RIGHT to get in a workout any place, any time, anywhere – of your own choosing – without bending to the will, whims and fancies of most modern day “chrome and fern” estabilishments.

And thats all I gotta say about that!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the best damned course on training the GRIP like you mean it right here – Gorilla Grip – and right here – Gorilla Grip (ADVANCED).

The morbid fascination many have with yours truly ….

It’s never ceased to amaze me, the number of people that criticize me to my face (for some BS reasons, or troll me, or whatever) – when they can, of course, hehe – but when they can’t anymore, they have this “morbid curiosity” in terms of “what is he up to”.

My own family is a prime example of this.

Despite stridently claiming my entire life that what I do is “nonsense” – – they still want to know “what is he doing”.

Despite me not interacting ONE bit with them – or any more than is necessary (which means a brief, unsatisfactory dialog once ever millenium or so).

Now, this isn’t really to say that they’re “wrong”.

They have their own “masses” thinking.

And thats fine if they want to be that way.

Yours truly is happy being the black skeleton and 800lb Gorilla in the room that is hard to hide even if they try their best … and I love making that skeleton DANCE too.

But anyway, point being this.

And how this applies to you (since a lot of you are likely thinking how).

It is this, my friend.

A lot of times, you wonder why “people don’t get back to you”.

Have you ever taken the time to send people carefully crafted messages – voice notes – anything – only for them to callously ignore it and say “we were too busy to listen” or “it’s too long to read”?

I have my friend.

Have you ever noticed that people only really come up to you when (some people, not all) THEY need something, and yet when you need something, you’re little more than a “source of entertainment” for them

It happens to a lot of us, my friend.

And it happened to me too.

Until the last few years, when I decided to aggressively CULL people out of my life, and pretty much anything I didnt want.

Guess what replaced it, and fast.

What I DID want.

And my recent decision on social media is in part prompted by this above bit as well.

Now, fitness wise, this applies to YOU too.

Those that diss my methods (an example would be those that can’t do pull-ups, say my “information is worthless because I say “just do it”” but yet follow my blog posts, emails etc despite not being on the list) …

Or of course the bozos, hehe, but thats OK – they truly have nothing better to do so thats expected.

But really, this morbid fascination with yours truly never ceases to amaze, and I never cease to find an opportunity to “exploit” it either, hehe (albeit for the greater good).

Anyway, thats it for now.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System today my friend. Truly the best ever fitness investment you’ll ever make!

What do ya’ll WANT next?

So I’ve been busy as a bee over the past week or so as you can tell. And as I knocked out sets of 10 handstand pushups yesterday, I wanted to ask you THIS …

… Before jumping headlong into my next project which will likely be advanced/elementary plyometrics …

That being, what do YOU guys want to see next?

Could be anything, really.

Those of you that liked Zero to Hero and Gumption Galore may want more of the same.

Those of you that love my hardcore fitness routines may want more of the same.

And some of you might want … I dont know.

So, write back and tell me!

The plyometrics course is very much in the works, but I’m EXHAUSTED to say the least.

So I’m gonna take it easy (let’s see how that works out, hehe) for the next couple of days in terms of putting out new products (I put out two for this site, and three for another and combined with all the pictures, editing, getting them out all over the Internet – it’s been grueling!).

Not to mention all the emails I keep sending you. (And not to mention some personal crap on the “Family” front – I’m sure some of you can relate, hehe).

Anyway, thats all good.

But write back – let me know what YOU would like to see next!

Also, and many of you are doing this already, but those that haven’t – do take the time to leave a review – it really helps (all I ask is it be a HONEST review) , and it “buzzes the Bozos away” like flies too, hehe.

And thats that from yours truly.

Back soon, I’m sure!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I am soon going to stop sharing my articles, posts, book links etc on social media. Its rapidly turning into even more of a cesspool than it already is. I still plan on posting my views on politics etc on there, but thats very occasionally. So get on the list if you aren’t already, as in the future I plan on devoting a MAJORITY of my time to the list.

(Yes, I may lose sales. And so forth. But no, Im not going to change my mind. I hate social media for the most part, and I plan on completely getting OFF it very soon. My birthday is coming up next month. Who knows – that might just be the best birthday “gift” I ever give myself, hehe).

Why running scared doesnt solve jack shyt

And actually makes pre-existing problems WORSE. Way worse!

Could be bullies.

Could be people trolling you.

Could be a problem you’ve been dealing with yourself.

Could be your rocky finances or that debt you’r going into (if you are) …

anything, really. A relationship on the rocks, but one you may or may not be “hopelessly” trying to salvage.

And so forth.

It only makes it WORSE, my friend.

And as I read a piece about South Dakota’s governor very rightly telling people that small businesses are the lifeblood of the state and indirectly urging precautions – NOT panic – to the China plague, I gotta tip my hat to her.

I knew there was something to the lady the minute I saw her picture. Those eyes …

The look in the eyes as I write so often about, and she is RIGHT. Spot on!

This mask madness, this lockdown shockdown, all of this is feeding into what China wanted.

Look, fella.

China done spread this mess and bailed, and if the ROW continues to buy into the panic, guess what – that is exactly what a very major league BULLY and dirty player wants …

And here is another damning thing.

Or stat.

I was never once in favor of lockdowns.

They happened, and keep happening.

IS it stopping the spread of the plague anywhere???

I think NOT my friend.

But, it IS doing what I feared, which is send the global economy into even more of a tailspin than it already was pre-China plague days.

Lockdowns kill economies, and nations.

The Trumpinator was right in his constant plea of “Precautions – not panic!”

And fitness wise, same thing bro.

If you keep running away from the love handles by buying progressively oversized shirts and look at yourself in the mirror trying to convince yourself that “you’re not fat, just big, and you dont look fat”, well guess what.

You’re just making the problem worse (but on a positive note, you ARE helping the economy. Soon you;ll be buying another size larger! Hehe).

And grip wise, same thing.

You simply cannot run away from a weak grip brah by saying “my lat spread is more than yourself”, or some idiotic statement about how bench presses are the best indicator of “strength” (right!).

And so forth.

It will only make that weak grip WEAKER.

And so forth, bro.

ADDRESS the problem – head on!

And that holds true for life, fitness, business, anything.

All for now – oh, and don’t forget to address that expanding BELLY right here – by investing in the best fitness system out there, that is – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Onward, and upwards!!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Have you checked out the course on isometrics as yet ? Truly one of its kind with the STRETCHING and joint loosening included that truly STRENGTHENS you – while making you feel like a billion bucks. Of course, the same could be said about any system I promote, but those of you into isometrics – check this out NOW.

Why George Bernard Shaw was SPOT on about “making the family skeleton dance if nothing else”

It’s funny, aint it.

The way the brain functions…

After a couple of those last emails, I took a break.

Made me some hot tea.

Good ole BLACK tea.

Not “Liu” cha (green tea). BLACK tea. “Hei Cha”.

(Some elementary lessons in Mandarin Chinese for ya’ll, hehe!).

But anyway, what did Mr. Shaw say.

“If you can’t make the family skeleton go away, you can make it dance”.

I dont think thats the exact quote, but it was the sum and substance of it.

IT’s funny, but I suppose thats what I did in the past couple of emails !

But anyway, what he meant was this.

If you have an obvious “flaw” (even though it isn’t a flaw) – well USE that flaw.

And market it. And sell it, UPFRONT – with NO excuses (and feeling guilty BS).

Por ejempelo, some people write back and tell me “your stuff is not good! You just say just do it and don’t hand hold!”

(We all know who made that comment, hehe).

Then we have those that say “its too advanced! Why not make something simpler?”

(That was a “potential customer” who raised this “objection” when reading my emails. I’ve no idea why he’s still on the list tho!).

But anyway, point is this.

Some have pointed out these “flaws” in my books, and they are NOT flaws at all.

They’re how it should be.

But even so my friend.

YES, I’m pithy and to the point in my books and courses. YES, my stuff is hard and doenst hand hold.

NO, I’m not the best at handing out “freebie” and so forth.

NO, I’m NOT one to molly coddle!

And so forth.

Which pretty much cuts out the vast majority of people out there as my customers.

But to these people, I have this to say.

There is reason I’m making the family skeleton dance, my friend (in terms of my products).

A very good and valid reason, and a reason even my most ardent detractors couldn’t argue with if they TRIED.

(and no, it ain’t money)

See if you can figure THAT one out, hehe.

But anyway, for now, here is my LATEST book on isometric training.

It may not involve any skeletons dancing. It DOES involve the opposite i.e lots of static holds from yours truly, hehe.

And you’ll love it!

Get it NOW, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – Mix that in with a good dose of Jump Rope Mania! And you’re OFF to the races, brah.