Letting off some steam, and then some …. !

So what I am about to say may and probably will resonate with you BIG TIME.

It’s something we all need to do occcasionally somehow, and these days?? Oh boy.

Over the past couple of days I’ve been in a bit of a “mood”.

Things just aren’t going as I’d like (and I aint talking biz here necessarily) either globally or otherwise in terms of certain (new) goals I have.

And while in accordance with the sage Napoleon Hill words “Tell the world what you’re goin gto do, but SHOW IT first”, I wont reveal just what it is, my social media should be enough to give you a hint, or more than a hint.

And my response is predictable, of course.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

What I’ve done ALL my life!

IS to work out – even harder!

Might sound strange, but years ago, I remember climbing the hill and then stretching out at the end of it in a lengthy workout which no-one in their “right mind” and given my own personal situation at that time would do!

I mean, I waas down big time.

And the sages all wisely (not) advised me to “spend more time trying”.

I disregarded this advice.

As I stood there in that famous “stretch” pose of mine the 0 Excuses Faithful know SO Well, a voice chimed in my head.

“I love this! I’m goin gto make it no matter what. I certainly won’t give up!”

Years and years later, here is what I got to say.

Given times these days, we ALL tend to get frustrated.

Feel rudderless, as if “events are beyond our control”.

And more (especially given the plague that the Chinese spread globally for one and the immense and brutal damage done to economies and lives everywhere).

Truth it, as far as some of it is concerned, yes.

Truth also is, no matter how dire things may seem, there is ALWAYS A way out given the right amount of will.

Nature knows no such thing as the word “impossible” my friend.

And back to fitness.

When I was 24, I remember discussing something frustrating with my father of all people (someone who has always had opposing views on everything from me, and certainly in terms of fitness!).

And his reply!

“Well, maybe a couple of good climbs up the hill will resolve the frustration!”

I never thought I’d say this, but everyone is right … SOMETIMES. And rarely is anyone right ALL THE TIME.

Anyway, effective immediately I’m switching to something which was another main reason I wrote to you about this.

TWO workouts in a day, and for me personally, the first one was 3500 rope jumps. Way above what I do normally.

And the second will be pull-ups, and perhaps more, at night.

I normally get it all done at one shot, but a few months ago you’ll recall I Was doing two workouts a day.

And I plan on doing just that tonight, and I will probably write to you about it on the other site as well!

And back to “feeling powerless”.

Working out won’t necessarily resolve that.

But for those of you that never give up and have the gumption to keep going towards whatever goal it is you have, take heart – there is ALWAYS a way, and the better your fitness levels, the more energy you’ll have to accomplish said goals.

MENTAL energy.


And so forth …

Just look at the inimitable Donald Trump for one, who once famously claimed “exercise depletes the body’s batteries” for more proof on … ah ,but I best not go there, hehe.

I’ll just say this.

Trump DOES say it like it is – IF YOU’RE reading between the lines, brah!

And as far as the issues that I spoke about and goals etc?

I’m off to work on them – now!

IN the meantime, invest in your fitness, and stay in top conditioning by investing in the 0 Excuses Fitness System today my friend. YES, you will need it down the road!


Rahul Mookerjee

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