Why I don’t feel the need to prove (and honestly don’t give a rip over) “selling X number of books”.

Or “how many people like me”.

Or “providing lots of value in my daily emails”. (well, I DO care about real value, but something like that would never appeal to the “I want it now and for free” nutzos)

Or “how many sales I’ve made today” (not in the way you’d think, at least).

And a host of other “yardsticks” the easily offended and self righteous hypocrites who think it’s perfectly okay to do something to others (Bozo Scofield for one) and then get offended and jump up and down when someone responds in triplicate, because that someone does it in the bozos wouldn’t have thought of in a million decades, and because, well …

.. a host of other people who say and think “Just how dare he!”

So much so that  I once did up an entire post on “how dare I”, hehe, just for the bozos and self righteous idiots out there (and the snowflakes, Mama’s boys, and a lot of other basement dwelling types).

Anyway, on the bozo note.

The infamous (by now, hehe) Scofield sent me that comment about “you can’t prove you sold X number of books!”

He sent it to me more than once, which is why I Remember it (normally I just scan through his rant and see if there is something that makes me chuckle more than the “how dare I!!” vibe coming off the rants) …

But it’s actually a good point. For all categories of people above, and also the penny pinchers, tyre kickers and other nuts who write in to me (Steve (last name withheld for privacy) being one) about “why are my products so over-priced”.

It isn’t so much for the people that say “the products are priced higher than usual, but the value is just mind blowing!” (the REAL doers and those I’d prefer to associate with).

It isn’t AT ALL For them actually! 😉

And without further ado, why I could care less about proving what I mentioned in the subject line.

Well, first off, it simply doesn’t interest me in the way you think.

The numbers aren’t really what cut it for most of the time, unless you count the zeros in the bank account, hehe.

And in that regard, you’d be amazed at how less adds up to more.

(Which is a secret you nuts out there that obsess about “how many people opened my email” and how many “liked my post” and so forth will be hard pressed to understand).

But second, and even if it DID add up to more moolah, I wouldn’t care either way.


Because that’s just how I am my friend.

To me it’s important to put out stuff that WORKS.

If that means antagonizing the vast majority of hoo haa’ers and gym bros, so be it.

If that means “less sales”, so be it.

But I’d rather put my name to something that works, and something I believe in myself as opposed to “what everyone is doing “ or worrying about “what others might think of what I write or sell” or “proving I’m so and so to so and so”.

I mean really, who cares.

Not to mention it’s none of anyone’s business but mine, hehe.

And on that contrary note, here is how this applies to fitness as well.

“I bet you can’t lose 10 kgs in 10 days”, you’ll hear when you crack open Advanced Hill Training (as an example) and rave on about the mindblowing info in there that most people would never think of.

Or dream of.

Or the results for that matter.

“It’s impossible!” I hear people say when I tell them.

And when I show them the proof and results (though I don’t have to, hehe) their jaws drop, and the vast majority gets back with “so what”.

Not so much “no prizes for being right”, hehe, but “so what”.


So what.

So why would said person care in the first place.

And that is what I laugh about the most.

These nuts that jump up and down about all this and send me bazillions of email daily about how less they could care about me, and my stuff, actually DO care.

How dare he, hehe.

How dare he actually DO something of value.

How dare he not fit the “crab that prefers to stay in the bucket”.

And so forth.

Anyway,in terms of “X” number of books …

Last I checked, Gorilla Grip is still the BEST SELLING course I’ve got out there, my friend.

The first one I revamped and put out.

And much like in 2010, it STILL sells like hot cakes, and is still the biggest bestseller.

#2 is 0 Excuses Fitness, the best darn system out there in terms of fitness.

#3 is Shoulders like Boulders (a course that rank incenses a lot of people out there – perhaps because of how quickly it works).

And that’s all I care about, hehe.

Enough numbers?

I hope so!

And on that note I’ll be back soon.

Until then,

Rahul Mookerjee

PS – You know you’ve got it made and their little pea brains (or lack of them) wrapped around your little pinky when they even start to ape you and write like you. LOL.

PS #2 – Build ape like pulling strength by doing pull-ups, and learn how to do ‘em right here – Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!



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