Why I highly recommend gymnastic rings, and do NOT (and havent ever) recommended CHIN-UPS

Well, well, well!

The pull-up expert saying he doesn’t recommend chin ups you ask?

Well, bear with me a minute.

In all my pull-up books – Pull-ups: from Dud to Stud within a matter of WEEKS, as well as the pathbreaking ADVANCED course (must grab!) you’ll notice one thing.

That there is no section where I recommend nothing but chin-ups.

In fact, I’m sure you won’t even find a mention of it in the initial book which TEACHES you how to do pull-ups.

You’ll find everything else.

Mention of thick bars. Mention of dead hangs. The other SECRETS to getting better at pull-ups.

And so forth.

But no chin-ups …

And why?

Well, I’ve often gone on record saying that the pull-up position is a far more natural one than the chin-up position for one.

Chin-ups may work for some, and may be “easier” to a degree if you use the biceps primarily, but if you do that, you’re a) taking away the primary benefit of pull-ups, and a re b) severely limiting your gains.

For obvious reasons.

And thing is, even if you’re just interested in preening and posing and beachboy muscles (think biceps and chest, both of which the chin up heavily taxes) then you need to remember ONE thing.

Done from a dead hang, they put IMMENSE stress on your wrists and shoulders my friend.

Not in a good way either, simply because the position is unnatural.

How often have you see an ape swing from branch to branch with a supinated grip (I believe that’s what they call “palms towards you”)?


I thought so.

How often do you lift things up from the ground with that grip (no, deadlifts don’t count brah)?

Yeah. I thought so.

And that’s pretty much why I don’t recommend chin-ups – much as I do NOT recommend shortcuts to getting better at pull-ups like kippin for one.

Now, some of you have complained in the past.

“But provided I work my back otherwise, there’s no sense in not getting more bicep work” (one 100 pushup per day reader sent this in to me – he’s trying to improve his pull-up numbers as well).

And while it wouldn’t be high on my priority list, nothing wrong with what he’s saying is there.

Enter gymnastic rings.

And Ropes and chains .. .

Both of these, but especially the former give you a great great BICEP workout (and inner forearm) WITHOUT any unnatural stress being placed on the shoulders, wrists, or anywhere else.

Especially gymnastic rings because ethey “move”.

They’re not static.

So towards the top of the movement, you can turn them inwards if you so choose for static holds and MORE bicep work!

Basically hammer grip pull-ups done on gymnastic rings is what I’m referring to.

And while I wouldn’t recommend these are a primary workout, they work great in terms of a secondary and or “other” exercise during your workout!

I should know. I just got done with 50 of them, and I feel great!

And that’s the missive for today. . .

Now, before I go, some of you will be thinking “so what”.

“I can barely do a pull-up. How does this help me?”

Well, it should motivate you to get off your ass if nothing else my friend and if it doesn’t you’re likely on the WRONG damn list.

And it SHOULD motivate you to get off thee buttocks and invest in the course that will get you cranking out pull-ups like there is NO TOMORROW.

Yes, my friend.

This course really, really works. Grab it now and check it out for yourself!


Rahu lMookerjeee

PS – – And yes, ALL my emails WILL have a pitch in them. If that isn’t your cup of tea, well, you know which link to click ….


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