Why I could care an iota less and then some about drama Queens (and/Kings)

Last year (I believe until about the middle of last year or thereabouts), I taught a class to a couple of young doctors.

A couple in grad (medical) school. Or whatever you call the Chinese equivalent of med school!

The campus was huge. Strapping! And walking from end of it to the other was probably enough to give you a workout unto yourself.

Now I’ve written before about the fitness tips I gave these kids.

But I didn’t mention the “drama queen” part of this, or at least I don’t believe I did.

Bear in mind that part of the overall package I offered these two students (and occasionally a third student) was “improving their oral English debate skills”.

Not so much just debate as talking, but debate as well, since that was apparently one of their core classes in college they had trouble with.

And one fine day while doing this (after climbing up to the fourth floor of the building and “holding session” in one of the classrooms there) we were discussing that oh so thorny issue.

“Women’s rights” (or something to that effect).

I cannot remember if it was “should females serve in the military” or if it was “women working from home”.

But there were two guys and a gal in the class, and both guys enjoyed the class immensely.

While the girl suddenly started acting weird and “feeling unwell” all of a sudden in the middle of the class.

Although I was being as politically CORRECT as I could (hey, it was class, and …) apparently that wasn’t enough and so I piped up.

“Hey, if this topic upsets you, we can always change it”, I said, shrugging. After all, they had chosen the topic themselves!

“No, please continue!” chimed in the two guys, and the girl sniffed. “No, I’m oK!”

Later that night as I went home, class curtailed abruptly “because she wasn’t feeling well” or some BS (and it was utter BS) the guy messaged me out of the blue.

One of the guys.

You see, she was his fiancée apparently.

And apparently despite her not being able to say it openly, the topic was upsetting her (only she knows why!).

“Rahul can you please talk to her”, he mourned miserably.

“Why”, Iasked. “Whats up!”

“She’s angry with me! She won’t talk to me anymore! It’s after class that … “

Now, normally I wouldn’t entertain anything of this nature period, but they’re both good kids. I liked them.

And being dude clearly didn’t have a clue, and that it was his “first time” (hehe), I spoke to her for a while.

And predictably, she was happy at having gotten her way.

And predictably as well, the classes quickly tapered off after that (despite my “political correctness”).

A similar thing happened when I was the “debate moderator” for a Sunday afternoon debate once (with all the participants being Chinese).

Similar topic (women’s rights or something – in fact I think it was Women’s Day in China that day).

And of course, the minute the guys started piping up about their opinion on whether or not they believed women should do ANY housework (note, not all. ANY!) – and it was just an opinion, a woman piped up.

“I don’t think it’s right!”

I invited her to explain her viewpoint, and WHY and what she thought wasn’t right, and asked her not to throw a hissy and DEBATE the issue.

She threw her head back haughtily and walked out of the room.

“Ive had enough!” she yelled, en route to the debate organizer (presumably to complain about the unrepentant foreign devil discussing women’s issues. How dare I!;)) …

And while said organizer was told very clearly not to interfere, or I’d walk out RIGHT THERE AND THEN, the point stands.

And that’s of course one reason why teaching English in China is a crock and a dancing monkey job by and large. The students or so called students control what you say in class. Facts and everything be damned, if that monkey doesn’t dance, they’ll do your best to fire ya on the spot.

And in one case, that’s exactly what “Grandmother Ashley”, a woman I once knew tried to do when I was organizing something similar at an English learning center in China.

She ran straight to the owner, and being she was the one that pretty much paid most of the tuition there, the owner threw a hissy as well.

… only to make a sullen face and back down when told to piss off.

The same thing holds true in terms of fitness.

Charles the Tom Tommer threw a hissy the other day about me promoting pull-ups and my info not “babysitting” him.

“Your info doesn’t help!” he wailed (while making other silly demands and statements).

I could never for the life of me understand why a so called weight lifter that professes to hate bodyweight exercises was following my posts in the first place!

Ah, but those pesky facts, eh.

Same thing for Bozo Schofield, always looking for SOME DRAMA or the other.

And plenty of other nutjobs out there.

And my response?

I could care LESS about all that.

I really don’t give a rip about your drama my friend.

What I care about this – giving it to you straight, and saying it like it is.

If you’re fat and cant do pull-ups because you’re lazy, slovenly and fat, then that’s exactly what I am going to say.

I am not here to hand hold you, molly coddle you or provide you with information “tailored” to your sissy demands my friend.

That last bit might sound harsh, but really, I’m not the one asking people to “follow” me or buy my products. If you want to, you invest. If not, well, no skin off my nose!

It’s the DRAMA I can’t deal with my friend.

And drama queens, or kings, or the sissy versions of them at any rate. Or whatever the term is!

Massive waste of time, energy, and an unending source of annoyance. Not to mention LAZY as heck in most cases. And NOT exactly the sort of person that says it like it is (unless it fits their OWN narratives in which case they’ll be shoving it down your throat, or attempting to, all day long and every damn time you even start a conversation with them).

And so forth.

Leftos, anyone??


And on that note, I’m out. Check out our NO NONSENSE FITNESS PRODUCTS that just FLAT OUT WORK – right HERE!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Thank you for all the comments on Pushup Central. Yes, it truly is the best damned cours eon pushups out there!!!!


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