As the cries to “unfollow this dude (yours truly)” grows louder, and the “wolves” start to howl …

Howling like a wolf. That brings back memories!

A long, long time ago a friend of mine once told me the following (once I stopped questioning what he said and (seemingly) accepted it as a gospel).

For a while, anyway! 😉 ‘Twas an experiment of sorts that I didn’t even know I was doing at the “callow” age of 24.

“Rahul, you do know you’re much more pleasant to be around! The old Rahul still howls on occasion, but the new one is far more preferable!”

This, of course lasted only a while (the brief truce – – it soon gave way to “Rahul, you’d make a great Microsoft employee”).

Ugh. Microsoft. Not only are they run by a bunch of leftists, but working for those big companies? I’ve worked full time in one before, and le tme tell you, that is NOT an experience I’d like to repeat (can we say the most useless and unproductive hours I’ve ever spent, and an UTTER AND TOTAL waste of talent?).

Anyway …

This morning, I logged into my LinkedIN.

Posted a couple of comments.

Straight from the heart, all TRUE and FACTUAL. All a very accurate “picture” of what is going on in the world today and why.

And predictably, the babel started.

One particular gentleman’s voice stood out, if just for how aggrieved it was.

“Don’t follow this dude!” he said to no-one in particular and pretty much everyone.

Now, whether or not he meant I should stop following Donald Trump (following as in reading up about him) or “people should stop following Rahul” is up in the air.

He was so ticked off he wrote nothing else, but I sort of suspect the latter.

(And sorry, the former ain’t happening).

And he ain’t the only one! 😉

There have been literally SCORES OF PEOPLE as of late chanting the same anti Rahul “this guy is too much” slogan.

How dare he, I keep hearing, feeling, and hearing over an dover again.

Just who does he think he is?

How dare he say what he does about working out.

And the best was from the all time greatest Bozo of all times, Bozo Glyn.

“How dare a person like you…”

Reminds me of certain family members … “How dare I!!”

Ah, the anger! Or should I say angst!

Well guess what fella (and you, Bozo Scofiled).


And AM.

And that pesky list of my “followers” keeps growing. Last I checked it was past 11 K on Facebook alone, and that ain’t the only form of social media I’m on by far.

Anyway, some lessons in there for those of you that choose to learn.

And anytime you say it like it is, my friend, this is bound to happen.

IT doesn’t matter if I call fat guys out for being what they are – FAT – and tubs of lard not able to do pull-ups because of excess weight and nothing else, or if I scoff at suggestions that bigger guys do worse at uphill sprints than “smaller” guys (or gals).

IT doesn’t matter if I tell the puffing and buffing nutzos that it ain’t about how much you can bench – it’s about how much you can lift – or PRESS overhead.

And it don’t matter, most of all if I tell people, most of all, that the BEST way to lose weight is NOT what they’ve been fed/taught/spoonfed.

And yet, that list of BUYERS keeps growing, my friend.

And fitness wise, only YOU can decide which side of the fence you’re on.

Jump on the train HERE, my friend. There’s plenty more where that comes from,but make a start right now.


And start to get into the best damned shape of your life if you so choose!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – As a friend recently told me “Damn, if they hate on you that much, you should consider that a compliment. They’re quite obviously threatened by you”.

Amen, my friend. Amen! I do, and they ARE – on a certain LEVEL if not another is what I’d add, but I agree!

PS #2 – HERE is where you can learn the REAL secrets to knocking out pull-ups effortlessly, smoothly, willy nilly, without doing much different at all –


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