Why you sometimes have to LOSE in order to win (and big)

You see a host of self help authors out there claiming that visualization works wonders, and that it’s all about moving ahead, and not backwards.

But is it really so?

Is that how this here GAME OF LIFE works?

I’d say NO (in part), and anyone that has been there and done it would agree!

Vince Mc Mahon, who started out as an “abused child” (at least physically) in a trailer and has since become one of the richest men in America, and the very face of sports entertainment as he knows it (and he likes big guys! 😉 by his own admission – and so he should for his biz) had THIS to say about failure once.

“Sometimes you have to take three steps backward to take ONE ahead”

Donald Trump, one of the best marketing minds of all times had something similar to say right after he once said “my entire life is about winning” (so it should!).

“Sometimes winning in part is about knowing when to let it go. About when to give up the fight, and move on to something more productive”.

And I have paraphrased the above three comments, but the sum and substance of it is clear.

Years ago, every time I started to do something, I’d wonder why I kept getting “knocked down”.

I remember what a “wise old man” John Mc Intosh once told me when I was working on an IT biz back in 2008 …

“The Universe is testing you, Rahul! You aren’t being tested by me, but a FORCE that conspires to stop people from working on their own terms, from living an INDEPENDENT LIFE as you so want to, and precious few have what it takes to make it. I believe you’re one of the few that DOES!”

At the time I didn’t understand fully.

Now I do, and then some!

Napoleon Hill has often written about the guardian that stands at the door of TRUE success, whose job it is it to guide men through all sorts of failures and heart breaking situations before they finally “arrive”.

And everyone’s path is different. There is no set path to any of this!

A higher power decides. Things happen for a reason.

And back to what I am saying …

Sometimes, you have to fail – and fail BIG in order to succeed. Give me any successful business person, or a person successful at anything ,and I’ll giv eyoua person whose failed MORE TIMES Than he’s succeeded.

A lot more times.

The key lies in being able to brush the failure off, as Edison did when inventing the light bulb, and KEEP GOING.

Keep moving on!

And the key also lies in knowing when “enough is enough”, and to move on to other things.

ON a very micro level, take a look at Bozo Schofield for one.

The guy’s been running after me for years (despite having blocked me and then wanting me to unblock him).

He’s done everything he can to gain attention (his own sorry life includes whiling away his time snorting you know what while on public welfare back home in the UK). From making racist memes, to silly personal attacks, to starting groups dedicated to (you got it – yours truly!) … he’s done it ALL.

And he ain’t the only one either. Hehe. He is the wackiest of the lot though, and that “fight” should have been given up a long, long time ago …

… but it wasn’t, and he’s ended up alienating pretty much everyone that stuck by his side (a sum total of TWO people) through his madnesses. Believe me, I’ve written about him before, but you’d probably rather dine with Hannibal Lecter than have this lunatic by your side!

Would make a perfect bed companion for Grandmother Pelosi and Race Mongering Harris while they go about … ah, but I’lls top. Let’s not “ruin” this with political talk hehe.

But the point stands.

Sometimes, you gotta move on to other things my friend.

Even if that means taking a step back – or three.

Fitness wise, you ask?

Well, same damn thing.

You see people slaving away at the machines on the gym for eternity and burying their heads in the sand of “the iron is the best” – and yet, the gains never really come.

Secretly, these people are all looking at the guys with corrugated cores, for one.

Guys that can crank out bodyweight exercises like there’s no tomorrow!

Why can’t I be like him. Why isn’t my training really working.

These people will never admit it, of course.

But these are the very people that need to take step back – or THREE – in order to really get to where they want to be!

And if you’re one of those people – well – I’m here for you!

Remember, my friend. IN life, business or fitness – sometimes you gotta just walk away from what is clearly not working and start on the tough path of what DOES work and has been PROVEN to.

That’s really as simple as it gets (or as Richard, a friend of mine said the other day “Simple as that!”).

Fitness wise, start right HERE.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pushup Central got the rave reviews it did for a damn good reason, as have all other courses. BE sure and check ‘em all out!


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