On boobybuilders playing football, “big guys VS “small” guys” and more …

Way, way back in the day I met a tall, strong and strapping guy named Joe.

One of the first persons I met when I went to Univ for that matter.

His name was Joe, and he was at least 6’4” inches tall. Like, HUGE. And not huge as in boobybuilder huge or “Arnie” muscles.

He had massive shoulders and strong forearms, and the first thoughts I had when I gripped his hand to shake it (and remember this was pre-workout, pre-Gorilla grip days) was “My, my!”

That’s one strong MOFO, I remember thinking!

And as we (and his friend Jody) got talking about size (Jody was probably more “normal sized”) he made the following comment.

“We make them big down here!” he laughed.

Then the topic went on to football and how I kept referring to my physical size and why I couldn’t play football due to my size.

“There’s no way I could do that”, I said. “I’d get mangled!”

Jody laughed.

“Sure you could Rahul. You know, you do have protective gear!!”

“Yes but … “

And then “Joe” gave me one on the shoulder (friendly way, but it felt like a mule had sloshed me to be honest, hehe).

“Dude, I play football every night out there”, he said gesturing to the lawns. “Lots of guys your size and build play it!”

And those comments struck HOME. Bigt time.

He was the one who months later urged me to sign up for the Army and I’ve detailed that story before.

And of course, this brings to mind what one of my best friends a former Marine, and a giant of a man himself to be honest once told me.

“Small??? You???? You’re not a small specimen, Rahul!”

This was a couple of years ago.

Anyway, this morning I was checking my FB feed.

And I saw a picture from Andrew, a former colleague and current friend.

And as we shot the bull back and forth, I commented on the picture he posted, which seemed to be of guys playing rugby.

A brutal contact sport, and just for the record, Andrew is my size, or maybe even “smaller” to an extent.

But that grip of his when I first met him.

Though it wasn’t anywhere near Gorilla Grip levels, it was a STRONG, STRONG grip, and remember, dude hasn’t worked out in years. (not that I know of at least).

It was the grip of a man whose done plenty of physical labor in his life, to be honest, but we never got around to talking about it back then, but we did today!

“I used to play that back in the day”, he said.

“Really”, I said. “Damn, rugby. That’s brutal!”

“No! That’s Aussie rules football” he remarked.

And upon closer look, indeed it was!

And then I made the comment.

“Well, Aussie Rules Footie > Rugby > US Rules football in terms of sheer BRUTALITY”.

And it’s true!

And then the comment that sparked this little here note.

US football for show ponies, every 20 seconds have a break, go to an ad, time out…

My reaction?

LOL … Yeah, mostly the boobybuilders that couldnt make it in real wrestling, hehe.

Now, before the snowflakes jump up and down, remember one thing.

Tongue in cheek, though all the comments DO HAVE real world releveance.

And yes, there is an overemphasis on SIZE in what we know as “football” (not what the Brits refer to as “soccer”, or is the other way around, hehe. 😉).

Really speaking though, it brought to mind what Charles said the other day.

For years he’s kept me under the impression that he was a former wrestler and big guy and so forth (he’s somewhat big yes, but more FAT than big to be honest).

And I kept wondering why he kept railing against pushups and pull-ups (while curiously enough still trying to do the very exercise he claims to hate i.e. pull-ups) when those are the holy grail of any wrestler’s training regimen.

And his GRIP.

His grip is downright WEAK. NOT the grip of an ex wrestler to be honest!

I could never figure it out.

Until he told me he just “dabbled a bit in wrestling” and that “pro football was his jam”.

Did he actually do the latter?

I gotta say, I have NO idea either way!

But all this ramble should convince you either way that it ain’t about size my friend.

Yes, big guys can do pull-ups, and lots and lots of them, and those that can’t are just flat out FAT.

And if youre fat, as Brooks Kubik famously once said, you just won’t look like an athlete. Sorry to offend (his own words, NOT mine) – but its true.

Yours truly would probably say “happy to offend”, hehe, or (as I told my daughter the other day) “Papa doesn’t know when to say something and keep his mouth shut, but his daughter does. BORN SURIVIVOR! Of course, so is your Papa. He just doesn’t CARE, but you don’t, but you still know …”

Anyway, ok, enough on all those fronts. I’ll stop, but again,

It aint about how big you are, or your genetics my friend.

It’s about YOU.

Can you MAN UP and just DO IT?

Or are you content to drift along making excuses, both in terms of life and fitness?

No problem if it’s the latter for you – but for me personally?

Ill always choose the former option! 😉 And always have all my life.

So should YOU brah. It truly is worth it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can pick up the PATHBREAKING course on pull-ups with tips you’ve never DREAMT of before, let alone seen or heard – Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

PS #2 – And here is the very best darn course there is out there on pushups (I CHALLENGE you to find one better) – – Pushup Central.

PPS – “Even if you’re just interested in strength, there’s no excuse or reason to be fat” (more of Brooks’s words, and they ring so damned true!).


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