Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!

Ever notice this in YOUR LIFE?

In any regard, or many for that matter. I know I have my entire life for one in more regards than one!

Por ejempelo, when the one and only TRUMPINATOR contracted the Chinese plague, he posted about it, and naturally I shared his post in a “get well soon bro” sense!

Because he’s the best damn president ever, and no-one, I repeat, NO-ONE deserves to die of a dastardly little plague like this one, least of all one spread willingly and knowingly by the PRC.

But anyway, I also posted that Donald Trump, hale and hearty, and full of energy and VITALITY at the age of 74 no less did NOT look likely (to me, at any rate) to be a person at any sort of risk for contracting the damned plague.

But contract it he did.

And the leftos jumped up and down, wailing about how he didn’t wear masks (while conspicuously ignoring the wide spreading rioting going in certain lefto run towns back home in the US where LARGE scale mobs roam around willy nilly, demanding the disbanding of police and other such roguish, thuggish demands, and all without masks etc of course. And social distancing be damned).

IF there ever was an example of people NOT following the “goose and gander” principle it’s the left. Pot calling the kettle . . .

But anyway, once he recovered, I posted about that.

And the left showed up again.

“He didn’t even get it”, they wail. “It’s all a political stunt! Pathetic!”

From the very people that a post or two earlier said he was obese (and really, yes, he may be overweight, but that ain’t the whole story BY FAR in terms of Donald Trump’s tale as I posted about earlier) … and the SAME people that said he was at very high risk of getting it.

Sometimes I wonder if these people even value the passport they’ve got and the independence and freedom we all sometimes (well, not me – I try and be very mindful and protective of it) take for granted.

And we shouldn’t!

Anything you take for granted often gets taken away and how.

Perhaps that’s what the left wants.

Of course it does!

But anyway, enough on that.

Fitness wise, same damn thing.

When you tell Charles, for instance, that the only way to do pull-ups is to a) just do ‘em and b) the RIGHT way to prepare is to dead hangs and focus on the lats (And other tricks that I mention in the pathbreaking book on this), then he pouts.

“The iron is the real deal!”

“Pull-ups aren’t really that important! They don’t build real strength! Hoisting the iron does!”

(the second is a comment he THINK – hasn’t said it as yet, but the vibe comes out strong and well).

And yet, he has been trying to do’em for years.

And complaining that “his weight doenst matter” when it comes to pull-ups.

Oh yes it does pally. Hate to break it to ya, but while it’s your right to live life as El Tubbo, and rant if people call you out on it (And of course make your favorite memes etc (if you are! 😉)) … fact is this.

And this can be cross checked with CrossFit, the U.S. Marines, the Navy Seals, Michael Phelps, Iron Mike Tyson, or anyone you consider to be an expert on pull-ups.


Forgot to mention yours truly there in that list! 😉

But anyway, it ain’t so much about weight.

BIG guys can do pull-ups. They can sometimes in some cases do way more than I can.

FAT guys however, CANNOT do pull-ups right. Find me one that can knock ‘em out all day, or even half of all day, or even for a couple of mins straight, and I’ll doff my hat to ya.

The more fat your carrying around that tummo, the tougher pull-ups get.

‘Tis just that simple my friend.

And of course, when I Say that.

How dare I eh.

Can’t win for losing …. For most people! 😉

And thats why I market my stuff and SELL to a very EXCLUSIVE group of DOERS my friend.

Not for me the whiners, moaners, pissers, groaners, lookie lous and so forth.

It’s about an EXCLUSIVE bunch of folks that HAS what it takes and is willing to GIVE what it takes, and then some to GET to wher they want to be eventually!

Are you part of that elite group?

Only you can decide, my friend!

But either way, the “damned if you do damned if you don’t” behavior is just plain juvenile and stupid. I’ll have more on this later too. For now, it’s adios, and I’ll be BACK with a ROAR soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember to pick up “Pull-ups – – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS” TODAY, my friend. Truly the one and only definitive course there is on pull-ups, and I CHALLENGE you to find any better! 😉


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