Training “half bore” and on great minds thinking ALIKE !

Well, well, well, . It’s happening twice (happened) in a row, and being I do NOT believe in coincidence, I gotta say what I did on Twitter in response to a Donald Trump post on the FLU (and the China plague).

And that was this – “Dang, I just said this myself on my blog!

And I had, actually.

It was a few seconds after I posted what I did that he tweeted in his own imitable style.

I then posted about training.

And how it’s BAD to go “all out” in every workout, and how in the vast majority of cases you might actually be hindering your results as opposed to improving them (and how for the lazy asses reading this that was NOT an excuse to “take a break and relax because eyou deserve it due to whatever reason”).

And that’s something I’ve written about galore, of course in the past.

And this morning, I saw a post on “50%” training from a guy I sometimes follow (and used to follow a LOT in the past).

I might not agree with everything this dude says, but he’s a nigh on brilliant marketing mind, right up there with Ben Settle, yours truly, and the rest (sorry, had to be honest!)

And the inimitable Donald Trump who is by far the very best marketer ever. In fact, and people don’t get how expertly he can do the right thing and also hit right to the core when saying what he does, but it’s nigh on obvious for those that “get it”.

Like yours truly, because he’s a man after my own heart and I market the same damned way!

And often times I’ll keep up with him just to see what he has to say, and what I can LEARN from it (though it certainly helps that I agree with him on most things!).

HE’s got it. You either got it, or you don’t in terms of life – and marketing too – and while the fact he’s almost double my age and doesn’t (like me) look it has a lot to do with it, most of it is natural.

He just discovered it and is it any coincidence that Trump is a huge Napoleon Hill fan?

I think NOT.

IN Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill gave his own version of “men ageing like fine wine” when he gives you the facts on accomplishment, TRUE And real and LASTING accomplishment that the world notices and that is what YOU have always wanted … NOT really occurring until after the age of 40, and in some cases way after 40!

Edison. Ford. Lincoln. Name whoever you can, but amongst the very other admirable qualities they had (David Copperfield is another name that comes to mind) – they had age in common, and on their side.

And of course, they “got the magic of sexual transmutation, either consciously or non-consciously).

Anyway, back to marketing and how the greatest marketer alive today (Trump) dpoes it and yours truly.

Always have – and no, keeping it real ain’t the whole secret by a long damn shot (and no, that won’t be revealed in this email either).

But anyway, back to training.

As I wrote about yesterday, 50% training (or NOT going full bore) has benefits manifold, and beyond the frigging obvious.

One of them being improved reps and performance in the next workout, if not this one.

What do I mean.

I went half bore today while jumping rope.

Still did my 2000 reps, but I did them in roughly double the time (OK, not double, since I did pushups in the middle, but still, wasn’t near as fast as I normally sprint through ‘em).

And guess what.

I finished off my workout with something I haven’t done for a long, long time that being Bourne sprints.

Modified Bourne sprints, since I haven’t done ‘em for a while. And you’ll see more on Bourne (hey, I’ve made no secret of my liking for Matt Damon and the Bourne series!!) in the next email, but for now, let me just say I got a great workout in.

Pushups (more than I normally do per workout).

Pull-ups (LESS – like yesterday. But I still got in more ROPE pull-ups which are amongst the toughest a man can do!).

Dips (galore!)

And of course, lots of stretching and a LOOOOOOONG sprint to finish it all off.

Brings back memories of 2017 when sprints used to be my mainstay (not rope sprints, but actual running sprints).

And that’s that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Who is the guy I was “following” and still do to an extent? Well, you will have to crank open the 0 Excuses Fitness System to find out. YES, I believe in giving credit where credit is due. No, I ain’t concerned about (if) lost biz either!

PS #2- Just realized about an hour or so after that post that I hardly even addressed the “great minds thinking alike” part. Well – I won’t get into it again now – but rest assured thoughts do transmute my friend, and how. Ever notice how you attract what you truly are good at , cherish or desire to you (deep down inside) on auto pilot, for one?

I’ll have more on this later tho – stay tuned!