Why less is often (well, not often, but often if you know what you’re doing) MORE (and why I thought I’d forgotten how to look at the clock).


I thought I had forgotten how to read the time, or that I Was reading it wrong if at all.

And as I finished sets of 500 jumps in 2 minutes flat today, even yours truly that is always looking to BETTER himself in all regard, even yours truly that believes and very whole heartedly so in the Claude Bristol saying of “you can never rest on your laurels, because success is a matte of never ending application. The minute you pause to rest on your laurels is the minute it takes WINGS and flies AWAY”, even yours truly that doesn’t usually brag about reps etc thought the above.

Damn, am I looking at the time right, I thought.

And as I finished that part of my workout, and headed out to the park for pull-ups and DIPS (an unique combo in many ways, and YES, those of you that think my fitness info is “hardly pathbreaking” – guess what – what I did today and what I usually DO IS PATHBREAKING, period. Admit it. You wouldn’t be saying it wasn’t if it truly wasn’t, hehe).

The knife that cuts deepest . . .

The points that really hit home, because, well, they do . . . and they’re TRUE.

Why Donald Trump is by far the best and most successful marketer I’ve ever “known” . . .

And more.

But anyway, I did up a lot on sales and marketing in the last one so not here.

Not now at least.

Point is this.

Sometimes, and indeed many times if you know what you’re doing better, you’re better off doing LESS than more.

(No, this isn’t me referring to shorter and more intense workouts which AR Ewhat you should be doing, but the point is entirely different)

The point is NOT (and this is mostly for the TUbbos and weight pumpers) to take longer breaks between sets or NOT workout on any given day.

In fact the vast majority of people out there need MORE, not less, especially the 2 (and often the same) categories I mention in that sentence above.

But often times you’re better served improving at a certain exercise, for instance, by doing less reps of that exercise in THAT particular workout.

Lets say you want to get to 100 pull-ups per workout.

You’re currently at 30-35

Well, great.

One or two days a week, you might want to do just TEN pull-ups and be done with it.

And usually speaking, do MORE of a certain other exercise . . . This is something I picked up after hours spent in the trenches trying to figure out why my pull-up numbers weren’t shooting through the roof.

Finally I got it.

I was shooting for a BEST every workout.

Which you really shouldn’t be doing my friend.

Going all out or training to failure every workout is something I have written about before and advised against.

It may work (sometimes) if you’re only job is, for instance as an Armyman where that “is the job” so to speak. But even then, and those people would be the first to tell you, training to failure daily is usually highly counter productive.

So it was for me when I was trying to really up the number of reps per workout on the pull-up, for instance.

Once I figured it out, and started working MORE, not less on the supplementary exercises mentioned in the book, guess what.

My numbers darn near shot through the roof. Very quickly at that!

And so will yours, if you take what I am saying to heart.

It doesn’t mean be a lazy ass and do nothing. NO.

It doesn’t mean “oh, let me just relax today. I worked out yesterday and I’m sore, so I deserve it!”. NO.

Or any of the above crap.

What it means is you go easy on certain exercises, and hard on another.

Could be doing 10 pull-ups and 40 dips for what would normally be a 50 pull up workout (yours truly).

Could be doing less Hindu squats per workout for you on a certain day and really working the jump rope etc.

Doing so, my friend, keeps your body GUESSING.

Actively so. And the muscles are always challenged differently as are the synpases and entire nervous systems.

You ensure you keep things fresh and are never in a rut, so to speak, of any form or nature.

And that my friend is truly where your real gains lie!

And that’s that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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