Why most people doing “yoga at home” (or anywhere) don’t lose an OUNCE of weight long term

So after I finished that last post on fat (really fat) ladies teaching yoga they can’t do themselves (I mean it doesn’t just look ridiculous or pathetic to see that mountain of fat aka booty sticking out miles, desperately trying to get into position – no, not what you’re thinking either! – it looks hypocritical).

PLAIN AND SIMPLE HYOCRITICAL for the reasons mentioned in the last email.

Sure, an instructor may or may need to be in top shape himself or herself, but a bonafide slob x 10?

I think NOT.

And not being able to do said exercises herself (or himself if we’re talking last dude, but he wasn’t near as fat to be honest (but he WAS fat, yes))?

I think NOT x 10.

Anyway, enough on that.

I’ve written tomes about why yoga is possibly not just not beneficial for weight loss, but the worst thing you can do for weight loss.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know.

I can just hear the snowflakes chirp up about “we don’t do yoga for weight loss! We do it to feel good!”

Oh yes, you DO my friend.

At the core of it, the desire is to get that FLAT stomach, and abs that POP.

That Corrugated Core, as I so like to say!

Lets face it. Might not be easy to face, but it’s true!

Anyway, that’s fine, but I won’t even get into a detailed litany of why yoga is not the best thing for weight loss here.

What I will tell you is why YOU, the avid yoga “afficiando” is NOT losing weight (long term) despite doing oodles of yoga daily, and sometimes multiple times a day.

Despite “sweating it out in sauans while doing Bikram Yoga”

And why the yoga teachers (real teachers as opposed to the beached whales doing the rounds these days) themselves stay “enviably thin” as you think the following.

How does he (or she) do it!!

Well, my friend here goes.

First off, most people don’t do yoga at a level that even gets the heart rate up, let alone start to lose fat.

Great for stretching etc yes. But losing weight? I think NOT.

Sure, SQUEEZING and STRETCHING and moving the fat WILL Make you lose weight, but ONLY if it’s accompanied by some “thud thud thud” heart pumping from the upper regions!

Just the former will accomplish – well – zippo.

Second, diet.

While I’ve said on many occasions that diet ain’t half the big deal its made out to be (even less – sorry, you guys that “count calories” or make excuses about not doing cardio because “your high protein diet leaves you with no energy after weightlifting or some such rubbish”), it IS a big deal in some regards.

“Baba” Ramdev, a yoga guru in India, and probably the best person to learn from made the following statement once when addressing a throng of well over 10,000 at a yoga shmoga gathering.

(translated from Hindi)

“It’s great to workout and do yoga etc, but if you eat five or six parathas after that- you might as well not do ‘em”

Uncannily and eerily similar to what I’ve always said about (especially in the videos in the 0 Excuses Fitness System) that if “I can’t hear you breathe across the room, there is no POINT in you doing these exercises in the first place”.

Now, I said that for reasons different and more important than weight loss.

Reasons you SHOULD think about. And most don’t . . .

But it applies to weight loss as well. Big time.

Third, diet and heart rate apart, the exercises themselves do not lend themselves well to losing weight. Most of it is static holds which are great to build some sort of strength/endurance, but losing weight?


Now, good news is that DERIVATIVE exercises that come from yoga WILL help in losing weight, big time.

But unfortunately, these exercises are STAUNCHLY ignored as being “too simple”.

I mean, really. Folks, you’re well versed with my rants on people that can’t do pushups and say they do no good or they’re too simple, and the rants are justified, but if I were to start on what people say about these exercises ?

That in theory look even simpler?

I’d probably write double the number of books I have now!

Take for instance, the stomach vacuum, an exercise that has to be done right and an exercise that will work WONDERS – and one I mention in the “elementary” section of the Corrugated Core exercises.

Or perhaps the yogi version of the jumping jacks with my own mods added in . . .

And last, but not least, of course, the staunch refusal to acknowledge what curiously enough all the yogis will tell you (I mean the instructors, the real ones).

That just yoga by itself is great, but it’s part of a lifestyle when it comest o losing weight.

And most of the tubbos out there – well, I hate to say it, but their lifestyle is the exact opposite of what is required.

And that’s fine, if you choose to be a slob. Or not.

All good with me either way. I’m just here to point out facts – and on that note – out for now – back soon!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – You really should take a gander at Corrugated Core if you’re serious about losing that flab around your midsection. Yes, the book works! Big time – pun intended!!