How to BLISSFULLY … take a CRAP. And …

… no, it’s really NOT about taking a crap! Or maybe it is, hehe.

I dont know.

Thought struck me while jumping rope (afterwards, actually) as I blissed out in a stretch I’ve written about SO OFTEN.

That alone should giv eyou ahint.

But th e other hint (not really, hehe)?


I’m sitting here in shorts and nothing else, and writing this to you without glasses for one.

Do it QUICK!

And so says MR. Quick, and that has more lessons in it than most people reading this will realize.

Back to it though, hehe.

Crap, and taking one blissfully.

And here are the facts with regard to something that most (let’s face it, the majority of the populace is not just affected by mental constipation i.e. Inertia and ZERO FLOW, but the physical aspect too) –

First, it ain’t done by sittign on the porcelain throne.

Not blissfully at least.

And second, taking a crap blissfully is the LEAST of the benefits you can expect while “in this position.

What is it, you ask.

Well, the “Asian squat” I’ve written about so often.

Simply put, you get down on your haunches and squat down.

IF you can hold this position for even a few seconds, or getting there, you’re better off than most in the West who’d be hard pressed to even get into position (remember that was one of the basic fitness tests I put out a while ago in terms of “how long” you could do it!).

And I mean hold the position, hehe.

And third … ?

Something you already know.

Ain’t nothing like feeling “cleaned out from the inside out”.

And jokes and inneundos (if you’re smart enough to pick up on it! ;-)) the point stands.

Simply getting into this position will and can work your entire body like never before my friend.

It will also giv eyou a stretch throughout the entire lower body like never before.

And it’s part of the isometrics I include in the book that never seems to finally “Come out”, hehe.

I know. I know.

OK. I’ll stop!

But really, point begets! Hehe.

And on that note, I’m out. HERE is where you can find more such secrets that will get you in the best shape of your life my friend (but I ain’t gonna say “without trying” to “without breaking a sweat” – if that is you – this ain’t for ya – you need to WORK at it and just DO THE THING!) – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Truly the best ever.

Not a crap, hehe. The system!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Constipation is also responsible for a host of health issues and added FAT around the waist my friend. Fact. And here are some exercises (one, specifically) that WILL (and read carefull) get rid of constipation WITHOUT you breaking a SWEAT.

Correct. WITHOUT.


You heard me! Truly something for everyone, and if you’re curious to learn more about this, pick up Corrugated Core right now.

PS #2 – Make sure to have the throne nearby, hehe. Especially if you’re reading on it! 😉

Think – and get FIT!

Or get rich too, I could say.

Or find a suitable relationship.

Or get better at golf. Or … well, whatever your heart desires, but …

… this isnt about that. Maybe it is, but it isn’t my primary focus.

Anyway, this morning I saw the news.

The sh-news as I like to call it. Because most of it is, well, doo doo.

I’m not saying it’s not true, but virtually all of the news reported on all major news outlets is “massaged” to tailor it to whatever political viewpoint you have. Or to get more clicks. Or views. Or what not.

As Denzel famously said in Training Day …

“You know why I read this? It’s 90% bullshit (this while waving up a newspaper energetically at the coffee shop he’s at with the rookie). But it’s entertainment.”

“You won’t let me read it”, he continues. Apparently the rookie wouldn’t let him read it…

“So YOU entertain me!”

Kinda interesting yours truly brings that up here, eh. 😉

And for those that say “I don’t get it”, well, hold on.

The news was basically nothing new, and something I’ve been saying for months, if not years, and t was basically Secretary of State Pompeo telling India during his recent visit that constant vacillation (he termed it as “hesitation”) wouldn’t bode well for India or the rest of the world for that matter (he worded it differently, but thats the gist).

And he’s right.

And it’s blindingly obvious.

When someone intrudes into your house, do you reach for the shot gun or do you sit him down with coffee and beer while you discuss “if he’s willing to vacate your house”?

I mean something so blindingly simple, and people don’t seem to get it …

.. Anyway, point being this.

I’ve been saying it for months. And now people are taking it seriously.

(I don’t mean people on my lsit necessarily. I’m saying people in general).

Same thing for the plague that China spread. It was nigh on OBVIOUS who spread it and how, and Prez Trump for one has gone hoarse screaming it from the rooftops and yet for the majority of the year there were tons of people who wouldn’t believe it.

“We haven’t seen proof” (when there is PLENTY – they just didnt read it because ah, but facts …_).

Yours truly doesnt make statements on ANYTHING without considering it first, even it’s for a split second.

But (and I don’t say this to toot my own horn), I’m usually RIGHT.

As a buddy of mine keeps telling me after many arguments.

“I know. Yes, you were right”.

And he doesnt say that to flatter me. He says it because its, well, true …

As another friend once told me.

“There are no prizes for being right!”



But are there any for being wrong bro?

And that brings me to my central point. IT ain’t politcs or news.

It’s about YOU.

What if you were to, keeping in mind my track record on FITNESS, and FITNESS ALONE, consider what I have to say about more efficient training methods than pounding the iron for hours at the gym and feeling weak and exhausted for days later.

What if you were to, for instance, take my advice on doing pull-ups (for those that can’t do ’em) – and just DO ’em – rather than argue about “why I say what I do”?

I follow very few people my friend.

One of my Twitter accounts has over a 100 or so followers. For a business I rarely, if ever market (because I don’t really need to. IT finds me!). And I have zero peopel I follow.

And thats just because the vast majority of people don’t INTEREST me in any way, shape or form.

I follow doers.

I Follow those that go by gut feeling. Those that value instinct. Those that LIVE life as opposed to “meander through it according to what someone else wants or thinks”. And so forth.

And back to it – what if you were to take my advice – get down to brass tacks and start DOING? Rather than meaningless posturing and questioning?

The choice is yours, of course.

But would it help you?

I’d say yes – resoundingly so!

And on that booming note, I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is where you can pick up the best course on pushups. Don’t “think” my friend. Just effing DO IT. Just BUY the damned course, and get cracking. You KNOW you want to be the guy that can rep out 100 slow pushups in one set at the gyum for one, in perfect form!

Why age is just a number …

And it is!

I keep telling people I meet that, usually members of the opposite sex. And people in general, actually.

But ladies in general.

For some reason, and especially in mainland China “age” seems to be nigh important for women.

Gotta get married by 25, for one. Gotta have kids by 27. And while people may claim that “thing have changed”, and China has modernized, it really ain’t so in this regard, and a quick look at all the “rent a boyfriend (or girlfriend)” companies that have sprung up all across mainland China will tell you a different story.

The market truly doesnt lie!

Every year, tons of “single” Chinese return back home for the Lunar New year to be with their families, but the first question these families have (usually for the girls) is this.

“When will you get married”.

It’s gotten to the extent that some girls will “rent” a boyfriend (with contracts included in which “no touching” is allowed, but “show is”!!) just to appease/please their parents who can sometimes see past it all, but go along with it anyway for “societal purposes”.

And this isn’t necessarily limited to China alone. A lot of other Asian countries are afflicted with this sort of thinking …

I find this sort of thinking to be nigh on asinine, of course, but then again, who am I to say anything. 😉

But I DO tell people that age is just a number, and I don’t just tell them this because my best fitness gains have come at a point where most people GIVE up on fitness entirely.


I was in good shape (so people said) at the age of 25 in China. With a waist size of 32.

And at the age of 36, I was in EXCELLENT and the BEST SHAPE of my life in China. With a waist size of 27!

Right now, I’m back at 30 for a variety of reasons, but it ain’t fat to say the least, and I’m almost 40. And I don’t climb hills all day long like a maniac either In fact I do short bursts, short workouts like I recommend in my books, specifically 0 Excuses Fitness and Pushup Central. . .

But really, man.

Look at the lives of successful people.

Abraham Lincoln. David Copperfield (did I make him an actual person, hehe). Napoleon Hill. Edison. Henry Ford. Rockefeller. And the list goes on and on and on and on …

You will notice two things.

One, most of these men were “nothings and nobodies:” before the age of 40.

Two, most of these men didnt even start to really hit their strides before their mid 40’s.

And no, it ain’t got nothing to do with “you have no ambition” if you haven’t made it until 50.

You, the person KNOW if you’re truly doing what your heart desires and if you’re a success or not, or if you’re getting there!

But age doesnt mean anything my friend.

And indeed, a lot of times, we “age better with time” (especially men, but this applies to women too I believe).

Sexual transmutation is one huge reason for this when we’re talking males … I won’t get into it here, but let me just tell you this – there is a reason old time boxers and wrestlers refrain from having sex weeks before a fight.

You truly gotta “save it” and TRANSMUTE it. The second is more important.

Some of us have been doing it on auto pilot our entire lives and don’t even know it (yours truly).

The others, well, we learn how to do it and then do it ..

But really.

Age, my friend is just a number.

Alright, enough on that front.

For the best damned fitness system ever that will give you results no matter what age you’re at – click on over right HERE: The 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Truly the best ever!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure too to check out Pushup Central, another splendid course from 0 Excuses Fitness HQ’s!

Why, Rahul. Why!!

Tee hee. Chucke muckle. Snicker wicker and so forth …

And every time I get a question to the tune of the above, usually a moronic question that the person asking could answer themselves (that goes for most “whys” I’m asked normally, including the most moronic question I KEEP getting asked, and I KEEP IGNORNING is “why China of all countries isn’t necessarily as strong either militarily or economically as they’re painted out to be”).

I mean, gee whiz.

Google, my friend ( if you’re too blase to see the bloody obvious for one…).

But really.

A long time ago, yours truly joined that job.

A sum total of six months later, and plenty of beer down the gullet yours truly was fired through a “third party” who I won’t name here.

History repeats itself, if you let it.

Yours truly worked part time for the employer afte that, and enjoyed it for the most part.

And then due to whatever silly persuasion or reason yours truly DITCHED (again!) what worked for him in the past, and badgered his prior employer to take him on full time.

Well, I didnt really badger him.

I Asked him once, and I asked the third party a couple of times.

They did.

Within a couple of months, yours truly was very uncermeniously “almost fired”.

I did them the favor of not having to do it by walking out myself shortly thereafter.

History repeated itself.

I Worked part time for these guys, again.

And enjoyed it!

Thankfully that was about as far as it got.

And my then “wife” (or “S.O” as she sometimes called me, or the local language equivalent thereof – she was none too happy with a lot of my decisions either at that point, but we had money in the bank and yours truly had about half or less the foresight he does now, and didnt care, and … ah, but where was I?)had this to say about all this.

“He’s never handled anyone like you before”.

“He doesnt know how to handle you”.

He wasn’t the only one …

He joined pretty much every other employer I’ve had whose either put up with me as long as they could (or in the case above, as the results literally POURED IN) … and when “enough was enough”, they wearily fired me.

With that look of “righteousness” and the unsaid “Why, Rahul. Why”.

Actually, it was the first question my then boss (ex boss) asked me after canning me the first time.

“Rahul, why did youdo this”

His second in command (who was brought into the mix the next time around) had this to say.

“Rahul, everything else is forgivable! But not this! You were a pillar!”

And on went the righteousness. Snicker.

Why do I snicker.

Well, it’s mentioned in the 10 Commandments of Succesful Sales in GORY detail for one.

But in short, all I was doing was trying to get a better deal for myself based upon the very real results I gave the company.

When I wasn’t getting it, I naturally rebelled.

“In between” person #1 chided me often ruefully.

“You’ll never find a job like this one again!”

Hmmm. Maybe he was right .I love those guys, and I probably won’t find a job like it again. I enjoyed every bit of those few months leading up to catastrophe in Sep 2008 (oddly enough around the same time that Lehmann Brothers crashed, as it were).

And neither would I want to, or find a job for that matter.

Haven’t for ages.

And probably never ever will (ok, 2016 for a few months was an exception but that was another story altogether).

Anyway, brings me to another point.

Bozo Scofield’s most recent rant at me had the title line of “Why”.

Rahul, why, he wailed.


Funniest part is he knows well enough why.

And the irony is that it’s a question he and a lot of others should be asking themselves, really.

Why kill the golden goose as I ask in the book (well, I know why, but it don’t make no sense, really).

Why start trolling a person that didnt ever say one bad word about you?

(Well, I know. Because thats what el trollo’s do, but hey … snicker.).

And so forth.

Most of the people that hate my guts have this to say … WHY.

And they get no answer.

And the amount they bang their heads on the wall trying to get an answer that they pretty much know themselves never ever fails to amuse me no end …

(NB – the best “firing” I got was from a job I never worked at. Major General Michael had this to say to me and Uncle Bob (no longer with us) …

“Right now Michael, Rahul and Bob are the only ones who have access to admin rights on the site.

I unlocked the thread, and someone locked it back up again.

This is not a pissing contest.Can you piss FARTHER THAN ME? (replete wth images emphasizing the same)

You are both FIRED as Site Admins and Major generals … (to emphasize his point he used red colors and many others, hehe).

Public notice to follow shortly.

If you have issues with this, please feel free to flame me publicly!

Major General Michael sends with best Regards”

Now, the context behind this was Dongguan Expat, a site Michael and myself admistered, and , well … a lot that I won’t get into here.

And the Major General (not reall,y hehe) and myself were drunk. Myself too much so to even notice this until the next morning until Uncle Bob did and told me.

(I believe I was at one of those infamous company “annual dinners”. Ugh, you might say, but this one was fun actually, especially with a certain lady “V” and the dance she did…)

(I’ll write about “V” later, hehe).

Let’s just say V for Valentine.

But anyway, I love Michael. Like a brother. Perhaps thats why yours truly chose the English name “Michael” when he had to! (or decided to).

And that was an apt response given the situation as opposed to the “hands wringing” “why, Rahul why” a bozo would no doubt have uttered.

Ah, the frustration.

Anyway, crowning glory in all this?

Is that yours truly has been there.

Yes, I know the frustration. Gotta know how it feels to market it and all that (I know, I know).

But it’s the same way I feel, for instance, when I look at people that can’t do their first pull-up for instance, and keep struggling – and yet refuse to follow my pulling ways, instead preferring to moan and groan about the utterly useless lat pulldown machine.

Or those that can’t lose weight because they’re too lazy, and yet when told how to without change in diet, won’t do it.

So I feel ya, Bozo Scofield and the rest.

I feel your frustration.

But really, you know why. 😉

Admit thy errors, grasshopper, and I might just … ah, but thats a tale for another time!

For now, it’s adios. And I’ll be back soon with more!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Sometimes the best answer to “why” is the Chinese way i.e. “no why!”

Why does my fitness system work so well (as well as I say it does?)?

No why, pal.

Just get on the damn program and just DO it.

(but be warned; it isn’t for the easily offended or politically correct, especially not with a few of the “same gender” bathroom jokes I made in the video. Cindy didnt care but some might …)

I’ll see you there! (on board, grasshopper!).

More on political correctness, and the utter LACK of it on my part

I dont know what the world is coming to. Or has, for that matter.

We have a dastardly terror attack in France where an attacker, ostensibly a Muslim went berserk and attacked several people with a knife and apparently ended up beheading a woman as well …

… all because “he” (and his community in general) was “offended” at some caricatures by an official or someone a few days ago.

To be quite frank, I dont know the details behind the caricature, as I’ve stopped reading this “I get offended easily” nonsense a while back.

And the only reason I noticed it was the attacks (which is probably why the attackers did what they did as well, to get the world to sit up and notice their madness).

Just terrible.

But what is even more terrible is former PM’s of certain countries, Malaysia to be one saying that “the attacks were OK because France killed millions of Muslims before” (this was just one in a series of highly idiotic and inane tweets the former PM issued).

And just in, Egypts current PM made the following gem of a statement.

“Muslims have the right to not have their feelings hurt”.

At which point I just turned off the sh-news. Or should I say closed the browser.

I mean, there is (or is there??) a LIMIT to how ridiculous things can get in all regards??

Sure, political correctness has never been anything new, at least not in the recent past.

Everyone and their mama gets offended by something.

But guess what.

The “offense” is generally caused by people pointing it out like it IS.

Saying it like it IS.

And not backing down from doing the same (although the people in that category seem to be a dwindling minority to be fair).

All summed up pretty nicely to a reaction or two I got on social sh-media from the posts I made on it.

One guy posted a long (somewhat) rant (and every bit true!) about how silly leftist immgration policies from the very countries Trump once famously derided as “shithole countries” (and he was right in the sense he said it) are causing all these problems.

No problem – except he deleted it right afte r- and posted something slightly “less offensive”.

Ditto for the other commentor.

My reaction to the first was … “Well, like you said … “.

And he DID say it. !! He just had second thoughts about it ..

It’s simple, my friend.

Legal immigration usually and most always BENEFITS the country in question (to whch the person is immigrating).

Wave upon wave of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants from imporverished nations with a “chip on their shoulders or several” is quite another.

And the proof is in the pudding. Need I say more?

Now, yours truly doesnt believ ein religion. Period.

But I’m not above saying “Jesus Jumping Christ on a pogo stick” (or similiar statements) when the “urge” hits me or when I feel the need to.

IF I said the equivalent of that w.r.t say the “Hindu” religion?

Or islam?

OR any other?

I mean, really.

Goose and gander folks.

Good news though is this (for most of you on this list anyway) – yours truly has never ever bowed down to the pressure to be politically correct and/or say white lies every once in a while.

Could be not and never accepting blame for emails I had NO PART in (regardless of the consequences).

Could be calling the one and only Bozo Scofield out for what he is … (and quite frankly, I dont think even the easily offended got offended by that. Most are tittering as we speak).

Could be anything, really.

Could be me NOT shying away from saying big guys can do pull-ups, but FAT GUYS usually cannot, and NOT being apologetic about it (or hand holding, and listening to sob stories about “I’m too stressed to lose weight” and such BS).

I mean, whatever.

You either do it, or you don’t.

And if that causes the politically correct lot to hit unsubscribe, I quite honestly don’t give a rip.

Really speaking, what the world needs is WAY LESS of political correctness that is being imposed upon peopel globally, and yours truly for one will do everything he can and then some to buck the trend.

As he always does.

As he’s made a career out of, hehe.

Anyway, thats enough on that. To get your hands on probably the most politically INCORRECT fitness ways out there (but one that works, no questions asked) – go right HERE.

I look forward to welcoming you aboard!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And no, if you’re fat, you’re fat my friend. Big doesnt mean fat. Fat doesnt mean big either. Thats just how it is for the scores of people that keep writing in to complain about it …

PS #2 – Pull-ups, you say? We got you covered. Click on over right HERE

The “right thing” doesnt always (usually doesn’t) equate to “politially correct” thing.

And if there’s ever something you should be concerned about, and something you should NOT, it’s the former and the latter.

A long time ago, a friend had this to say about my disagreements with my significant other at the time.

“As long as you sleep at night knowing you did the right thing, thats what counts”.

Now, this particular disagreement was about that holy grail – MONEY.

Hehe. And of course, “Rahul is always wrong”.

Enough said … guys, and gals. 😉 (and especially you gals reading this. You’re always right! Giggle)

Anyway, back to it.

But and as my editor mysteriously changes all these here fonts to bold, I have this to say.

Doing the right thing ain’t usually the politically correct thing.

Usually the opposite.

It ain’t about doing whats right for someone else. Though this might sound selfish to the extreme, the great Claude Bristol quoted another equally great thinker in his pathbreaking book “TNT” …

I’ve never known of a man who succeeded in life materially by thinking of anything other than HIMSELF first and foremost.

Google, and youll probably find who said it (and if you’re too lazy to, so be it. I’m not about to do the legwork for you).

But the point stands, regardless of WHO said it.

You can only take care of others once you take care of yourself FIRST.

Yes, I said it. (and it’s a lesson I continue to learn daily, not the least of which being the recent (well, one of them) biz mishap which could have been avoided, and yet in the grand scheme of things is  probably all for the better – one of the best things that could have happened in many regards!).

Always a silver lining.

As Napoleon Hill correctly said …

Every adversity, every hardship, every tough situation has the seed of an equivalent benefit or more. Note that I did not say “flower of full blown success”, but the SEED from which said flower may be said to germinate. 

And I continue to say it. (both fo the above).  (and the above is paraphrased, but thats the gist)

If youre not in the right frame of mind and not doing what you truly want, or like, then there will be always be something lacking and that something for those wondering is not money.

That will likely be there in spades, much to the delight of your partners and SO’s …

And yet, look at Holly wood for one.

In Zero to Hero, the opening part contains a bit about why there are so many suicides in Hollywood (especially people with money and more of it than I’ve ever had in my life).

It also contains a bit about life’s simple pleasures that our kids (if you tune in!) can teach us …

The sheer screams of JOY at something most of us wouldn’t even notice …

Kids can indeed teach us a lot about life, and mine has taught me more than she knows!

But anyway point being this.

And back to being politcially correct and such.

It isn’t about “doing what others say is right” either. It’s about doing what is right for you.

As a Stallone line in that evergreen “macho man” flick over the top goes. . .

“Mike, remember one thing in life. Always do whats right for you! Remember that, Mike!”

(my English name is Mike, wierdly enough or maybe not so …) (Michael, actually, but we’ll get there later).

(and yes, I am NOT a huge fan of these “English names”, but hey, when in mainland China, do as the Chinese do in some regards! Better than being called “Lahoo” most of the time …)

Anyway, onwards, he was right.

And while calling Bozo Scofield out for instance is a move that seems to annoy even my most ardent fans (not all, but a lot), guess what.

IT ain’t politcially right or correct.

It ain’t what most people would consider to be the thing to do.

It ain’t about .. well, it is, actually, about “hiding your strengths and biding your time” (and I’m just getting started).

But it IS about sticking to your principles, as Charless Mitchell rightly said.

“The world is a mean, mean place! Stay true to your principles!”

(paraphrased again)

Spot on my friend.

Spot the hell on!

IF calling out a guy (Scofield) – a thief, a degenerate (and believe me, there are reasons I use these very strong terms) – a bully to the EXTREME (I hate bullies!) that has bullied countless people over the years (mostly people that couldn’t fight back, or so he thought, and mostly females at that) … if calling out a guy that has nothing better in his life than to make racist memes and hope others in his “vein of thought” pick up on it and amplify it, and so forth (and I’m just getting started!) is the NOT politically correct thing to do, well guess what.

I’ll do it. There are few things, if any, in life that I really really hate with a passion, but bullies are one of them.

Much like (and to the consternation of many) I keep putting together hard to read sentences, all in one block at that … Hehe.

Ill do it.

And I’ll keep doing it.

Because you see PAST the actual writing itself, or the tone of it, an dif you don’t, well, you’re at the wrong place.

And back to fitness.

Same thing applies.

The things that get you the best results are usually often th emost riduculed, and most WANTED.

Can even ONE of you write back and tell me, for instance, that you truly do not want to have the ability to have those Shoulders like Battletanks, and walk up flights of stairs on your hands – UNASSISTED?

Can even ONE of you reading this say you do NOT want the ability to get in a workout any place any time regardless of whether or not “you can get to a gym” (one of the most idiotic and yet most popular refrains ever – and I always say “Why” when I hear this!).

Can even one of you say you don’t want to be “slinking out” pull-ups willy willy without a thought, smooth as butter, and building that defined core as you so want?

None of the above three are necessarily politcally correct questions.

But .. an answer to any one of them (honest answer) will tell you just why politial correctness is way, way overrated.

Do the right thing, my friend.

Do whats right for you.

Do what makes you SLEEP BETTER and EASIER at night.

This approach truly will pay dividends long term, and fitness wise too!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up more of our products here.

PS #2 – Apply for life coaching right HERE. Believe me, some of the tips I reserve for “paying clients” only truly DO HAVE the potential to change your life around – nigh instantly in some cases!

Two things that annoy me NO END

Actually I could say “five things”. Or “ten”. Or perhaps a bazillion.

But we’ll just sum it up as follows.

“What the average Joe or Jane likes – or the average bozo follows – or … what the sheeple does … or the “herd mentality” thinking” …

I think you get the picture, and a lot of things can be included in this!

But for now, lets stick to TWO that come off the top of my “here” brain (and believe me, do a search on the site and you’ll find plenty of other things too! ;-)).

One being “no response” to a discussion.

Usually started by another person …

And the other being idiotic meaningless “audio” messages (which have apparently become all the rage these days with dumb phones and what not”.

And into that I’d tie in people ignoring one side of the conversation, selective reading (or listening – as Denzel so famously said “you’re listening, but you didnt hear mE!”) and of course Bozo like comments on “here, this video solves everything!”

Of course, my hatred for VIDEOS of any nature is well known!

And it’s of course opposite to what 99.9% of the populace wants, of course.

We all love videos. Let’s face it. I don’t, but most others do, because it’s brainless, let’s someone else do the thinking … and …

Even Donald Trump, one of the smartest marketers alive today understands the importance of video marketing, hehe.

Yours truly?

Well, after the barrage of videos I created for 0 Excuses Fitness, and a few others, I did precisely ZERO for myself.

(Edit – thank you, Cindy! I’m glad we’re stillt alking, and my cranky comments the other day didn’t “repel” you, hehe. But then again, you know my “caveman” style better than most! 😉 Or you’d never have taken the videos, hehe. I miss those days tho. Was fun wasn it? ;-))

Despite marketing for a client who created videos damn near daily .. And he was pretty good at ’em!

For me, it’s about finding what suits me though.

And creating a biz on my own terms, or several. Out of my bedroom. IN the “darkness” of my “man cave”.

And so I have.

Even nonchalant whistles outside annoy the heck out of me, as I prefer to trulyu be left alone. Maybe the Himalayas would be my next stop? 😉

Anyway, back to it.

Audio notes for one.

I cannot for the life of me understand why, for instance, you’d need long rambling audios to say what can be in ONE sentence, or less.

Or not type out what can be, and just “say it”.

Sometimes it’s a good thing to do. Don’t get me wrong. Words in black and white are often misinterpreted, but for the most part, it’s an annoying habit to have.

End of the day, all biz deals, or discussions for that matter are conducted, as ole Freddie once said “we need to put it in WRITING!” (that was, I believe, one of the reasons he hired me back in the day though neither he or I probably consciously knew it, in addition to my IT skills) are conducted via the WRITTEN medium

And of course, the next thing is …

We are having a conversation, and all of a sudden the other person goes SILENT.

Hey, we are even having a conversation via voice (because apparently “text” didnt get my point across).

As my buddy Alan perhaps rightly say “Jesus, Rahul! That long, long text message of yours”.

Great guy, but he was right perhaps. Hehe.

Other hand, yours truly LIKES LONG.

So despite all the marketing advice to the contrary I continue to write LONG emails that I could and do sell. In fact as of now, the Fitness Pioneer series could probably run to five volumes instead of the one it’s at it if I so choose!

Anyway, the “silent” part.

Followed by “I dont know much about this”.

When you’ve done all you can to explain repeatedly.

IT makes me gnash my teeth! Hehe.

But really, and thats why I keep my circle tiny, and hardly ever “get on the phone” with ANYONE.

Perhaps good buddies yes. But most of the time, no …

It just ANNOYS me. I mean we all have the Internet for Christ’s sake, so if we really care about something (other than the videos) we’d find the time to …

Ah, but there I go again.

This email is guaranteed, of course, to not just as I say (knock your socks off) but also annoy the heck out of most reading, so for you fine folks (believe me, YOU are in the MAJORITY there!) the unsubscribe link is right where it should be.

At the bottom of every email, and yes, it does require you to READ other than send me nonsenical emails to the tune of “go away”.

Thats #3 by the way.

People that get annoyed at me and say “Go away! Just go away!”

Usually when they have NO REBUTTAL to what yours truly is saying on a logical level, and for some reason it seems to happen in mainland China a lot, hehe.

Anyway, enough on that.

Something else that annoys me no end is thos ethat get on the list, and keep staying on it for FREEBIES.

IF thats you, you know what to do.

And if thats not you, well, congratulations on joining the most select group ever my friend.

I look forward to welcoming you aboard!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – YES – that “one time” yearly membership comes with FREE access to ALL our products! Truly a “value deal” if there ever WAS one …

PS #2 – Something else, you ask? AS I post this, I remember. I was going to say it above, but it’s those that “ask me something”, and when I Respond (remember, I don’t make statements unless they’re true or I stand behind them 100%!!) they’re “like” “well, I don’t think so!” or … “I don’t believe it!” (and yet, those things end up HAPPENING). Ugggggggggh. OK, if you think I’m an idiot, wouldn’t it be better just not to ASK in the first place? Mindblowing my friend!

Strength and conditioning

There is a reason the hashtag #strengthandconditoning is one of the most popular fitness related ones on Twitter, for one.

And most other social media.

But for the life of me, I don’t get it. I don’t understand why more people don’t jump on to the strength and condioning band wagon – big time!

You see the roid monsters at the gym pumping massive weights claiming it’ll build strength.

Perhaps to an extent, and in some wierd ways it DOES build strength and of course the “beach boy look”.

Then you have the average Joe doing the same (except with less poundage strapped on) but worrying about “going for my runs four times a week”.

Or similar cardio done for a set duration for set number of times per week …

You see, you have to get your cardio in!

Now, none of this is necessarily a “bad” approach to training.

And it might even work to a degree.

But whats ‘not bad ‘ can always be made BETTER my friend.

And why wouldn’t you want a workout that not only accomplishes both strength training and conditioning, that all important conditioning and fat loss in ONE workout?

A workout that would not only free up a lot of time for you “busy folks” out there to watch more TV, and get on more social media, and perhaps pound more cold ones at the end of the day, or whatever else you so choose to do …

Por ejempelo, SPRINTS instead of “squats.

Uphill sprints preferably, but if you don’t have hills around subway stairs or even flat land does just well.

And you don’t even need to do ’em more than three times a week!

These are exactly the sort of workouts I mention in Advanced Hill Traning for one. I don’t advocate doing ’em daily. I did, but at that time I wasn’t doing much else in my life but training and writing BOOKS – and righ tnow, I am, and you probably are too!

Or, let’s say pull-ups.

Pull-ups will build strength like nothing else, especially if done along with pushups.

If you can do handstand pushups, so much more so the better.

But regular pushups and pull-ups are an oldie but goodie that is often ignored, and will get the heart thumping like never before.

And even if youd o just pull-ups … if you do ’em right, you CAN get cardio in while doing them!!

Thats another secret I reveal (and the how) in the advanced book on pull-ups.

Or pushups, for that matter. 100 pushups a day will get you sweating like a racehorse if done right – trust me!

So why wouldn’t you want workouts like these that build a ton of strength – – and lung power to boost?

I don’t know about you – but if I had an all in one workout that would give me that all important boost of strength – along with conditioning – then I know which I’d choos ewhen compared to wasting hours and hours in the gyms, on the pavements and what not!

I’ve given you the choices up there. There are more HERE.

The rest, my friend, is truly up to YOU.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember to pick up the elementary course on pull-ups (for those of that are struggling to do even a single pull-up) right HERE: –

Why “providing value” isn’t always the “ticket” it’s slated to be, and could actually be counter productive for all involved …

I can just hear the chorus of voices rise up (silently of course hehe) before I start this one …

But believe you me, while providing value above and beyond what you expect, get, and pay for has always been a cornerstone of my biz philosophy (any biz), what I’m about to say here might shock you.

Especially if you fall into one of the above categories (that moan the most and loudest about “expensive products” and “not providing value” – funnily enough with no basis for those statements and when questioned they curl into their little balls but hey …)

  1. Freebie seekers who “just want the information for free” (with which they do exactly squat all).
  1. Tyre kickers who would never ever pay for anything even if it helped them …
  2. The “easily offended” sort and those think “I can get it for free so why pay for that” (hint – NO, you can’t, and more on this later)
  3. The drama queens, can’t handle the truth for what it is sort, serial refunders, and everyone else that doesnt fall into any similar category.

Can all be summed up as such, hehe.

How dare he!

How dare he even say it.

How dare he sell information that people are (in some cases, or perhaps a lot if you’re in one of the categories above) too lazy to search for and put together themselves, and of course use?

(Although to be fair, most of the information in my paid products CANNOT be found online. Hence my challenges to you guys to find something better on pushups than Pushup Central, for instance …)

But really.

I dont’ see any value in providing “everything on a platter my friend”. As I wrote about before today, we tend NOT to value that which is given to us for nothing.

I dont see any value in providing a “shoulder to cry on” or “comforting those that are too lazy to do what needs to be done”.

Or handholding, or mollycoddling …

I do however see value in MOTIVATING people to get off their ass and get her done.

In ENTERTAINING folks (maybe not the way you’d expect, but still!)

(NB – and in that regard, yet another reason I love the one and only Trumpinator – he’s truly a GOOOD, GOOD student of the Dan Kennedy school of marketing!!)

(NB #2 – in that it’s not so much about how many people like you, or hate you, are indifferent to you, follow you etc. Although that DOES PLAY A HUGE PART, it ain’t the whole shebang by far. SALES are, my friend. Or if you’re doing what Trump does, results, which are indeed sales in another form …)

(NB #3 – I realize that bit will fly over most heads reading this, but so be it).

In talking about workouts that get real results (with proof)

In talking about why pull-ups or handstand pushups are some of the best exercises ANYONE can do period …

And such.

There is a reason a lot of my posts are tagged #life or #motivational – because, well, the obvious.

Unfortunately the tyre kickers in the four or so categories above (I actually thought of a 5th but can’t remember it right now, hehe) hate all of the above the most.

So be it.

If thats you, yo uknow which link to click. It’s right there at the bottom of every email, my friend.

And enough with all this already. If this hasn’t motivated you enough to get off your ass, pull out that credit card, and invest in the very best fitness system there is out there, then I don’t know what will!

And if the blatant sales pitches repel you, well, guess what.

They will keep coming, hehe. And so will the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each email. 😉

And thats that for now. See ya soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Yet another strain of the “How dare he” disease (mental disease) that has been doing the rounds as of yet is “who does he think he is”. Truth be told though, thats an ancient one that seems to have picked up steam yet again. I will keep you posted on that front too, hehe.

PS #2 – Here is where you can pick up a highly unconventional and totally unique course that gives “animal like fitness” a whole NEW slant – Animal Kingdom Conditoning

Why fitness is somewhat like (most) marriage (s) …

In a post or so prior to this one, I believe I wrote about “the Universe talking to us”.

Being that site #4 I have is currently down for a certain reason that should go (and will go) unexplained here, hehe (but will be up soon) I’ve been doing a lot of writing on this one, a LOT. An dI can’t remember which one.

(Actually, to be honest, I’ve done my writing for the other sites too. Just a matter of getting it up on #4, and …)

Anyway, just saw the following on my phone (remember how them things can almost “predict” our thoughts?? Remember the post on that one??)

“Gallery Romantic Love Video” added in Status.

God knows what video, and what status…

I think it’s a free software I have on my phone, or something, but anyway, if there ever a sign from the Universe to write what I am about, it is this!

Many years ago, yours truly “fell in love”.

Some may argue for “once”. Some may argue “again”.

Some may argue “never”. Hehe.

But despite any and all of that, yours truly’s first thought was to (naturally) cohabitate together and see how it went from there.

The girl was a different bent of mind though. And smart, too (from a certain angle, if you think about it!).

She wanted to do the same thing, but marry.

Yours truly agreed. After all, what difference could a piece of paper make eh.


And while that was one of the worst decisions – as well as BEST decisions I’ve ever taken (i know, sounds strange eh, hehe) – would Igo back and change anything about it?

Probably NOT.

Definitely NOT, actually … (and for those of you guys clamoring that “marriage” isn’t really all that “different from where we’re at now” – well – be warned. The littlest of things (seemingly so) do make a huge huge difference!).

If you want me to explain ,let me know. And I’ll do so. But it’s outside the scope of this email.

For now, just know its true and a FACT, much like the Sun rising in the East daily is . . .

And the same way, would I change a damn thing about my admittedly sloppy and rubbish fitness methods back in the day?

For instance, the pumping and toning and “Weightlifting at home” that I did back in the day in China?

As I got bigger, I also got fatter.

I could barely climb a flight of stairs with groceries in my hand without puffing up a storm.

I couldn’t run around the block without breaking a sweat.

Despite my forearms growing in size and a certain (for one!) “Henry Wong” marveling at the size, they didnt necessarily get any stronger.

Not wrt the size at least.

Now, point in all this?

I’m getting to that, sweetheart. Hang on!

Ever hear of the “seven year itch”?

Apparently its the point at which any and all romantic feeling in a “traditional” marriage (man and woman, as you and I know it, hehe) completely flies out the window?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I can hear people jumping up and down in rage. How dare I say it!

But it’s a term thats been coined for a reason.

In Napoleon Hill’s “Laws of Success”, he writes and rightly so that if you study married couples married for 10 years at a stretch or longer (5 or more by today’s standards!) then you would be hard pressed to find even the smallest hint of that whch we call “love”.

But no-one could NOT find and notice the “usefulness” (in a practical sense) of husband to wife, and wife to husband.

Unsexy, unromatic, but it works.

Fitness wise, same thing.

Slogging up that hill was a chore at times.

Certainly no pump n tone walk in the park in an airconditioned home or gym …

Especially not when it was hot and humid out there in the middle of the day duiring climb #5, or when I was soaked to the bone in grade III thunderstorms … with trees falling around me no less.

Doing 100 pull-ups per day hasn’t exactly always been “joyful” either.

It’s something you do daily.

Make a habit out of.

Much like kissing your SO every morning whether you feel romantic or not …

Much like brushing your teeth, actually, or writting these daily emails.

Practice does make perfect.

And Practice done long term is like, well, a “successful” or what most people term it as “marriage”.

Meeting of the minds my arse, hehe.

Anyway, thats enough ramble from me. To get on the very best damned fitness system on the PLANET, click on over right here – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is another interesting book from way, way back int he day … Fast and Furious Fitness. The first, and the only one still being offered in paperback (note – the site offers it in ebook format, but if you want the physical version, lemme know!) .