Pull-ups and hill sprints!

An awesome combo if any, and though yours truly always advocates having TONS of tool in that training toolkit of yours, this is one combo you could follow for the rest of your life, do nothing and make AWESOME gains.

For those that want more, you could perhaps work in swimming. Or perhaps deadlifts etc if you’re into REAL weightlifting. (not the pumping and toning to impress the babes).

But that’s all you need, if done right, and not even on a daily basis.

Yes, you read that right.

The guy who advocates doing something daily is saying you don’t need to follow that combo on a daily basis, and in fact, truth be told, if you DO sprint daily, chances are you’ll actually slow down your gains as opposed to gain MORE.

Anyway, one of my friends is back in the US of A, and is in a lovely wooded area right next to the Canadian borders.

Awesome scenery, plenty of great food, training and fresh air – and of course my eternal favorite – HILLS!

I was talking to him yesterday, and before we got off the phone, he told me he had to go to the gym and then a hike.

And then sent me some pictures of the countryside later.

Damn. Beautiful. Idyllic. Away from all the BS (and believe me, he’s dealt with a LOT as of late).

As they say, the darkest hour is always before the dawn, and it certainly was in in his case.

I recommended him to read Shantaram, a book I recommend ALL OF YOU on this list to read – written by Gregory David Roberts about an Aussie’s adventures in India – – ah, but wait. None of this was why I was writing any of this, was it??


Hill sprints, and pull-ups! Or the other way around.

My friend has lost of a ton of weight over the past few months, and NOT in a good way. “Gaunt” would be  a good way of describing how he looked at the time he took the picture he sent me. Bad ass still yes, but gaunt.

And he’s training daily, getting stronger and healthier, and FITTER!

“Hey, man. I don’t know what you do in the gym. But it’s probably deadlifts etc if you’re weightlifting, and hitting the heavy bag . . . but if there’s one thing you need to be doing, it’s pull-ups. Do pull-ups, and LOTS and LOTS of them, and preferably on thick bars. Them traps will start a-popping (again) in no time!”

For those that don’t know, my friend is a natural gainer. The “ironmonger arms” sort, so it won’t take him long at all on a decent routine and if he adds in hill sprints?


Watch out!

There is a REASON I emphasize sprints of all kinds so heavily in Advanced Hill Training, my friend.

A damn good reason.

Sprints are the Mecca and Medina of leg training, and indeed OVERALL body training and conditioning. I wrote that years and years ago in Fast and Furious Fitness and the point stands.

Sprints, either done Bourne style on flat land (though remember, Damon did HILL runs to get in shape for that movie😉) or hills work your entire body into the ground like NOTHING ELSE Can.

And they build muscle and strength all over the entire body like NOTHING can. Like NO OTHER exercise can.

Hill sprints. Stair sprints. Stadium stair sprints. Subway stair sprints. I don’t care what it is, but work a sizeable incline in there and you’ve got the BEST FAT LOSS tool ever, and best part is it don’t take all day either.

If you’re doing things right, your sprint routine shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes tops, and MOST, I repeat MOST of that will be REST!

And when you finish off (or start with) pull-ups – you’ve truly got the best of both worlds in terms of strength and muscle building, and overall HEALTH and fitness too!

Try this little combo, and let me know how it goes!


Rahul Mookerjee

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