One arm hangs, and MORE !

So I just got done what I got done doing yesterday (halfway that is).

I think I stopped watching “Bloodshot” the latest Vin Diesel movie halfway through and wrote to you about my ultra, uber, sore forearms (which have recovered fine by now, hehe).

No, no little thingie dingies running around in my BLOODSTREAM fixing allt hat up for me!

Just a good rest, sleep and natural recovery (and an increasingly fruit based diet these days, for the nonce at least, but we will get into that later).

Suffice it to say that while the world in general needs a cleansing every so often (every so many years), your BODY needs the same every once in a while as well.

And though I don’t really do the fruitarian diet thing (and don’t recommend it, or ANY diet for that matter), my first famous meal of the day has been nothing but fruits.

Your favorite fitness “guru” has been pretty explicit about the time of day he gorges on his first meal, so I think no need to go there!

But again, and anyway.

Bloodshot? The reviews?

Not too bad if you’re a Diesel fan, and I’m not. Never have been. But other hand, I can watch the guy all day long without being a fan, because dude is just so hardcore in his roles!

Ditto for the dude that recently did “Extraction” (can’t quite remember his name – but now that dude – in shape for one!).

Anyway, there’s a scene towards the end of the movie when Diesel is hanging on for dear life by ONE hand to a rapidly crumbling and collapsing part of a skyscraper, looking ready to hurtle down to terra firma (which seems miles beneath) and even his genetically engineered and programmed body would probably never survive that!

And he’s hanging on for dear life, until he finally does a gorilla.

Pulls himself up by one arm – the fingers.

Not quite the silverback Gorilla in an Orlando Zoo I once mentioned that pulled itself out of its smooth walled, shiny new enclosure via ONE TINY CRACK – but pretty close! Not for nothing that Diesel is referred to as a potential GORILLA at the end of the movie by a character that is just hilarious . . .

And point of me saying all this?

Well, this.

That one arm hangs build strength like no-one’s business, and the GRIP as well.

I haven’t included one arm work in any of my books as yet, but  that don’t mean it’s not been around. Clint Eastwood for one was popping off one arm pushups at the “ripe old age of 80 plus” if I recall correctly in public at that!

And while I’m not sure what sort of training Diesel does, and if it was actually him doing the dead hang or a stunt double, it looked pretty cool.

I’ve been including plenty of one arm pulling and hangs these days in my routine, and that’s probably yet another reason for the forearms being as damned sore as they ARE.

Not to mention that omni present badge of honor – CALLUSES – springing up in new patterns all over my palms . . .

And the one thing that I do differently, and that I’d recommend you to do?

When doing pull-ups in general, I have ALWAYS recommended in ALL my books to go to a dead hang FIRST and HOLD.

And then commence the movement, and ditto for when you finish it.

This advice runs contrary to what a lot of people say about avoidinging the last bit of a dead hang, and if your shoulders are completely shot, may make sense to start out that way but I Still don’t recommend it.

Build them tendons is what I say. And the best way to do that is by doing the thing.

But when it comes to one arm work, remember that these sort of hangs are VERY TOUGH on the shoulder joint, and for you beginners, keeping a bit of tension in there may actually help.

The goal is to do one arm pull-ups like you’d do normal pull-ups (indeed, those are what I was ALSO working upon today).

But when you first start . . . go easy. And if you have to really tense the shoulder area, go for it.

And that’s that for this email. I’m feeling great. Off I go for now, and back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – One arm hangs, you say. I can barely hang on to the bar with both hands for any length of time!

I hear you, my friend. You ain’t alone by a long shot. Good news is THIS course right here will make a pull-up MONSTER out of you in no time flat, just as it has PLeNTY OF other people globally – Pull-ups – – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS.