Forerarm TORTURE!

Ok, so a coupla things . . .

My forearms are sore . . . sore as HECK!

And I’ve been watching “Bloodshot”, which from the looks of it seems to be the Hollywood version of “masala flicks” with an Indian dude as an I.T. guy no less, and a slightly “pudgy” (around dthe face at least!) looking Vin Diesel (still looking bad ass though!) kicking ass everywhere he goes.

Diesel dies when the bad guys shoot him.

And then, mysteriously he’s “resurrected” in a top secret (so it would seem) lab in the future.

And he isn’t just brought back to life.

He’s become even more of a machine, a WRECKING machine than he was before!

You see, the “science” behind all this puts little thingy’s in his body to miraculously “repair” broken bones, tissues, muscles etc (and even a half blown apart face) before you can say “voila”.

And it seems to work, especially as you see him punching through punching bags (hey, that reminds me of my buddy!) – – and walls no less.

And though they try and take his memory away and delete the “revenge” part of things, it doesn’t seem to be working too well. At least not until 50 minutes or so into the damn movie, which is when I paused it to stop and write to you. Hehe.

Because my damn forearms are sore as hell today, and I ain’t got no little “thingies” working overtime in them to “repair” the broken down muscle fibers.

And just what did I do to torture my forearms this much?

Well, simple.

Two things at least.

Rope jumping, and PULL-ups, and then floor work.

But the pull-ups and the SEQUENCE in which I did ‘em, something I don’t often do is what made my forearms super sore.

I do my pull-ups on a thick, thick bar. You guys are well aware of that.

But what I did different was one arm hangs on that thick bar for TIME.

More importantly, I found THICK handled gymnastic rings, and did pull-ups hammer grip style on them.

And I alternated all this for 50 reps.

And NOW, I’m sore as heck my friend. Mostly in the forearms, and while I’ll be hitting it hard and heavy tomorrow, the only thing missing would be ROPE work.

But I’m getting much of the same impact grip wise from what I’m doing, of course.

That doesn’t mean you can skip rope climbing etc, but damn – this little combo here I’ve given you will truly give you a grip of STEEL, and then some!

Try it out sometime, and let me know how you do!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is the ONE definitive course on pull-ups (I know, most of you can’t do a single one as yet!) that will get you cranking them out like there is NO TOMORROW – Pull-ups – – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!