Leave yourself with no choice . . . BUT TO!

Many years ago, Marc the African silverback Gorilla told me the following when I was in a spot (and when my at that time nascent business was beginning to “sprout wings”).

You have to make it work, Rahul. You have no CHOICE but to!

And did I make it work?

Well, you be the judge!

Ive often spoken about Napoleon Hill and the story he mentioned of a famous General in Think and Grow Rich when he had to fight against a far stronger and better supplied enemy.

He told his men to burn his boats as soon as they reached shore.


They had no choice – but to win – or PERISH!

And win they did, as history showed, and this burning of bridges is literally what you gotta do my friend to achieve TRUE AND LASTING success at anything you do.

I don’t care if it’s fitness, writing books, or just plain LIFE – if you TRULY CARE abou tit, want it to LAST and are NOT willing to compromise, then you just have to burn all bridges behind you.

Edwin Barnes certainly did that when he showed up at Edison’s office all those years ago, ragged from his “free” travel on a freight train and looking anything but the future potential partner of Edison that he boldly proclaimed himself to be when he walked in the door.

Edison almost lauighed at him.

But there was something in his demanor, that Edison saw, and later referred to, that SOMETHING which told Edison that this man WANTED something, and wouldn’t rest until he got it.

And from his vast experience of men, Edison knew the folly of ignoring such a man.

He didn’t give him the partnership on a platter, of course.

Barnes started out as a lowly sweeper, working for Edison.  For years he labored unnoticed, and then (I think it was 5 years at the least) one fine day an opportunity came to him.

Disguised as they often do!

The great inventor had designed a new machine which his salesmen all agreed would be nigh on impossible to sell.

All of ‘em.

Not Barnes though! He saw the opportunity, and POUNCED.

Much like the lizard hiding under my dishwasher. It waits and waits and waits for prey. Scurries away at the mere sight of me, but today, when an ant was there, it was boldy hunting that ant right there and then!

Patience truly is a virtue very well cultivated if you get my drift, partner!

And so Barnes finally got his opportunity, made it count – and retired at the age of 30 no less, so well did he do.

And got his coveted partnership, of course!

And that’s the tale I want to bring to you today, and as f ar as fitness goes?

Well, I’ve been “shooting the yarn” with Charles Mitchell recently (he emailed me back in response to an email about doing the right thing) . . .

And I asked him about how he was getting along in the pushups in Pushup Central, a book he LOVEs, if just because the exercises are so darn CHALLENGING and WORTH it.

And he’s getting there.

“Those fingertip pushups are hard as hell! They make the fingers HURT!”

But he’s getting there, my friend.

Day by day he works on them – and I have NO DOUBT that one fine day he’ll be writing back to me and telling me Hey Rahul, I’m at 25 plus fingertip pushups STRAIGHT – give me something tougher! 😉

That’s the power of persistence and patience my friend.

My own gains were the same.

I didn’t get to 100 pull-ups per workout by magic. I worked at it, and how.

And slowly, day by day, I improved.

Some days were good. Some bad. Some great. Some hell.

And yet, I persisted, and the results are there for all and sundry to see !

And that’s the message today, my friends. Do the right thing for yourself, and live a life of integrity – and NEVER EVER compromise on your goals, or back down an inch!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can pick up the book on pushups – Pushup Central.

PS #2 – And as I prepare to post this, shoot. Almost forgot. Leave yourself with no choice BUT TO – and chances are you will. That’s how any REAL (and lasting) accomplishment was achieved!

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