Is this a spelling competition?

This morning, I woke up to an interesting comment (that to be honest I’ve heard a lot before in various shapes, forms and guises).

That being, a comment on yours truly’s spelling, apparently in one of my books Gorilla Grip Advanced Which I am currently getting translate dinto Portugese, I believe . . .

Actually, it’s not that book.

It’s my Fitness Pioneer – Volume ONE fitness tips collection that I’m referring to, and it ain’t Portugese (that is the other book).

It’s being translated into Spanish, and Gorilla Grip (Advanced) has already BEEN translated into Spanish, I believe!

Anyway, multilingualism and globalism aside – here is what the lady sent me this morning (the lady that is doing the translation for the book) –

Hola! Rahul. I’m very thankful for your understanding and trusting me. I’m working on your project. btw, have you had it proofread? I have some comments only on spelling.

(for reference, the lady is more than a month late on the translation. I’d normally drop the project right there and then (or was it then and there? 😉) and find another translator, but times are “different” these days, and it isn’t just her that has been “delayed” on this).

And the reason she gave me was a good one. I believe it was something to do with taking care of her family, and more importantly, the VIBE coming off her words was honest, so I’m going along with her.

Anyway, my response to her email . . .

Hi Marielis Thanks for the email. Don’t worry about the minor spelling errors etc – so long as the final translated version is error free, thats all I care about. The English version is different in that for these books, so long as the meaning comes across, it’s all good. That doesn’t excuse poor spelling, but occasional typos are OK – no problem – so don’t worry about that! Look forward to the final translated version. Best, Rahul

Now, typos are something I OFTEN make in my emails and while I try hard not to have them in my books, often times they’re there.

And no, for the record, NONE of my books are proof read.

And it ain’t just fitness books we’re referring to. I think you “faithful” on this list know that I write in many more genres as well other than fitness, MORE than fitness actually, and not a single one of them “20000 plus words in a day” books are proof read or “spell checked”.

Now don’t get me wrong.

I don’t litter my copy or books or emails with typos on purpose.

But if some happen, they happen. That’s just how it is!

So long as the MEANING of the or behind the words comes across, THAT is what is important!

And THAT is one secret to banging out books, copy, emails quicker than you ever thought possible, and never have writer’s block – AND make money off it, in some cases a lot of money.

Donald Trump, who in my opinion is one of the best damned marketers out there once famously spoke of “the mind speaking faster than the fingers” during one of his Twitter posts (littered with typos)

And he’s right!

When you say it from the heart, that’s how it is!

Curiously enough, THAT sort of thing is what people want to hear, and read about.

No-one wants to read a book (unless it’s a textbook for school!) that has been re-edited 15000 times by an editor, so much so that the writer’s original voice is lost.

(I can hear my daughter chirp up in the background, Dad, is it really 15000 edits??!)

OK, she didn’t say that, but you get the point! 😉

Straight from the heart fitness info that just flat out WORKS, my friend.

No frills, no fancy shmancy mumble jumble (mumbo jumobo) or other “shamianic” (sp?) stuff.

It’s yours truly – brutally honest – UNEDITED and RAW – and that’s what you get!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Don’t forget to grab your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System now. Do so, and join me on the 250 pushup workout I did back then, and will do TODAY!

PS # 2- And just so you know, this is nothing against the translator. Coming from her in her capacity as translator, that’s a damn good question actually in terms of spelling, but I’m referring more to the comments I get from OTHER people on all this . . .

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